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BRCGs Certified FIBCs: An Ideal Packaging Solution for Food Industry

Handling food items or bulk transportation of food-grade products can be the most challenging task for any business. There is a certain risk of spoilage. Oftentimes, such problems and losses are preventable.

The ideal packaging can be a safe solution for such a problem. The incorporation of BRCGs certified FIBC ensures strength, quality, and chemical inertness in such packing bags.

Food Grade FIBCs

These bags are made of 100% virgin polyethylene resins and polypropylene. As these two elements are considered to be safe for food packaging by FDA, therefore, it becomes one of the ideal solutions for every food industry. The other attributes of such bags include:

  • Proper ventilation
  • Hygienic
  • Can carry dry or flowable products
  • Certified for single use
  • Designed for multiple trips under specific conditions

Moreover, FIBC bags having the BRCGs certification must adhere to district manufacturing guidelines set by the British Retail Consulting Global Standards. It is recognized for its safety controls, superior quality, and high operational standards. It also entails that the certified manufacturers of such FIBC bags are legally obliged to offer protection to the customers.

Importance of BRCGs Certified FIBCs

The BRCGs certification is imperative for any leading retailer. Especially those who are in the storage or transportation business or agriculture and food products will opt for containers with the BRCGSs certification. Therefore it is mandatory for every FIBCs manufacturer to adhere to the quality control and rigid safety protocol parameters.

If a manufacturing company wants to earn the BRCGs certification, it is imperative to look for safety standards and guidelines. Apart from that, the manufacturing company must pass every other stipulated inspection and test. Besides, the FIBC bags must get produced in hygienic and clean facilities that maintain the following standards:

  • Maintenance of personal hygiene
  • Inducting the best control parameters
  • Installation of metal detectors
  • Ensuring proper ventilation facilities
  • Ensuring lights table inspection
  • Regular and timely record keeping
  • Enrolling in hazard analysis and critical control points program

Benefits of Using BRCGs Certified FIBC Bags

The BRCGs certified bags are designed with safety factors for multiple trip purposes. These bags are also recyclable. Hence you can make a very cost-effective decision with such bulk bags.

Furthermore, due to the use of polypropylene in its making, the bags are durable and strong. Depending on the size and type of the bag, one can serve every packing need of diverse commercial food companies.

Besides, the presence of a top and bottom attachment option makes the bag easy for carrying loads up to 2000 kg.

BRCGs Certified FIBC Bags by Rishi FIBC

At Rishi FIBC, we provide a fully integrated world’s class facility for the BRCGs certified FIBC bags. As you will indulge in our company product, you can expect a higher level of quality added with maximum customer satisfaction. We are the first company in India to get the accolades of BRCGs certification. Due to our ethical business practices and transparency, we are the foremost choice of every food industry and transportation company.