Why FIBC Bags are Becoming Indispensable in Malting Industry

Why FIBC Bags are Becoming Indispensable in Malting Industry

FIBCs are fast gaining prominence in the logistics operations of malting industry. As the craft brew industry has seen exponential growth in the last decade, malters are looking to FIBCs as a dependable way to transport specialty malted barley.

Here we discuss why malting industry is doing away with the use of traditional 50-pound bags and relying so much on jumbo bags, a.k.a. FIBCs as an economic and efficient way to transporting and transporting their products.

Food Grade FIBCs – the Best Match for the Malting Industry Requirements

FIBCs are Safe for Carrying Food – FIBC bags adhere to hygiene standards set for the food industry by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Following the standards laid by FDA, food grade FIBCs are made from 100 % virgin polypropylene resin. Use of recycled materials is prohibited in the bags to prevent contamination of food.

When choosing FIBC supplier for storing or transporting malt beverage, make sure the manufacturer’s facility is BRC certified. This certification ensures the facility is hygienically clean and prescribed manufacturing standards are being followed.

Cost Effective – Food Grade FIBCs can help malters transport up to 3,000 pounds or more safely.  These bags are safe to handle even if these are being carried by hoists, cranes or forklift. Empty bags are also easy to store as these can be folded into compact sizes. FIBCs can easily be recycled. These bags are also designed to be used multiple times as long as they are being cleaned and reconditioned and qualified for reuse to store or transport same product and in the application for which the bag for designed.

Can be Customized – FIBCs come in a variety of designs to ensure ease of filling and discharging. You can choose safe working loads and cubic food capacity for your FIBC as per your requirement.

Helps in Brand Building – Another advantage of using FIBCs is that they help malters do their own branding and marketing. FIBCs can be custom printed. You can, therefore, have your company name and logo printed on it. You also have the option to go for classic black-and-white prints or full-color images. This helps malters establish their brands more firmly and expand their business reach.

Choose Rishi FIBC as Your Jumbo Bags Supplier

If you have still not initiated the use of FIBCs, or are looking forward to a genuine FIBC supplier that is reputed for offering high-quality FIBCs we would like to invite you to visit our facilities in Vadodara and Mysore. You can check for yourself the processes and procedures we follow to ensure hygiene and quality of our FIBC bags.

At Rishi FIBC, our representatives will first understand your requirement and accordingly offer you customized products. We maintain an inventory in our warehouse so you can expect timely delivery of your products. Owing to our reputation for efficiency and customer service, we have established ourselves in the malting industry. Our FIBC bags are supplied in 27 countries around the world. Give Rishi FIBC a chance to serve and we are sure to delight you.

What Makes Rishi FIBC an Ideal FIBC Supplier

What Makes Rishi FIBC an Ideal FIBC Supplier?

The world is sort of a global village today as you can source things from anywhere in the world. So, when you are looking to buy FIBCs or jumbo bags, you get plenty of options to make your selection. Though you’ll be amazed by the choices you have, you will also find it difficult to conclude on a particular FIBC supplier. Price, of course, you can negotiate to an extent, but how would you ensure the quality?

Here we offer some guidelines to choose the right FIBC supplier and why Rishi FIBC is one of the most trusted FIBC suppliers from India, one that can offer you high-quality products, timely and at the best possible price.


5 Tips to Choose FIBC Supplier

  1. Ability to Customize Design

If you are in the know-how of things pertaining to FIBCs you would know that there are plenty of factors that determine its quality and efficiency such as its design, weight of the fabric, sewing technique, and UV characteristics. You should, therefore, associate with an FIBC manufacturer that can guide you about the characteristics of the FIBC bag that would best match your requirements. Besides, your chosen FIBC supplier should be able to manufacture tailor-made FIBC bags and offer you a foolproof logistic solution.

At Rishi FIBC, we have the technical ability to customize designs as per your requirement. Our representative will first understand your logistic requirement and accordingly offer you the right product.

  1. Should Follow Stringent Quality Checks

You have to be thoroughly sure of the quality standards followed by your FIBC partner. A poorly manufactured FIBC bag can have a grave impact on your business operations and also pose a risk to the lives of your employees.

A great way to ensure the quality of the products is to visit the manufacturing facility of the supplier. If that is not achievable, enquire about the quality procedures and processes followed by the manufacturer and, what all certifications your FIBC manufacturing partner has.

At RishiFIBC, we have sophisticated equipment to ensure stringent quality checks at each stage of the manufacturing process. Our commitment towards quality and hygiene has resulted in us garnering the trust of businesses in over 27 countries.

  1. Should hold FIBCA Membership

Always check if your FIBC partner has a FIBCA membership. This assures that the manufacturer has the knowledge of rules, regulations, and certifications pertaining to FIBC bags. This also signifies that the manufacturer is abreast with the latest trends taking place in the FIBC manufacturing industry and is following the regulations and best practices with regards to FIBC manufacturing processes.

Rishi FIBC is a member of FIBCA and follows all regulations and best practices pertaining to FIBC manufacturing.

  1. Should have a Warehouse

Warehousing capability means your trusted FIBC supplier will be able to supply you FIBC bags when you need it the most. Warehousing facility allows your FIBC manufacturer to keep a check on the inventory levels and be able to ensure that your required products always remain in supply. This can help you a lot in ensuring smooth operations of your business.

When Rishi FIBC is your FIBC supplier you never have to worry about inventory.

  1. Must Offer Excellent Customer Service

It would make your life much easier if your supplier can offer you dedicated rep that is polite, efficient and easily approachable. This makes things much smoother and you always know who holds the accountability of your order.

At Rishi FIBC, you can expect most efficient and polite people to handle your account.

FIBC Manufacturing Process at Rishi FIBC

State-of-the-art FIBC Manufacturing Process at Rishi FIBC

To ensure their maximum efficiency every FIBC bag needs to undergo stringent production and quality check procedures. At Rishi FIBC, quality management procedures as laid down by authorized bodies are strictly followed at each and every stage of manufacturing process. This ensures we offer highest quality products to our customers in India and 27 countries abroad.

How are FIBC Bags Manufactured at Rishi FIBC?

Being a prominent FIBC manufacturer in India, our FIBC manufacturing facility situated in Vadodara and Mysore, conducts various steps to ensure the FIBC bags are created in a professional and safe manner.

  • Sourcing the Best Raw Materials: Manufacturing FIBC bags require polypropylene granules and low density polyethylene.
  • The Extrusion Process: The virgin polypropylene granule is melted using an extrusion plant, it is then transformed into tapes, following which it is wound on bobbins of various sizes.
  • Weaving and Ultrasonic Cutting: The extruded tape bobbins are then either put in a flat or circular weaving machine. This helps to weave the tapes to fabric depending upon various specifications. This processes helps by turning out to become the body of the FIBC bag.
  • Cutting and Printing: The fabric rolls will be put into the automatic cutting machine so that they can be cut into various sizes. Following the cutting process, the cut bits are fed into a heavy duty printing machine.
  • Needle Loom-Custom based Webbing: The bulkier polypropylene tapes are taken for webbing. This helps to form the FIBC bag’s lifting loop.
  • Sewing: All the parts of the FIBC bag are sewed together by expert professionals under the supervision of technically qualified experts.
  • Ultra Violet and Stress Testing: All of the products are UV tested. They are then put under various conditions to ensure they adhere to various parameters.
  • The Inspection Process: All of the manufactured bags are inspected and checked by trained professionals.
  • Metal Detection Inspection and Vacuum Cleaning: All contaminants inside the bag are done away with to ensure cleanliness is kept at top priority.
  • Gluing and Packaging: These procedures ensure the products are well sealed and neatly packed.
  • Warehousing and Shipping: Ensures the FIBC bags are stored and shipped in a safe manner.

Types of FIBCS Manufactured

Being a leading FIBC manufacturer in India that produces highly efficient and perfectly safe FIBC bags, we ensure that our bulk bags are as per your requirements. We offer you a wide variety of FIBC bags. These include:

  • UN FIBCs
  • Hazardous Goods Bulk Bags
  • Food Grade FIBCs and Pharma Grade FIBCs
  • Big Bags and Baffle or Q Bags
  • U-Panel, 4-Panel, Conical, Circular, Coated/Uncoated Bags
  • Conductive Type C FIBC
  • Dissipative Type D FIBC
  • Container Liner
  • Flexitanks
  • Liner Bags and Sulzer Looms Fabric

These are just some of the types of FIBC bags we offer our customers. Rishi FIBC works to ensure that every client is completely content with the services offered. We have high-end infrastructure and superior machinery and a pool of qualified and well experienced professionals. This ensures that all the bulk bags are manufactured keeping the highest quality in mind.

Applications and Advantages of FIBC Liners-Rishi FIBC

Applications and Advantages of FIBC Liners that Make Them So Indispensable

FIBCs with poly liners increase the efficiency of bulk bags while transporting and storing goods. FIBCs with liners are highly preferred when transporting fine powders and food products. Rishi FIBC is a prominent FIBC liner manufacturer and exporter in India. As per your requirement, we can create FIBCs with loose or attached liners and in materials of your choice.


Advantages of Using FIBC Liners

  • Using FIBC liners helps keep the product safe by shielding it from moisture and oxygen.
  • Liners eliminate the danger of product getting damaged by preventing contamination of cargo.
  • The size and material of FIBC liners can easily be customized as per the application.
  • Bulk bags with liners come in both top and bottom spouts options so you can choose anyone for ensuring safe filling/ discharge of the products.
  • Installation of container liners is fast and easy. They require little handling when shipping cargos door to door.
  • FIBC liners are affordable logistic solution as it allows you to ship materials in bulk while saving on the transportation cost.


Application of FIBC Liners

  • As containers are very easy to install, having them can transform a 20-40feet container into a productive transport framework with minutes.
  • Liners are frequently used in food and pharma industry to maintain hygiene of the products.
  • Petrochemicals, chemicals, polymers and resins, adhesives, powder, granules, adhesives, seeds, minerals and other farming items are frequently transported in container liners.
  • Using a liner creates an add on internal divider thus keeping the product away from the container walls while ensuring better safety of the product.
  • The placement of container liner can be attached with the bulk bag or loose as per the demand of the consumer.
  • Container liners are available in following types – Form fit Liners, Tubular Liners and Food-Grade Liners. You can choose any type depending upon your requirement.


Owing to various advantages and applications of container liners, their demand is consistently rising. While there many FIBC liner manufacturers, you need practice caution when choosing your manufacturer. Spurious quality liners can hamper the quality of products during transportation.


At Rishi FIBC, we follow all the norms with sincerity to ensure superior quality of liners we manufacture. Our products undergo stringent quality checks both in-house and at an independent testing facility. The products conform to international quality standards and are highly sought after by logistic agencies across the globe. We keep abreast with the latest innovations and keep researching ways to ensure better customer satisfaction by improving the quality of products as well as service.


You can expect on-time delivery of container liners. We also offer to customize the size and material of container liners as per your need. So, when Rishi FIBC is your chosen FIBC liner manufacturer you can store and transport products with peace of mind.

What Makes Rishi FIBC the Ideal Food Grade FIBC Manufacturer

What Makes Rishi FIBC the Ideal Food Grade FIBC Manufacturer

Choosing the right FIBC for storing and transporting your food products is an extremely crucial decision. If you are not choosing the right product, it may contaminate your food making it unfit for consumption and thereby rendering an entire batch useless. You need to find a certified and experienced food grade FIBC manufacturer to avoid this drastic situation and to ensure that your consumers enjoy your product at its healthiest best.

Here is why you should go for Rishi FIBC as your trustworthy FIBC supply partner.

  • We Use Virgin Resin for Manufacturing Our Food Bags

Food grade bags are best made with 100% virgin resin to ensure their suitability for use. Virgin resin is the polypropylene resin that does not contain any recycled material (something that FIBCs other than the food grade ones heavily use). Using a bag with zero recycled material ensures that the chances of food getting contaminated from the packaging get reduced to a negligible amount. This is the choice of material that the FDA also approves of in its Food Contact Regulation guidelines.

We adhere to this requirement 100%, making our company one of the most trusted names industry-wide.

  • Our Manufacturing Facilities are Third-Party Certified

Our manufacturing facilities meet the highest quality control standards: all the containers are manufactured in a highly sanitized atmosphere. Therefore, you can rest assured that the hygiene of your food is not being compromised when you choose to pack it in Rishi FIBC food grade containers. We have BRC certification for our facilities.

  • We Meet Safety Standards Set by Important International Authorities on Food Grade FIBC

Food grade flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) are used for transporting or storing food, and therefore need to go through stringent quality checks to ensure their safety standards. Organizations like the British Retail Consortium (BRC), American Institute of Baking (AIB) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) set these standards; and our manufacturing facilities, at Rishi FIBC Bags, meet each and every one of them. Therefore, you can blindly rely on the safety of our food grade bulk bags.

  • We have Extensive Experience with the Food Industry

It helps tremendously if you are collaborating with a container manufacturer who is well acquainted with the ways of your industry. With our several years of experience in working with the food industry, we can be of great value to you.

  • We Customize Our Solutions to Meet Your Requirements

The food industry has very specific requirements for different categories of food as well as for different logistical parameters. Based on how long a distance your product needs to be transported to, and on the particular storage conditions it needs, you need to customize its packaging.

Being thoroughly experienced with the food industry, we at Rishi FIBC understand these nuances well and offer customized manufacturing for all our clients based on their set of requirements.

So, if you are in need for food grade FIBC, Rishi FIBC promises to be the right partner for you. Our manufacturing facility and hygiene standards are world-class. Our superior customer service and ability to customize production, makes us the preferred food grade FIBC manufacturer for companies in India and abroad.

UN rated bulk bags-Rishi FIBC

About UN Certified Bulk Bags and Their Applications

Transportation and storage of a variety of goods is carried out through FIBC bulk bags. These bags are versatile, durable and also affordable making them a preferred solution for the logistic industry. Using FIBC bags you can seamlessly transport food grade products and chemicals without any problem, however there are some hazardous materials that need extra care and protection. Such materials require UN (United Nations) certified bulk bags.


What are UN Certified Bulk Bags?

UN certified bulk bags are specifically designed to store and ship dangerously hazardous materials. Such bags are made from an extremely durable material that helps to prevent leaks and also works to block contamination of delicate products either by external or internal factors.


Rishi FIBC is a UN certified bulk bag manufacturer. We offer highly customized solutions for various types of bulk bags including UN certified bulk bags.


How are UN Certified Bags Different from Regular Bulk Bags?

UN certified bags are used to store and transport items and materials that are considered to be hazardous by the UN. Such bags are required to meet specifications and testing standards listed by the UN. A UN certified bulk bag manufacturer makes sure that the most risky and harmful materials and products are delivered safely.


UN certified bags consist of:


  • Superior durability that cannot be found in regular bulk bags.
  • Enhanced leakage protection abilities to safeguard the contents of the bag in a better way.
  • Insulating liners for extra protection. However, if you do not want these liners, you can opt for the bags that do not come with such liners.


The application of UN certified bulk bags is huge as they are perfectly put together to ensure hazardous materials and unsafe industrial waste is carried to and from locations in an efficient manner. At Rishi FIBC, we offer UN certified bulk bags in different sizes. Our bags even come in unique shapes and weight capacities. This makes sure that the individual requirements of each and every customer are dealt with in a convenient way.


The Uses of UN Certified Bulk Bags

UN certified bulk bag uses are in plenty as these bags are specially tested, manufactured and certified to work well in a variety of environmental conditions. You can so make use of these bulk bags in situations where risk of explosions, fire, toxic contamination, environmental damage and chemicals burns is involved. It can be utilized to ship material and items by rail, sea or land. Safety measures and regulations are imposed by the UN. This ensures that injury to people, material damage as well as harm and destruction to the environment is prevented. You can rest assured that whenever you need to transport dangerous and hazardous materials, UN certified bulk bag are at your service.


At Rishi FIBC, every bag passes through rigorous testing procedures set by UN such as vibration testing, stack testing and top lift testing among others. The UN bags are first tested at our in-house testing facility and once again in an independent testing laboratory before they are officially certified as a functional and safe to use UN Certified Bulk Bag.

Pharma Grade FIBC Manufacturer in India-Rishi-FIBC Solutions

Make RISHI FIBC Your First Choice When Selecting a Pharma Grade Bulk Bag Supplier

Maintaining logistics for a pharmaceutical industry is a matter of huge responsibility as you cannot compromise on the quality and have to vehemently safeguard the products from contamination assistance of a Pharma Grade Bulk Bag Supplier can help greatly. Rishi FIBC, one of the best manufacturers of FIBC bags, understands these requirements all too well. We are experts when it comes to manufacturing world-class pharma grade FIBC bulk bags.

Rishi FIBC: Your Tested and Trusted Pharma Grade Bulk Bag Supplier

We are a reputed pharma grade bulk bag supplier and our products are sought across the country and several countries across the globe. All of our bags are long lasting and resilient even in the toughest of weather conditions. The bags are easy on the budget, survive the worst kind of environmental situations and are hygienic. These factors help the logistic agencies in pharmaceutical industry store, ship, and handle materials with ease.

Salient Features of Our Pharma Grade FIBC Bulk Bags

  • Our pharma grade FIBC bulk bags are manufactured using 100% virgin resin. Standard bags are usually made from recycled resin during the coating process, which can result in the presence of contaminates in the bulk bag’s coating. Hence, only 100% virgin resin is recommended when manufacturing pharma grade bags.
  • The bags are paired with polyethylene liners which provide an extra layer of protection. This prevents moisture and other kinds of contaminants from seeping and hampering the quality of the products inside during their transportation.
  • To prevent the buildup of static electricity while filling or discharging of finely powdered pharma products, we have four types of pharma grade FIBC bags – A,B,C and D. Each of these bags has unique features that help to mitigate the dangers of buildup of static electricity. Our experts will guide you in choosing the right type of bags depending on the product to be transported.

Quality is Never Compromised with at Rishi FIBC

The fabrics and raw materials used in the production of these especially designed bags are approved by accredited authorities. These include ISO 9001:2008, BRC Global Standards (that also meet GFSI standards), AIB International as well as ISO 22000:2005. Our BRC manufacturing standards include: maintaining immaculate personal hygiene, metal detection, ensuring adequate ventilation, proper personnel wardrobe, record keeping, pest control procedures, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Program (HACCP) and light table inspection. Our professionals also make certain that no tapes and loose threads are visible.

The pharmaceutical industry and food industry both adhere to the same standards. The certification we posses are proof of the fact that we never mess with quality and never compromise on excellence. FIBC bags are great for pharmaceutical products because they offer an added layer of protection to the material inside the bag. All of the pharma grade FIBC bulk bags manufactured by us meet the necessary criteria.

Get In Touch With Us for All your Pharmaceutical Bulk Bag Requirements

If you require a pharma grade FIBC bulk bag, get in touch with Rishi FIBC. All of your needs will be meticulously attended to while ensuring that quality and hygiene are kept at the topmost priority at all times. We are fully capable of manufacturing customized FIBC bags to cater to your needs owing to our state-of-the-art processes, tools and techniques making us the best Pharma Grade Bulk Bag Supplier. You can rest assured that when you associate with Rishi FIBC all of your pharmaceutical FIBC bulk bag demands will be handled in an efficient and effective manner.

Storing FIBCs-Factors Which Can Damage An FIBC-Rishi FIBC Bulk Bag Manufacturer

Storing FIBCs: Factors Which Can Damage An FIBC

FIBC bulk bags are very resilient in nature after all they are exclusively designed to protect food and pharmaceutical products. However, to maintain their strength it is vital that they be stored carefully and all necessary precautions suggested for their safety be carefully implemented.

At Rishi FIBC, we are an FIBC bulk bag manufacturer that creates highly customized bulk bags. Although our FIBC bags are precisely engineered and can safely transport 2,000kg of granular material with ease, they are susceptible to certain factors. Hence we recommend that factors that can damage FIBCs be carefully avoided.

Sharp Tines, Points and Damage

When utilized as a unit, FIBC bags are resilient, but their individual parts are prone to damage. When certain parts of the bag come in contact with cranes, forklifts and other handling equipment, they can get damaged. Make certain that your forklift tines are in level and smooth. The smallest problem in the metal can make the FIBC bag weak. This can leave your cargo and items to be transported on the shop floor itself.

The Unforgiving Rays of the Sun

FIBC bags are made from thermoplastic polymers. When you leave these bags in the sun for extended periods of time, the otherwise sturdy and unbreakable bags can look and feel weak and fragile. The UV rays of the sun can damage and harm your FIBC bags. In case your bags are likely to be exposed to sun during transportation, you need to make use of UV treated inks and fabric. So also, if your FIBC bags are outside for long periods of time, you need to make use of tarpaulins or overpack bags to cover and conceal the already filled bags.

Storms and Persistent Rain

The strength and endurance level of your FIBC bulk bag can weaken and become delicate when exposed to inclement weather conditions such as snow, rain and storms. You also need to be certain that you store the unused bulk bags in areas that are free from any kind of indoor moisture. Exposing your FIBC bags to even a little bit of general moisture can affect the quality and reliability of the bag.


Storing FIBC Bags Outdoors

You need to make sure that you keep the FIBC bulk bags in a clean and dry place indoors. Outside storage does no good for the bulk bags. It can only worsen it and make it unfit for transportation. Even though the bags are made from strong material, if not stored and handled with care, they do not remain light, flexible, easy to store, use and maneuver.

It is so important to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer when handling FIBC bags for the storage and transportation of various items and products. Rishi FIBC is a trusted and successful FIBC bulk bag manufacturer that keeps you well informed about the various precautions that need to be taken during the storage and shipping of food and pharmaceutical products. We make certain that individual inspection of the bags is carried out and also see that metal detection and the cleaning process is performed in an impeccable manner. This prevents the bag from coming in contact with pollutants, germs and dust. Storing the FIBC bags meticulously ensures that the shelf life of the bags is extended while quality remains intact.

FIBC Bulk Bags Solutions offered by Rishi FIBC

FIBC Bulk Bags Solutions offered by Rishi FIBC

Transporting bulk items or liquid items can be strenuous affair. After all, the loading and unloading needs to be carried out securely while the entire transportation process, right from packaging, shipping to unloading,  needs to be conducted in a cautious and timely fashion. But you needn’t worry too much as at Rishi FIBC, FIBC bulk bags are economical and perfect for the transportation and storage of granulated, powdered or liquid bulk items.

Custom made Solutions for all your Bulk Transportations

All of our FIBC bags are made from polypropylene woven fabrics. Depending on your requirements and preferences, we offer customized solutions that come in the form of UN FIBC bags, Conductive bags, Antistatic FIBC and FIBC Liner bags among others.

  • UN FIBC bags – These are meant to safeguard people and the environment since they are resilient to handle products that are said to be hazardous by the UN.
  • Antistatic FIBC – These bags are manufactured from a special antistatic fabric which helps to prevent the occurrence of avoidable incidents such as flammable sparks.
  • Conductive bags – These are made from non-conductive polypropylene that is interwoven with conduction yarns.
  • Pharma Grade FIBC – These bags are meant to cater to pharmaceutical products so that these products do not get contaminated in any way.
  • Food Grade FIBC – Such bags are specially designed to store and transport food grade raw materials.

Custom FIBC bags are built to go well with individual packaging requirements so that you know for a fact that even the most sensitive items are transported in a secure manner.

The FIBC Products We Offer

Rishi FIBC offers the following FIBC products for the safe delivery and storage of your items.

These are just some of the packaging options and FIBC bags we offer our customers so as to ensure safe delivery, shipping and transportation.

Your Most Trusted FIBC Bag Manufacturer

We, at Rishi FIBC, are an FIBC manufacturer that keeps quality and hygiene at top priority and at the same time see to it that all of the manufactured FIBC bags are reliable, steadfast and resilient to survive the harshest of weather conditions.

Our manufacturing capabilities have grown with time as we have kept pace with innovation. We are the first plant with auto-doffing winders while our lamination plant comes with brushing and dust removal. We possess an in-house printing facility and have a three layer liner plant with 0.3 micron filtered air cooling. Our manufacturing abilities are touted to be among the best, this is why we stand up to expectations and deliver high quality FIBC bags to our customers.

When it comes to hygiene, we match international quality norms. Each and every FIBC bag is vacuum cleaned and the air pressure in the manufacturing plant is always positive. For liners, dart impact testing is carried out while tensile testing is performed for fabrics and loops. In this way, we take care and are attentive to the minor as well as major aspects that go into the FIBC bag manufacturing process. The bags are designed based on the prescribed set of parameters that are put forth by the industry so that we provide only the best to our customers at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to FIBC

Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to FIBC

FIBC bulk bags are the most popular and in demand form of bulk packaging today. Yet, there are many queries about them amongst people who are yet to utilize the benefit of these bags. Rishi FIBC brings to you a list of a few FAQs regarding FIBCs that aims to solve some of the queries and acquaint you with the merits of using FIBCs over other traditional form of packaging.

What exactly is an FIBC?

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, popularly known as FIBCs are bulk bags that are made to carry bulk liquids and goods. These bags are made from 100% virgin polypropylene and are mostly used to store or transport dry products. At Rishi FIBC, our bags can be tailor made depending on the customer’s needs but they are not waterproof.

What is the capacity of an FIBC bag?

FIBC bags (also known as bulk bags, big bags or totes) manufactured by Rishi FIBC hold anywhere between 2000 to 4000lbs of various products. They are generally placed on pallets with the help of forklifts by using the attached corner lift loops. For more information visit: https://www.rishifibc.com/fibc-products/fibc-bags.html

Do FIBCs have liners?

Yes, at Rishi FIBC, our bags do come with liners and the most common ones are form fit liners and tube liners. These liners can be attached to the bag or are also inserted loosely. Read more about FIBC Liners : https://www.rishifibc.com/fibc-products/fibc-liners.html

What is UN certification?

For UN certification, FIBCs are put through a set of strenuous tests such as drop test, tear test. This certification is valid for one year. At Rishi FIBC, we hold certifications by various accredited authorities.

Are FIBC bags recyclable?

Since FIBC bags manufactured by Rishi FIBC are made from woven polypropylene, these bags are totally recyclable. New bags are manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene.

What is 5:1 SF?

5:1 SF (Safety Factor) implies that the bag is rated to hold five times the amount of the bags SWL. SWL stands for Safe Working Load and showcases the weight the FIBC is tested to safely carry. At Rishi FIBC, bags manufactured for use multiple uses are designed with an increased SF ratio of 6:1 while the 5:1 SF is utilized for single use bags.

Can you print on your FIBC?

At Rishi FIBC, bulk bags can be printed although the cost varies depending upon how many sides you need printed and the number of colors.

Can FIBCs be utilized more than one time?

If you buy a bag from Rishi FIBC that comes with a 6:1 SF, you can use the FIBC more than once. Although some users do utilize a 5:1 SF FIBC more than once, it is not advisable to do so as the loops can break down or fabric may wear out.

Can I attach my documents to the bag?

Yes you can as there are document pouches available in bags manufactured by Rishi FIBC wherein you can attach your documents. The pouches are sewn to the bags as per the preference of the user. Generally, the pouch has a standard or zip lock opening while the size of the pouch is 10”x12”.

What information do I need to start using FIBCs?

Before you place your order for Rishi FIBC you will need to know about the style of the bag you want to use, its dimensions, fabric weight, desired safety ratio, the amount of times the FIBC will be used, type of top and bottom openings and the kind of weight that will be stored in the bag.

What is UV treatment in FIBC bags?

During the extrusion process at Rishi FIBC, an additive is added to the resin which safeguards the bulk bag from UV rays known as UV treatment.

With a minimum quantity requirement, you can even get other fabric colors besides white. Rishi FIBC is a prominent FIBC manufacturer and exporter in India that offer FIBCs in various types and forms. You can even request for customization of FIBCs as per your requirement.