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Find us: Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Find us: Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd
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Top Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India – Rishi FIBC

Bulk bags are essential when you need to carry or transport bulk products over a certain distance or for storage. Known for being durable, they are seen as a safe, economical and easier alternative to rigid packaging. Whether it is cement, sand, food grains or other products that need to be transported, these jumbo bags are apt for the situation. This is why you need a jumbo bag manufacturer that will provide you with bags that suit your requirements. This is where Rishi FIBC Solutions comes in.

Known for making quality jumbo bags, Rishi FIBC always ensures that its FIBC bags meet the food and pharma standards. Having two facilities in India, namely in Vadodara and Mysore, Rishi FIBC is already recognized as the top jumbo bag manufacturers in India. This is because the company is able to produce large quantities of industrial FIBC that suit the needs of the clients and ensures that the bags conform to international quality standards. Already producing about 5 million FIBC per year, Rishi FIBC expects this number to soar much higher in the coming years.

What Do We Have to Offer?

We have a wide range of products to offer, right form big bags, to conical, tubular, coated, 4-panel, U-panel, food grade and pharma grade bags which are UN Certified. Apart from this, if you want to transport items that may conduct static along the way, we also provide Conductive Type C FIBC and Dissipative Type D FIBC and a whole lot more. Thus, our complete product range coupled with good hygiene standards makes us a respected name in the field of jumbo bag production.

Our bags are usually made of polypropylene fabric that is stabilised against sunlight and will thus not have any negative impact on the quality of the jumbo bags when they come in contact with sunlight. All our bags meet the required Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and are thus trustworthy and reliable.

Rishi FIBC strives to provide clients with top quality jumbo bags that will suit their transportation or storing needs. At the same time, they possess the competency to create complex food and pharma grade bags that will ensure that your food products remain safe from moisture, sunlight and oxygen and will not be affected by contamination of any sort in transit.

The jumbo bags that we offer have a holding capacity of half to two tons which helps to make the storing, packaging and handling of bulk goods easier than before. Although we supply jumbo bags of standard sizes, we also provide customized bag options to customers across the globe. Our jumbo bags are known for having the minimal package to product weight ratio that is similar to that of an intermediate industrial container. At Rishi FIBC Solutions, we have the ability to meet the growing demand of today’s industry by offering a wide range of flexible packaging solutions.

When you come to Rishi FIBC – Jumbo Bag Manufacturer, you can always expect reliability and quality that is unmatched in the industry. We provide cost-effective and economical packaging alternatives to people and this is why we have been recognised as the best jumbo bag manufacturers in India.