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Advantages of Using Polyethylene Liners in FIBCs

FIBCs have become indispensable in logistics industry owing to the cost-efficiency and convenience they offer. As FIBCs are re-usable, they are used multiple times to ship and store non-hazardous chemicals and food substances. However, over time the quality may deteriorate and users may not get optimum benefits of the bulk bag. To avoid such situations and to enhance the efficiency of FIBCs, manufacturers now embed a layer of polyethylene liner in the FIBC. Bulk bag liners are now much in demand especially for transporting fine powdery substances besides food and pharma-grade products.

The Need for Using Polyethylene Liners

The purpose of installing polyethylene liners for FIBC is to provide an extra layer of protection both to the bulk bag and to the products inside the bag. Besides, there are many other benefits of using FIBCs with liners:

Advantages of Using Bulk Bag Liners

  • Prevents leaks
  • Prevents dust and moisture from seeping into the bag
  • Prevents contamination as liners make bulk bags almost impenetrable
  • Prevents powdery substances from sifting through FIBCs. In FIBCs individual strands of polypropylene are woven together, and thus, powdery substances are likely to sift through the bag.

FIBC Liner Applications

FIBC liners have become essential in the following situations:

When transporting chemicals: Certain harsh chemicals can cause fast deterioration of FIBC bags which are otherwise designed to last multiple-usage. Use of liners, when storing or transporting chemicals, help to keep the product safe and keep the quality of the bulk bag intact.

When transporting sensitive products – Liners are considered crucial when shippers have to transport sensitive consumables such as food and pharma-grade products. Use of liners helps to keep the contents safe for the entire duration.

When transporting fine powders – Liners are a must when shipping fine powdery substances. Such substances are likely to sift out of the seams and the body of the FIBC especially while it is being loaded and maneuvered. There is, therefore, a risk of contamination and product loss. FIBC liners come useful in such situations. These securely keep the chemicals or powders inside during the entire process of transportation.

Choosing Polyethylene Liners for FIBCs

At Rishi FIBC, we give you ample choice to select the most suitable liner. You can request a liner to be directly attached to the FIBC or can choose to have it inserted loosely. Depending on your requirement you can choose to have a form-fit FIBC liner, lay-flat FIBC liners, conductive liners or food-grade liner. We are always ready to meet your requirement. 

Contact Rishi FIBC

Rishi FIBC manufactures innovative and superior quality FIBC bags that are exported globally. If you have a requirement for polyethylene liners for FIBC or wish to know more about our products feel free to contact our friendly representatives. We are always ready to customize our products and match it to your requirements.