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Thermal Liners Facilitate Easy Loading

Businesses’ dealing in packaging and transportation of material faces many different challenges pertaining to cost, wastage of materials, straining in storage place, destruction of material from bacteria, wastage of material by water, humidity, high temperature, loading, fluctuating temperature and more. It is because of this reason businesses often look forward to alternatives that would provide them with the perfect resolution to overcome these challenges, while ensuring the solution is cost effective and provides flexibility to loading and transportation of the products. It is based on these challenges recognized in the field of packaging and transportation introduction of Thermal liners were made for the packaging and transportation industry. The Thermal liners are distinguished solution for packaging, storing, loading and transportation of goods across Dyestuffs, Foodstuffs & Edibles, Beverages, Polymers & Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pigments, and other major industries, providing them with flexibility of loading the products easily, while overcoming the different challenges faced by the businesses.

If you are into business that requires packaging, storing, loading and transportation of material then Thermal liners are your ideal solution to all your major challenges. Let’s take a look at what Thermal liners are and how it can help your business in both short and long run.

What are Thermal Liners?

Thermal liners are container liners made from woven fabric and met pet with reflective laminate hung inside the container, to protect the cargo from temperature fluctuations. The design allows for movement of forklift inside container to facilitate easy loading. Thermal liners offer protection against variations of temperatures and moisture during transit period. In some cases thermal liners are wrapped with Aluminum to protect your valuable cargo by using aluminum barrier foil liners. These reflective barrier liners when closed create a temperature and humidity controlled environment for your cargo, thereby protecting your cargo from severe temperature and moisture fluctuations during transit period.

Advantages of Thermal Liner

The usage of thermal liner signifies many different advantages, some of which can be easily acquired by organizations by using thermal liners for their products like Dyestuffs, Foodstuffs & Edibles, Beverages, Polymers & Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pigments, etc. are reflected below:

Ability to Transfer Heat

Heat is transferred through three modes: conduction, convection and radiation or infrared. Radiation is main mode of all the three and other two are secondary and come to the forefront only when matter stars interfering with radiant heat transfer. All substances require transfer heat including air spaces. The thermal liners are manufactured in such a manner that they can transfer the heat using all the three processes allowing it be ideal utility of storage and transportation medium where any single temperature is required.

Ability to manipulate Rate of Heat Transfer

Heat transfer rate is changed depending on differences in weight, shape, density, permeability and molecular structure. Heat is conducted and radiated in all the directions by all the objects but gets convected upward mainly. The infrared rays travel at the speed of light as energy and do not have a temperature. It is based on the same principle of control thermal liner’s functions, which result in providing thorough control over organizations to manipulate transfer of heat. The rate at which heat transfer is clocked, clearly helps organization define the shelf of the products send through thermal liner.

Ability to control Emissivity Rate

When infrared rays strike on the surface of an object or matter the rays are absorbed and after that heat is produced on the object. The heated object transmits infrared rays from the exposed surface through radiation if the surface is directly exposed to air space. The radiation amount emitted is a function of Emissivity factor of the source’s surface. Emissivity is a rate at which the radiation is given off. Thermal liners outer layer being reflective helps in controlling the emissivity rate, which is good for the products, as they are safeguarded from rapid temperature fluctuation.

Material based on Environmental Control

Many materials used in construction of liners have emissivity and absorption rate from 80 to 93%. The surface of aluminum conversely does not have absorption ability but reflects 95% of infrared rays striking it. Aluminum foil has a low mass to air ratio and very little conduction takes place especially when only 5% of rays are absorbed. It is because of this reason to provide thorough control on product safety from infrared absorption thermal liners are manufactured using aluminum, to ensure a lower absorption rate of infrared lights.

Ability to Control Humidity

Thermal liners work like a woven laminate to provide complete humidity-controlled environment and sealed off temperature for cargoes that need reheating before unloading. The liner is manufactured by using WPP fabric and has polythene sheeting and an aluminum foil. It is a preferable option for 20 and 40 feet container liner and protects the content inside by reflecting 97% of radiant energy.

These advantages makes the Thermal Liners ideal usage for transporting food and non-food items like beverages, fruit juices, mineral water, milk powder, detergents, cosmetics, fruit juice concentrates, mayonnaise and different types of heat-sensitive chemicals and adhesives. Making it one of the most demanded liners in the transportation and packaging industry.

However other than these large scale advantages thermal liner provides great flexibility to organizations by facilitating easy loading and offloading process. The introspection through thermal liners loading and offloading process are reflected below.

The use of Thermal Liner Facilitate LOADING and UNLOADING

Thermal liners’ manufacturing process ensures that the liners contain aluminum sheets to provide the liners with ability of temperature, humidity, radiation, and heat control. However, the usage of this aluminum sheet further increases the sturdiness of the liners making it easier for organization to load and unload products in thermal liners. The detailed understandings on types of loading and unloading facility provided by thermal liners are reflected below:

Loading Facilities

  • The use of aluminum in manufacturing of thermal liners allows fork-lift access to facilitate easy loading
  • When using thermal liner for transportation it is possible for organization to load cargo using conveyor belt
  • Usage of thermal liner also provides flexibility of pneumatic loading for organization
  • Lastly usage of thermal liner also provides flexibility to organization to facilitate top loading

Unloading Facilities

  • When using thermal liner for transportation it is possible for organization to unload cargo using Basic funnel discharge
  • The use of aluminum in manufacturing of thermal liners allows organizations to unload using gravity discharge via ramp
  • Usage of thermal liner also provides flexibility of discharge to silo using vacuum when unloading cargo at destination
  • Lastly usage of thermal liner makes it possible for organization to unload their cargo using gravity discharge via funnel pit

These flexibilities brought in by the usage of thermal liners during the process of loading and unloading reflects large scale benefits for the organization. The overall benefits that organizations derive with the usage of thermal liners are reflected below.

Benefits of Using Thermal Liners

The introspection of what thermal liners are and the advantages they bring to the transportation and storage of products clearly signifies the flexibility it carries, further with large scale flexibility thermal liner showcases with its loading and unloading it is one of the premiere liners in the transportation industry. The overall benefits derived by organization with the usage of thermal liners are reflected below:

  • Easy Loading
  • Reusable
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • Prevents contamination by making an oxygen barrier
  • Outstanding affordability
  • Protects cargo from unfavorable climatic conditions
  • Excellent strength and versatility
  • Easy Unloading

These benefits clearly highlight how usage of thermal liners can ensure large-scale flexibilities for an organization.

So if you are into business where transportation of products includes Dyestuffs, Foodstuffs & Edibles, Beverages, Polymers & Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pigments and more, then thermal liner is an ideal solution for you. To know more about thermal liners or business inquiry get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you.

Why Choose Us?

Rishi FIBC is one of the leading container liners manufacturers with business across 42 different countries providing premium quality products to the users. The thermal liners so manufactured by us meets all the necessary standards and quality parameters, thereby making sure that none of the users get even a single chance to complain. With our decades of experience and sheer level of expertise, Rishi FIBC makes sure to live up to the expectation of every user in the best possible manner. So what are you waiting for! Get in touch with us over our helpline number or our website to get proper guidance and fulfill your business inquiry related to thermal liners.