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5 Reasons You Need To Start Using FIBC Bags For Transporting Goods

It is the cycles of demand and supply that continue to make the world economy go round. The logistics involved between manufacturing a product and distributing it make up the supply chain. When a product goes through the many stages of the supply chain, normal wear and tear can destroy it. Therefore, special care needs to be taken while packaging a product, so that, no matter the hurdles in the transportation process, your end product is safe and sound.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs/Big Bags) are a tried and tested method used to package a product since the 1940s. Made using PVC, FIBC jumbo bag earlier used to transport black carbon, oil and other chemicals while slowly gaining humongous popularity for moving any material in bulk. Over time its fame has only increased by the ton, as not only is it used voraciously but also proves to very malleable based on what your requirements are.

So if you are thinking of ways that will facilitate better protection of your transported goods, here are top five reasons why you should opt for the FIBC bag:

  1. Adaptability is its Forte

Based on the size of the packaging you require, FIBC bags are able to adapt accordingly. High on versatility, it can be tailor made to pack all kinds of items besides the standard models that are available in bulk. The big bags come with a document pocket so that you are able to store documents that come with the item. Acting as a promotional tool to the product that they help transport, FIBC, using the four color printing process, provides information about the item thus promoting the brand of the company in the bargain.

  1. Swifter Packing of Materials

Owing to highly specialized technology involved, the bags facilitate filling and unloading products at a swifter pace. Thus they are able to achieve much more in a limited amount of time. The technologically advanced machines involved in the packaging process speeds up the filling and emptying procedure.

  1. Non-Hazardous to Environment

With a view to keep environment degradation under control, FIBC bags are reusable and recyclable in nature. Hence the big bags play their role to conserve ecology by keeping international regulations for packaging wastes at top priority.

  1. Resourceful in Nature

FIBC bags are easy on the budget. The stackable container weighs next to nothing and is perfectly damage proof. You will not require an alternative or secondary packaging as you can be certain that once you place your trust in them the big bags will not let you down.

  1. Faster Speed in Transportation

The bags help to transport items at a faster pace as the integrated elevation loops move up to 1.000 times in weight. It does not require any kind of loading unit and the United Nation’s rule of transporting dangerous good safely is taken care of.

Rishi FIBC is the preferred FIBC jumbo bag manufacturer in the industry today. Our bulk bags are recyclable and can be used in the packing of all kinds of materials be it agricultural, chemical or food. They can be easily transported, stored and handled and can be custom-made to suit your packaging requirements. The packaging itself is lightweight and when the bag is empty it can be folded up for use whenever required.

So no matter what your need, Rishi FIBC should be first and last choice when it comes to reliable FIBC manufacturer and exporter in India. We have your packaging needs covered so that you never have to worry about the hurdles of transportation ever again!