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What Are The Common Uses For FIBC Bulk Bag Liners?

Regarding packaging and transporting various goods, FIBC bulk bags are the most versatile options available in the market. Since its inception in the 1940s, various industries started utilizing FIBC containers for storing large quantities of products. Flexibility and sturdiness are two distinct features of these advanced containers.

Types of FIBC Liners

While bulk bags found their use in transporting various goods, from pharmaceuticals and grain to food and wood, you must recognize the lining of these bags. The type of liners used depends on the materials and industry.

You can avail of the following liners in the market.

Lay-Flat FIBC Liners

The lay-flat liners have a cylindrical shape with an opening at the top and are sealed at the bottom with heat. Designed by experts, these FIBC bulk bag liners offer oxygen barrier, moisture protection, anti-static properties, and resistance to harsh chemicals.

Foil Liners

Foil liners offer UV protection, are moisture-resistant, and allow better oxygen flow inside the bulk bags. These are the most stable FIBC liners and improve the filling, discharging, and safe handling of goods. Manufacturers design these bags using different aluminium compounds suitable for various applications.

Form-Fit Liners

High-protection form-fit liners are common liners used for storage and transportation, designed to adapt to the size of the bag. The oxygen barrier and the moisture-resistant quality of the bags protect the products in the bag from contamination. Besides, these chemical-resistant liners protect the produce from all types of damage.

Baffle Liners

Baffle liners are another type of FIBC liner that offers high-end packaging and reduces storage and shipping costs. Besides offering increased stability, these square-shaped bags utilizes internal baffles to maintain their shape.

Uses of FIBC Liners

The common uses of FIBC liners include the following:

Transportation of Fine Powder

FIBC bulk bag liners with sift-proof seams are excellent choices when handling fine materials, such as cement and powdered materials. You can also utilize them for storing and transporting minerals, including titanium dioxide, zinc ash, cobalt powder, and food-grade powders like skimmed milk and spices.

Transportation of Critical Products

Certain products are flammable, prone to static charges, and cause explosions, making them tricky to transport. FIBC liners with static controlled characteristics are excellent in transporting, storing, stacking, lifting, and transporting flammable items like petroleum. These liners are resistant to sparks and ensure safety during transportation.

Transporting Plastics

The thermoplastic industry serves almost all other industries worldwide. Therefore, they depend on bulk packaging and the supply of goods. Manufacturers transport plastics to factories in the form of pellets, making FIBC bags an excellent choice for transportation.

Transporting Construction Materials

The construction industry relies on a fast and efficient supply of materials, such as sand, cement, stone, metals, and minerals. Therefore, it is crucial to opt for reliable and durable bags for transportation. FIBC bags fist the needs of the industry, as these are sturdy and flexible.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC for Bulk Bag Liners?

Rishi FIBC Solutions is a leading manufacturer of FIBC bulk bag liners, offering completely integrated excellent facilities for FIBC, woven, and LDPE container liners and much more. Having exported our products to over 42 countries, our facility helped us create highly customized solutions to meet our client’s needs.