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How FIBC Bulk Bags Help to Reduce Shipping and Transit Costs

The FIBC bulk bags have undoubtedly created a great revolution in the field of packaging and transportation. The popularity of these bags is owning to the fact of being environment friendly in nature. In an addition to this, these bulk bags are extremely cost effective in nature which is one of major reasons as to why these bags lie among the top of the preference list of the customers. The FIBC bags or the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers have the ability to store as well as transport a number of different types of materials which includes both hazardous as well as non hazardous materials that are dry flowing. Moreover, the FIBC bags make the storing and transporting not only easier, convenient, and much more efficient but also plays a crucial role in the reduction of the costs of shipping as well as transit. For the users who are not aware of the fact as to how the FIBC bags help in the reduction of shipping and transit costs, here we have listed the ways how the bags do so.

Cost of Transportation

The FIBC bags do not require pallets as compared to the other bulk packaging options thereby eliminating the need of secondary costly packaging. The secondary packaging in several cases adds up a quite a bit of weight along with taking up additional space which in turn increases the cost of shipping of the product. In addition to not requiring secondary packaging, the FIBC bags are quite durable in nature and in most of the cases do not require any kinds of additional packaging for protection which saves a lot of cost here as well since protective packaging also incurs a quite a lot of expenses.

Cost of Storage

The space for storage is becomes costlier day by day and therefore each of the businesses try to make use of each square foot of the warehouse space efficiently. In case of the bulk bags, the ones which are unused can be very simply folded into a compact size thereby reducing the space for storage to a significant extent thereby cost efficient in nature. Moreover, the filled bags are also extremely easy and convenient to store since they can be simply stacked one over the other thereby playing a vital role in the maximisation of the space available in the warehouse.

Carrying Quantities are High

The FIBC bags being light weight and highly durable in nature have the ability to carry large quantities of materials which in turn helps to reduce the cost. These bags have safe working load ranging from about 1000 to 5000 pounds, the FIBC are capable enough to transport and store quite large quantities of the material or product to be transported.

Dead Weight is Extremely Low

The dead weight of a container is referred to as the weight of the container that is being used for the purpose of transportation of the material or the product. The FIBC bags on the other hand are extremely lightweight in nature which helps in the minimisation of the amount of dead weight that is required to be paid to the ships or other modes of transportation. The lesser is the dead weight, more is the product or the material that can be shipped for less money.

Can be Reused

Reusability is another of the major factor that plays an essential role in the reduction of shipping or transit costs. These FIBC bags are ready for multiple uses which saves a significant amount of money in buying the bags again for transportation. But the users should necessarily keep in mind the specific guidelines for safe and proper reuse.

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Now, it can be very well understood as to how the FIBC bulk bags help in the reduction of shipping and transit costs. But it is quite important for the users to go for a trusted, reputed and reliable FIBC bulk bag manufacturer which can provide them with the premium quality bags. In this regard, Rishi FIBC would undoubtedly be the best choice where the users can be assured of getting the highest quality FIBC bags.

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