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Understanding The Different Types Of FIBC Liners

The use of FIBC bags has become very common in recent times owing to their immense functionality as well as usefulness. FIBC liners are those that are attached to the FIBC bags for enhanced protection. Now, at this point of time, it becomes quite important to have a clear idea about the different types of liners for the FIBC bags. The different types of liners for the FIBC bags are listed below.

Gusseted Liners

These are the most common types of liners used for the FIBC bags which are also referred to as lay flat liners. These liners are cylindrical in shape that is open at the top and have a heat-sealed bottom that is cut at the time of discharge. The gusseted liners can be pre-inserted into the FIBC bags or can also be purchased in rolls for inserting later.

Tubular Liners

As can be understood from the name, these liners for FIBC bags are tubular in shape and are usually pre-inserted at the time when they are still in the manufacturing unit. The opening is at the bottom of these liners which is the distinctive structural attribute of the tubular liners. In the case of the tubular liners, there is no bottom seal that is required to be cut but the liner’s end is fed with the help of a discharge spout and tied at the time of manufacturing thereby preventing the need for feeding as well as cutting of the liner at the time of discharge.

Form-Fit Liners

These liners are particularly manufactured and designed for taking the exact form of the bag where they are placed which includes both the top as well as the bottom construction. The form-fit shape of the liners permits them to provide superior performance at the time of filling and discharging since the liners do not form any kind of folds, pleats, or other traps that slows down the filling or discharging.

Baffle Liners

These types of liners are manufactured with built-in baffles. The actual liner is where the baffle is built into instead of the FIBC bag itself. These liners are also form fit to the FIBC bags and are pre-inserted into them, hence cannot be sold individually. The baffle liners help in maintaining a square shape of the bag thereby playing a vital role in counteracting the outer push of the product.

Types of Materials Used

The different types of materials most commonly used for manufacturing the liners for FIBC bags are as follows.

  • Polyethylene
  • Aluminium
  • Polypropylene

Now, at the time looking for the liners for the FIBC bags, it is to be made sure that a trusted and reputed FIBC liner manufacturer is chosen so as to get the best product without any compromise in quality.