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How to Select the Perfect Jumbo Bag for Storing and Transporting Your Product – Rishi FIBC

Bulk Bags, also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, are inexpensive storage containers that make it easy to transport bulk materials from one place to another. Given that there are different types and sizes of FIBCs available, finding the right one may not always be as easy as you think. However, when you manage to get the right bag to transport or store your products, filling and discharging the material will be easier, allowing it to operate more efficiently.

Here are a few things you should focus on when selecting the right Jumbo Bag for your business.

Find an Apt Bag Size

Finding out a bag’s base width is very important to ensure that the bag fits into your carrier. Once you have determined the base width of the bag you will be able to tell if it will press fit into the carrier or truck trailer. So always check the base bag size before ordering the bag to prevent problems later on.

Ensure the bag has Strong Lifting Loops

The jumbo bag application will play a big role in finding the right bag for you. While jumbo bags have lifting loops at the top four corners, they may also cross the corners of the bag. So you should always check to ensure that the loops are strong enough to hold the weight of the filled bags. While ten-inch loops are the normal choice, the 12-inch ones make it easier for forklifts to carry the bags. Some of these bags also come with pop-up loops as they make it easier to fit the fork tines into them.

Should have the right discharge outlet

Depending on the material you wish to transport or store, you need to ensure that the discharge outlet of your jumbo bag is large enough to facilitate the smooth discharge of the material. While normal outlet spouts have a diameter of around 14 inches, check to make sure it is long enough to be tied off when transporting. However, care needs to be taken here because if the outlet is too long, it could get caught in the discharger’s feed system.

Select the right liners

Different types of liners are used for different jumbo bag applications. However, they are immensely useful in keeping the contents of the bag safe from moisture and free from contamination. The liners that are made of linear-blend polyethylene are stronger and less likely to shred if they need to be cut while discharging the items. You can safely contain materials having a temperature of less than 80°F. If you are transporting items that are over 85°F in temperature, you will need to opt for high-temperature liners.

Selecting the right bags will certainly help make the packaging and supplying system a whole lot easier and efficient. You need to pick a bag that fits your exact needs as this will reduce the cost of labour as well as the waste material generated. For picking the right bag, you need to make sure the above factors are in place. At Rishi FIBC, we help you check all these things when you place your order for a jumbo bag, and help you pick the right one.