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Select An Ideal Container Liner To Transport Bulk Cargo

When it comes to the transportation of food, chemical, minerals, seeds, petrochemicals and other products, you need to make sure that the packaging of these items is carried out in a safe and systematic manner so that quality and hygiene are kept at the highest priority. From 2012 to 2015, the container liner market registered a 5% rise in demand for container liners. While there are many manufacturers out there who are willing to offer you container liners, you should be very wise and cautious when choosing an FIBC manufacturer as you wouldn’t want your products to get damaged or spoilt in any way.

You can rely on Rishi FIBC Solutions, as we are a leading container liner manufacturer that offers high-quality container liner and on-time delivery without the fear of your products getting damp or developing moisture.

Advantages of Using Container Liners

There are many advantages of using container liners for bulk transport, in particular the ones manufactured by Rishi FIBC.

  • It acts as a cost friendly method of transporting cargo and so you save up a lot, even as you ship raw materials in bulk.
  • Container liners prevent the contamination of cargo and other products that are transported after packaging.
  • It shields the bulk cargo from moisture and sees that the cargo is shipped in a secure and hygienic method.
  • Container liners need very little handling in shipping bulk cargos from door to door.
  • They are very fast and easy to install.

Types of Container Liners

There are around six container liners manufactured by Rishi FIBC.

  • Barless Container Liners: It is mainly used for the transportation of bulk agricultural products.
  • Top Fill Container Liners: It comes with filling hatches on the roof of the container that is made to fit bulk containers of cargo such as pellets, free-flowing bulk powders, grain and granules.
  • Open Top Container Liners: It was designed keeping in mind the cargos that are carried in open top containers. For instance, cement, sugar, salt and milk powder.
  • Wide Access Container Liners: They are huge bags suspended inside containers and can be used to ship any material, equipment or palletized goods.
  • With Bar Container Liners: These containers are self restraining and come with bars. It is good for people working in the agricultural sector.
  • Baffle Container Liner: It is form fitted to the outer container and uses inner baffles to prevent the overflowing of liquid materials.

It is a good idea to transport your bulk materials and cargo through Rishi FIBC container liners as when you deal with us you are assured of superior quality conforming to international standards and incomparable satisfaction. We stand by our products and innovate in a unique way, constantly striving to better our services so that our customers can reap the maximum benefit.