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Brief Guidelines for Food Grade FIBCs

When determining whether the type of FIBC is ideal for your industry, you need to consider several factors. One of the most important considerations involves determining the bag ideal for your application and the products you pack, store, and transport in the bag. It is especially important when transporting and storing materials sensitive to environmental contamination, and the food industry fits perfectly into the category.

How is Food-grade Bags Different from Normal FIBC?

Food grade is a generic term that has different meanings for different people. Food industries utilize these special bags for packaging, storing, and transporting food items like sugar, grains, powders, and more. They are different from normal FIBCs in the following ways.


Manufacturers design food-grade FIBCs using 100% virgin polypropylene resin. The resin is free from recycled materials. Using 100% virgin polypropylene resin ensures that harmful materials are absent in the resin that might contaminate the food products. Above all, virgin resin meets the standards and certifications for contact with food.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturers manufacture these bags in facilities certified by BRCGS. They design these bags in clean and hygienic conditions and maintain a strict quality standard. BRC-certified facilities have proper pest control and ventilation, detailed record keeping, strict personal hygiene, light table inspection, and bag cleaning through the air and metal detection.

Vigilant Inspection and Tracking

The manufacturers take no chances with the quality while producing food-grade FIBC bags. Therefore, each bag undergoes a rigorous testing process wherein each has a unique ID and is tracked right from the raw materials to its delivery to the food industries.

Essential Qualities of Food-Grade FIBCs

The following are the essential qualities that Food-grade FIBCs must possess. These include:

Third-Party Certifications

Third-party certifications like BRC ensures an additional level of quality, cleanliness, and trust in the product. The high-level requirements of such an agency ensure that manufacturers design the FIBCs in a clean room and measures like pest control, metal detection, vacuum air cleaning, and record keeping.

FSMA Certification

The Food Safety Modernization Ac, created by the FDA, states that all the products with the certification promise good and safe quality products that are ideal for transporting food materials.

Storage Capacity

Manufacturers must keep the storage capacity of food-grade FIBCs in mind. If you load the bag beyond the specified weight, the bag might experience damage by spoiling the food products.


Different foods have different requirements. Therefore, companies must also follow specific packing, storing, and transporting demands. Manufacturers need to design the bags keeping in mind these needs and demands.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC for Your Food-Grade FIBC Bags?

Rishi FIBC Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of food-grade FIBCs and exports its products to over 40 countries worldwide. With our astounding experience in the FIBC industry, we have expertise in handling the necessities of food-grade FIBCs. To successfully meet our client’s needs and demands, our well-assimilated facility ensures the creation of highly customized solutions. Our bags meet all the quality standards and are free from germs, dust, and pollutant. We further ensure that our bags undergo vacuum cleaning and pallet shrink wrapping.