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Types of FIBC Bulk Container Liners

Transportation of any type of materials was never so easy! With technology, the incredible innovations allowed people to do business far and wide transferring even those materials that needed extra care and protection to keep them intact! These incredible innovations include many storage solutions and FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. This FIBC is basically an industrial container designed to store as well as transport dry or liquid products like sand, fertilizer, and many more.

Going one more step ahead with this magical technology, these FIBCs come with a liner that aids in rendering better-quality products. Typically used for bulk shipment of dried product formulations, this bulk container liner offers considerable savings and improved packed product quality to its clients.

Container liners can alter the 20 or 40-foot container into a productive transport framework for mass merchandise within ten minutes. With container liners, each ISO standard container can be utilized, for instance, clients use it for the accompanying items: chemicals, petrochemicals, minerals, farming items, seeds and sustenance items. Since the polypropylene fabric is joined within the container, the item does not touch the container itself. It makes an additional internal divider that ensures that the item is safe from any type of pollution.

The placement of liners can be made loose or attached with a bag as per the need of the respective materials. Different types of FIBC Container Liners available at Rishi FIBC Solutions are used for different applications. These FIBC liners are:

1. Form fit Liners

Manufactured to form fit the internal shape of the intermediate bulk container; the form fit liners provide high performance even in critical applications. These form fit liners are a great demand in chemical, cosmetic, food & beverage as well as pharmaceutical industry. So, if you are looking for the below features, form fit liners is perfect solution for you:

  • Ensures absolute purity of the product
  • The form fit liners are easy to fill through top or bottom filling applications
  • While emptying form fit liners, one does not require any pockets or folds trap residual product.
  • They are prepared to accommodate high speed fills.
  • Moreover, bag handling during a fill is minimized due to auto unfold feature.


2. Tubular Liners

Made from a circular cloth, the tubular liners are known to be popular design for FIBCs. It is a straight cylinder with no discharge and curves which may or may not have one end heat sealed. Hence, for those suppliers whose product requires such kind of arrangement, the best feasible solution is none other than tubular liners.


3. Food-Grade Liners

For those who want to transport food related containers, the best liner to opt is food-grade because of the reasons attached with it. These liners are specially made to keep food fresh and free from contamination. Produced in a clean-room environment, it uses only FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – approved materials.

Especially for electrostatic applications, the FIBC Bulk container liners serves a safety shield for transporting materials susceptible to static build up. Hence, depending upon the product and the supplier’s requirement, Rishi FIBC makes sure to cater the best container arrangement that ensures a safe and secured transport of the varied products.