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Top 10 Uses of FIBC Bags for Bulk Transportation

The flexible intermediate bulk containers, commonly known as bulk bags or FIBC bags, are the preferred choice for bulk transportation in various industries. Since their first use, these bags have undergone numerous changes. However, in the supply chain, you can use the FIBC bags to curb the normal tear and wear. Being a safe method of bulk transportation, these bags have stood the test of time. The current bags also come with modern modifications.

If your industry intends to transport bulk items, you must take a glimpse at the different uses of bulk bags.

  • Transport food-grade products

FIBC bags are popular when it comes to transporting food-grade products. One can transport powder, granular, or dry food items without tampering with quality while using these bags.

  • Transport fine powders

FIBC bags having sift-proof seam work can effectively transport fine powder products. However, if the sift proofing does not work well in holding the fine powder, then one can take the help of polyethylene liners.

  • Transport pharmaceutical products

While transporting pharmaceutical products, one has to pay attention to hygiene standards. One can pack these products in bulk bags during transportation. These bags help to keep the product away from contamination.

  • Transport chemicals

FIBC bags are perfect for transporting bulk quantity granular or powder chemicals. Products can experience minimum air contamination while they are known to save storage space. Besides, they are durable and made of rigid industrial materials. Such construction of the bag ensures the safe transportation of chemicals.

  • Transport agriculture products

Industries that transport agriculture-related products can use FIBC bulk bags to transport various products, including animal feeds or fertilizers. One can also take the help of big bag liners for this purpose. The bag’s sturdy construction helps maintain the shape of the products during transportation.

  • Transport construction or building materials

It sometimes becomes difficult to manage or transport construction materials, including soil, cement, dragon, and other products. If you are using suitable bags, it can eliminate the difficulties or challenges associated with transportation.

  • Transport powdered metals and minerals

Industries that deal with powdered metals or minerals, including carbon black and tiO2, can safely transport them using the FIBC bags. These bags are designed to handle search materials conveniently.

  • Transport petroleum products

One needs to be careful while transporting or handling flammable products. Sometimes the build-up of electrostatic charges from the products can create explosions. Hence, using type c and d static control, FIBC can safely transport any flammable products.

  • Transport plastic

Different industries use plastic products as their inputs. Hence, one can transport the product in pellet form using these bulk containers.

  • Transport wood and paper

Industries involved in transporting chopped wood products and other wood-related products can take the help of bulk bags for the safe packaging and transportation of their products. At the same time, one can also use bulk bags to transport paper products effectively.

Why choose Rishi FIBC

Rishi FIBC bags are worth giving a try. As one of the reputed bulk bag companies, they can help their clients realize operational savings and increase the company’s profitability through efficient packing solutions. If your industry deals in bulk transportation, you can contact Rishi FIBC for an adequate packing and storing solution.

Which Industries Are Using FIBC Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions pvt ltd

Which Industries Are Using FIBC Bags?

A business selling a product needs to take special care when transporting the product to the customers. Often transportation puts your legal cannabis, hemp, agricultural, construction, or pharmaceutical products at risk. However, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) or bulk bags offer safe and cost-effective solutions for transporting materials.

FIBC bags streamline your logistics and process of packing and shipping products. Though industries have been using these bags for decades, modern bulk bags have experienced modification for today’s various industrial needs. Investing in bulk bags is essential if your business requires transporting bulk items.

Use of FIBCs In Various Industries

FIBCs found their application in many industries, including agricultural, construction, food processing, chemicals and petroleum, mining, and pharmaceutical industries. These industries use these bags in the following ways.

Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry uses these bags to retain the freshness of their products and boost their shelf life. The industry can avail of FIBC bulk bags in various ranges and with customizable properties like ventilation, liners, and lamination. Baffle bags and circular FIBCs are ideal for storing dry grainy produce like legumes, beans, and rice. Fine powders like salt, sugar, and flour find appropriate packaging solutions in bags with liners and those with lamination. Ventilated bags are ideal for transporting and storing perishable produce. Another type of FIBC, the jumbo bags, are ideal for handling livestock feed and pet food, as this help retain the nutritional value of the products.

Construction and Associated Industries

From fine cement to stones, the construction industry uses bulk bags for handling, storing, and transporting material of various consistencies. Moreover, the industry uses these bags for carrying construction debris efficiently for disposal and treatment. Furthermore, jumbo bags offer a perfect solution in the paint industry for safely handling certain materials, such as color additives in dry form.

Food Processing Industry

FIBCs are excellent for handling processed food, especially for hygienic storage, safe stacking, lifting, and convenient transportation. Different bulk bags combined with innovative customizations fit the nature of the processed food, making them the best fit for the intended products.

Chemicals and Petroleum

Businesses dealing with non-hazardous chemicals resort to FIBC bulk bags, as it avoids any mishap and supports the safe handling of the goods. The industry mostly prefers type-C conductive bulk bags, as these prevent any build-up and development of static electricity within the package. Furthermore, the industry requires retardant bags for transporting and storing flammable materials.

Mining Industry

Businesses in this sector opt for sturdy bulk bags ideal for carrying heavy mining materials, such as coal, minerals, and metal ores. The lightweight and strength of these bags make FIBCs the most durable solution for logistics in the mining industry.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC for Bulk Bags?

Rishi FIBC Solutions is a leading manufacturer and exporter of bulk bags worldwide. Having a business spread over 40 countries worldwide, we offer fully integrated excellent facilities for FIBC, woven and LDPE container liners, and silo bags. Our integrated facility allows us to create highly customized solutions to meet our client’s demands. We incorporated in-house R&D, the efforts of which helped us support our clients with improved quality products and on-time deliveries.

The Importance of Bulk Density When Choosing FIBC Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd

The Importance of Bulk Density When Choosing FIBC Bags

When it comes to choosing the FIBC bags, you have multiple options. Apart from the size, fabric type, weight, and static protection, you must also focus on your product’s bulk density. Bulk density can make a huge difference in the packaging, especially for dry goods that you store in flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) bags. Your product’s bulk density will affect the flow of powder and grain through the packaging equipment. It, therefore, influences the packaging design and size of the bags used.

What are FIBC Bags?

A flexible intermediate bulk container, popularly known as FIBC bulk bag, is an industrial container designed to store and transport dry, flowable products. Manufacturers design these bags from thick polyethylene, measuring 45 to 48 inches in diameter and 39 and 79 inches in height, depending on the substances stored. The flexible walls make them perfect for storing and transporting dry bulk solids.

Bulk Density: What Is It?

Bulk density is the mass per unit volume of powders or grams in a bulk state. Bulk density helps determine the amount of substance or particles you can safely store in a defined amount of space, such as an FIBC bag.

Why Determine Bulk Density When Choosing FIBC Bags?

If you underestimate your product’s bulk density, you can run out of FIBC bags before storing your products. It might even cause damage to you and your customers as strained bags could fail. On the contrary, overestimating bulk density will lead to inadequate estimated target weight per bag and unsafe long-term storage solutions.

A product’s bulk density is the mass per unit volume of powders or granules when it is in a bulk state. Since a substance’s bulk density determines the weight of the substance that can fit in a bag safely, it influences various design choices. It includes the type of discharge options to the overall size of the FIBC bags.

Choosing Suitable FIBC Bags According To Bulk Density

Finding suitable FIBC bags for storing your products is not always easy. You need to check the critical parameters, such as construction type and SWL (safe working load), to ensure that the bag suits your choice of dimensions and handles the weight of your specific products.

Enlisted are some strategies you need to follow to avoid bulk density issues while choosing FIBC bags:

  • Multiply the bag’s volume in cubic meters (m3) with the material density in kg per cubic meter (kg/ m3) to get the weight of the material (in kg) that you can fill in an FIBC bag. It helps in choosing the right bag size for specific FIBC bag applications.
  • Choose bulk bags with coatings or liners to prevent moisture or contamination. Exposure of the product to moisture during storage and transportation also affects the product’s density. FIBC bags designed with poly liners help reduce the risk.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

Rishi FIBC always puts forth quality and hygiene, which made us the topmost FIBC bags manufacturer worldwide. Our integrated facility allows us to create highly customizable solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Our aim to manufacture the best quality food-grade FIBC bags helps us establish trust and connections with our global customers.

How to Find the Right FIBC Bag Manufacturer for Your Industry-Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd

How to Find the Right FIBC Bag Manufacturer for Your Industry?

You may have a lot of options, while you look for the right FIBC bag manufacturer for your transportation or food industry. These options can both be local or national. But not all FIBC bag manufacturers are equal. Therefore, you must make fair choices with the below mentioned considerations.

  • Style of Manufacturing

There happen to be various FIBC bags that are manufactured in order to meet the different needs. Some of the few examples of such bags are single loop bags, builder bags, baffle bags, and many more.

Fundamentally these bags would have a similar manufacturing process. But the design would vary slightly according to the suitability and needs of the bags.

Choosing a manufacturer according to the style of bags they produce would benefit you in a long run. Besides, a trusted partnership with the manufacturer would ensure that the needs of the bags are met with quality.

  • Warehousing Capabilities

A quality supplier would always consider the good lead times. Hence warehouse capabilities become essential to every good lead time. Suppliers having dedicated warehousing capabilities can help make your life easier by supplying the product whenever you need it.

On top of that, warehousing allows the supplier to monitor the inventory level to make sure that the bulk bag is in stock. It can help to keep the operation of the business running smoothly. Hence choosing such a supplier would be beneficial for any customer.

  • Certifications and Vital Credentials

The credentials and the certifications are the benchmarks of reputability and reliability. One must look for a manufacturer that offers FIBC bags that adhere to international quality standards. As you search for such service providers, you may come across various manufacturers who claim to have ISO certifications. But before dealing, you must look for the reality as it might be something different.

Choosing a manufacturer that offers customer-friendly and reliable services would ensure affordability, quality, and peace of mind.

  • Pricing

Yet another crucial factor is the affordability of the product. Before choosing the right manufacturer, you must consider this. The cost of the raw material varies from time to time. Therefore one must ask for competitive pricing from the supplier they intend to choose.

  • Dedicated Customer Service

Customer service is imperative in the case of every company that you are dealing with. If the company can offer dedicated customer service, you must immediately choose such a company.

Why choose Rishi FIBC

Rishi FIBC Solutions Private Limited is one of the best FIBC bag manufacturing companies. The integrated facilities offered by our company allow us to create customized solutions that meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing large quantities of FIBC according to the customer’s requirements and needs. We established the highest standards of operation and personal hygiene. We stand by our products. The innovative ability present in our company helps us to set ourselves apart.

Looking for the right FIBC bag manufacturing company, get in touch with us for quality products.

Dissipative FIBC Bags for Transport of Flammable Powders Safely

Transportation of flammable powder is one of the challenging operations in the logistic industry. One of the biggest reasons behind this being hazard that flammable powders carried when stored in a bag during the process of transportation. The hazard reflects challenges pertaining to build up of static electricity which builds up between the flammable powder and the bag that has been used to store the powder for the purpose of transportation. One of the biggest reason behind this is reactive nature of friction that flammable powders have, which ultimately can result in development of fire or explosion during the process of storage and transportation of flammable powders. It is because of this reason, it is extremely important to select a proper bag for the storage and transportation of flammable powders. This in turn brings down the risk factor that rides with transportation and storage of flammable powders. In order ensure maximization of safety, FIBC bags that are used for this purpose is developed keeping in mind the internal material reduces or nullifies friction. This in turn brings down the possibilities of developing static electricity, which is a common challenging factor with storage and transportation of flammable powders.

If you are in flammable powder business and looking for a solution to transport and store flammable powder well in that case you are just in the right place.

There are many different types of FIBC bags available in the market today however, all bags are not ideal for transportation and storage of flammable powders. A comparison across all the bags will allow you to know, which bag is ideal to serve your purpose and why you should select it for transportation and storage of flammable powders. First let’s take a look at how Anti-static bags function.

Anti-Static Bags and How it works

Static electricity is made by a lopsidedness of electric charge inside or on the outside of a material. The charge stays until it can move away through an electric flow or electrical release. An electrical release is ordinarily addressed as a flash.

At the point when bulk bags are filled and released, the development of the material across the pack’s texture can cause a development of electricity produced via friction. Electrical sparkles can make extreme perils in those enterprises managing combustible substances, where a flash may light explosive combinations. Airborne fumes and residue billows of finely powdered substances can get explosive or combustible in such scenario. Every year manufacturing facilities and warehouses across the globe explode or catch fire due to the ignition of their products or raw materials, pertaining to static electricity spark or residue billows released from the bags.

Anti-Static Bulk Bags are designed to control friction based electricity along these lines essentially decreasing the danger of a fire or blast. The accompanying data is proposed to clarify the contrasts between the 4 bulk bag classifications or “types”: A, B, C, and D.

Type: A Bag

Type A bags are made of standard woven non-conductive texture and doesn’t give ANY assurance against static electricity.  Type A bags are alright for shipping NON-FLAMMABLE items. Combustible materials or gases should not be there outside of the bag. It is ideal for transportation of NON-FLAMMABLE products.

Type: B Bag

These bags are made of standard woven non-conductive texture with low breakdown voltage intended to forestall sparks and proliferating brush releases. Type B bags are ok for moving FLAMMABLE items. However, combustible materials or gases should not be present outside of the bags. Type B bags contrast from Type A bags in the ability to breakdown charges through the texture, including the coating, which will be sufficiently low enough to forestall electrostatic releases, for example, proliferating brush releases (< 4kV). Flash releases may happen from the outside of FIBC Type B in the event that they become sullied by, or covered with, a conductive material (water, oil or grease, for instance). Safety measures should be taken to keep the bags away from such tainting and to keep it away from conductive articles, for example, instruments or metal clasps being set on the FIBC. In spite of the fact that Type B mass bags can forestall proliferating brush releases, they are NOT viewed as anti-static mass bags since they don’t disperse an electrostatic charge.

Even though Type B bags can be used for the purpose transporting dry flammable powder, but it should be in contact with metal or any gaseous or flammable items from outside, since outer cover does have the ability to breakdown static electricity, making the bag unsuitable and risky for transportation of flammable items.

Type: C Bag

This bag is made of woven conductive texture or from a non-conductive texture with interconnected conductive strings or fibers. Type C bags are intended to control electrostatic charges by grounding them. Type C bags are ideal for moving FLAMMABLE items. Even when Combustible materials or gases MAY be present outside of the bags. In any case, Type C FIBCs MUST BE GROUNDED during filling and release in order to nullify any charges that might occur during the process. The example of the conductive strings or fibers is considered:

  • A framework encasing a space of non-conductive texture no more prominent than 25cm2
  • A 20mm strip, in which case each string or fibers should be interconnected at two separate spots (normally at the two furthest points).
  • Type C bulk bags should be outfitted with a ground association with which every single conductive board, strings or fibers that are electrically fortified. The resistance of the grounding point from anyplace on the conductive texture and from the conductive strings and fibers should be under 108 Ω.
  • The lift circles of FIBC Type C bags should likewise contain conductive strings or fibers with a resistance from the grounding point of fewer than 108 Ω.
  • The bag should likewise meet the necessities identifying with the breakdown voltage of FIBC Type B (<4kV).

Further to avoid “flash” releases, it is fundamental that the FIBC Type C is always safely grounded. A mark should be appended to the FIBC expressing the position of the grounding points and plainly laying out the grounding prerequisites during filling-in or discharging tasks. The expression, “FIBC should be grounded before opening” should be imprinted in bold letters on both sides of the FIBC.

This clearly highlights that Type C bags are ideal for transportation of flammable items even when combustible gases and or other solvent flammable in nature is around the bags. However particular care should be taken to ensure that the bags are thoroughly grounded when filling or empting them during the process of transportation or when the logistics is moving, since bag functions by dispersing of charge into the ground, thus enabling resistance against static electricity.

Type: D Bag

These bags are made of woven texture which empowers electrostatic charge to be scattered without being grounded. The texture of a Type D FIBC for the most part contains conductive strings or fibers which securely disseminate the charge through low energy releases. Some Type D bags have a low resistivity lining, which can decrease the danger of combustible releases. Type D bulk bags are alright for moving FLAMMABLE items. Even in presence of combustible materials or gases outside the bag.

  • Type D FIBCs are NOT REQUIRED TO BE GROUNDED during filling and release.
  • Type D FIBCs should meet the necessities identifying with the breakdown voltage of the FIBC Type B (< 4 kV).
  • Ungrounded channels, for example, metal drums or people nearby a Type D bags, can become charged. It should be guaranteed that all conductors are grounded within the sight of explosive atmosphere.
  • Spark releases may happen from the outside of the FIBC Type D in the event that it is sullied by, or covered with, a conductive material (water, oil or grease, for instance). Safeguards should be taken to keep away from such pollution and to avoid conductive items, for example, devices or metal clasps being set on the FIBC.
  • Type D bulk bags, are made with texture containing semi conductive yarns that securely scatter electricity produced via friction into the climate through protected, low-energy release.

This clearly highlights that Type D bags are ideal for transportation of flammable items even when combustible gases and or other solvent flammable in nature is around the bags. However particular care should be taken to ensure that the bags are not covered in conductive material like water, oil or grease during the process of transportation, since bag functions by dispersing of charge into the atmosphere, thus enabling resistance against static electricity.

Which Bags to select for transporting flammable powder?

The thorough introspection clearly showcases Type C and Type D bags are the most suitable for transportation of flammable powder. However, even though these bags are ideally suited for flammable transportation powder, through precautions must be taken based on their requirements in order to avoid any explosion or accident.

For example in Type C bags they must be grounded during filling, emptying and transporting process. In case of Type D at all cost precaution must be taken to ensure that the bags are not covered in any conductive material like water or oil.

This in turn will provide you with adequate safety required for transportation of flammable powder.

Why Chose Rishi

At any point of time, you feel the need of the Dissipative FIBC bags; no other option would be as good as Rishi FIBC. Being one of the premier manufacturers of Dissipative FIBC bags, Rishi FIBC is certainly the first choice of the users. Rishi FIBC has a team of adequately trained and vastly experienced professionals who have the necessarily expertise the skillset to manufacture the bags without any compromise in the quality. Rishi FIBC makes sure that all of the Dissipative FIBC bags so manufactured is at par with the quality standards so that each of the users are hundred percent satisfied and can carry out their flammable powder business thoroughly safe with the use of the Dissipative FIBC bags from Rishi FIBC.

Advantages of Using FIBC Bags for Pharmaceutical Companies-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Advantages of Using FIBC Bags for Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical companies need to transport a number of different types of chemicals. The transportation requires some containers or bags for the effective completion of the task. In this regard, the FIBC bags are undoubtedly one of the most suitable options for transporting different chemicals and medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. The FIBC bags have become quite popular in recent times especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The popularity of these types of bags can be very well understood from their increasing use. Moreover, there are a number of advantages of using FIBC bags for the pharmaceutical industry that are as listed below.

Highest Safety Standards

Transportation in pharmaceutical industry requires high level of safety to make sure that there is no contamination of any sort. Contamination of any kind can lead to damaging of the entire inner contents. This, in turn, results in monetary loss as well. In this regard, the FIBC bags are one of the best options that maintains the highest safety standards without any possibility of contamination, thereby highly beneficial.

Extremely Versatile in Nature

The FIBC bags are extremely versatile in nature and owing to their fantastic versatility, these bags are of great benefit to be used in the pharmaceutical industry. The FIBC bags can be used to transport different medicines, and chemical products without any kind of problems.

Air Tight

The FIBC bags happen to be air tight in nature and hence they do not allow air to come in contact with the inner contents. Therefore, the inner contents remain intact without any compromise in their quality.

Chemically Inert

The FIBC bags are chemically inert and hence they do not react with the inner contents of the bag. It is precisely the reason as to why the pharmaceutical companies can transport different types of chemicals and medicines without any problems. The FIBC bags being inert or chemically non reactive keeps the inner contents completely safe and intact.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

If you are looking forward to the premium quality FIBC bags for the pharmaceutical industry, then no other option would be as good as Rishi FIBC in this regard. Rishi FIBC is one of the leading manufacturers of FIBC bags that adheres to all specified standards so that none of the users can get even a single chance to complain. So, for all your FIBC bag requirements for the pharmaceutical industry, all you need to do is to get in touch with our team of experts at Rishi FIBC for getting the best solutions in this regard.

Industrial Application of FIBC Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Industrial Application of FIBC Bags

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), or bulk bags, are great for transporting dry products in bulk like ash, sand, or flour. There are quite a lot of unique advantages that bulk bags provide. They can be easily lifted by machines, folded and stored, and also used as storage receptacles. A few of them also provide safety features for reducing antistatic shock and increased employee safety. Unmatched in their package-to-product-weight ratio, a metric ton of product can be shipped in a bag that weighs not more than five to seven pounds.

Bulk bags have different uses across a variety of industries. Each type of bulk bag has specific features that cater to the requirement of different industries and their products.

Let’s see how specific benefits of bulk bags offer each industry in their own way.

Reliable Quality of Seams, Linings, and Closable Spouts

Some of the products come in powder form, like chemical, agricultural, and mining products. There is a need to transport them in a way that the powders don’t leak or blow away. The Siftproof seams, Liners that coat the entire inner surface in a Bulk bag, and Closable spouts, ensure that the finest of powders are contained well.

Chemical industries tend to have to use products that can be hazardous. Bulk bags come in a variety of options for carrying these hazardous materials and also reducing the risk of static shock. As per their rating, bags of B to D range offer different forms of protection depending on the specific requirement of each industry’s product.

Electrostatic Control

Some hazardous products like petroleum products often build up static charges that expose a serious risk to the employees who handle these bags. Thankfully, there are bulk bags from B to D range offering a different level of protection that is product-specific. Bulk bag of type A does not offer any protection, while type B bags although are not antistatic, can safely transport dry inflammable materials. Type C and D bags are the ones that are designed specifically to offer antistatic protection to workers.

Food-grade Quality

Unless specific to the industry using it, not all bulk bags are of FDA food-grade quality. However, those that offer that kind of quality are of great use to the food-processing industry. These food-grade FIBC bags are perfect for transporting the food-products effectively making sure that they reach their destination safely while remaining fresh, tasty, and free of chemical contamination.

A lot of agricultural products are to be used in livestock feed, animal food, or for human consumption, so it is imperative that they are stored and transported in chemical-free bags. Being certified as safe and stress-free for the transport of food products, bulk bags are quite useful in this particular industry.

Stringent Standards

In the case of chemical industries, strict standards are adhered to when it comes to how pharmaceutical products need to be stored and transported. Bulk bags are certified to offer a safe and convenient method of shipping these products.

Just like chemical products, paints, and color additives also contain toxic chemicals. Bulk bags that are sturdy offer them protection and minimizes employee contact with these harmful chemicals and fumes.

Sturdy Construction

Some products that are shipped are quite heavy-duty, for instance, chemicals, paint products, construction products, metals, and minerals derived from mining. These products require the superior quality of durability to avoid leaks, tears, environmental contamination, and spoilage. Heavy-duty bulk bags that are reinforced and certified by a third party to a certain safety standard ensure even the most difficult products to transport reach their destination safely.

Construction projects usually require tons of raw materials while a successful mining operation generates a huge amount of product. These materials can be transported effectively in bulk bags that provide them the durability and versatility that they need.

Moisture and Pest Resistance

A bulk bag’s sturdiness can be attributed to polypropylene, a type of thermoplastic material that offers its maximum strength. A thermoplastic has the tendency to become soft and is easy to mold at high temperatures, but once it cools it becomes solid and hard. This makes the bulk bags effectively protective and moisture-resistant, keeps away mold, offering a strong barrier against pests. This kind of quality is vital for agricultural, pet food, and food-processing industries, that are prone to attracting pests, mold growth that could spoil the entire shipment of the product.

As in the case of agricultural products, the food processing industry also needs a storage and transportation option that is not only safe for food-grade items but most importantly, can also accommodate a bulk of dry products of human food-grade products.


Some bulk bags are reusable if their safety protocol allows multiple uses unless they have been used to carry toxic chemicals. Bulk bags that have been used for agricultural products, pet food, or human food products can often be reused in other industries. Not only is this kind of reusability helpful for agricultural and food-processing companies, in keeping their costs down, but they are also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Employee Safety

Across all industries, the safety of their employees comes first. A lot of heavy lifting of bags and containers tends to put excess stress on the employees’ backs and joints that might lead to injuries. It is easy and safe to lift bulk bags that can hold thousands of pounds with forklifts and other equipment that help reduce serious workplace injuries, at the same time keeping employees healthy, pain-free, and productive.

We at Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provide a comprehensive and superior quality of FIBC Bags. Our quality and hygiene standards have made us a leading and preferred FIBC bag manufacturer the world over.

For further assistance please get in touch with our team. With so many options that we can customize as per the needs of each of your product irrespective of the industry it belongs to, our bulk bags offer way more flexibility, durability, and protection for products than any other storage method for transportation.

Guidelines for Using FIBC Bags for Transporting Wet Materials and Products-Rishi FIBC Solutons Pvt Ltd

Guidelines for Using FIBC Bags for Transporting Wet Materials and Products

The FIBC bags have become very popular in the transportation industry owing to a number of advantages that these bags have on offer. Many times, it happens that there are some wet materials and products which are to be transported. In this situation as well, the FIBC bags serve great purposes. But at this point of time, to make the best use of the FIBC bags for the transportation of wet materials and products, here are a few important guidelines to follow.

Materials or Products are Very Wet

At the time when the materials or products to be transported are very wet, the moisture or the water can seep through seams or the fabric of the FIBC bags. This simply cannot be accepted at any cost. Now, to effectively deal with this seepage issue, the liners serve great purposes. The liners are highly effective in keeping the moisture in the bag and necessarily prevent any kinds of materials from getting in or coming out of the bag.

Wet Products are Heavy and Cause Trouble

It is quite a common fact that weight products are heavier due to the presence of moisture or water. Now, if the moisture is present in larger amount it adds a significant amount of weight to the bag in the same volume. This, in turn, can cause a lot of trouble by interfering with the safe working load or SWL of the FIBC bags. Thus, it becomes important to consider FIBC bags that have higher safe working load which are made out of thicker fabric and mostly have heavy duty stitching to have a greater SWL.

Materials or Products are Too Moist at the Time of Storage

There are certain products which are too moist at the time of storage such as industrial hemp thereby readily increasing the chances of formation of moulds. This might be a cause of serious headache for the users because of the fact that the moulds can cause the product inside the FIBC bags to rot degrade in quality which in turn can result in financial loss as well.

Spout Bottom Gets Clogged at the Time of Discharge

The spout bottom FIBC bags have a tendency to get clogged at the time of discharging with wet products or materials in the bags. This is quite an important thing to keep in mind. This is undoubtedly a major issue faced by the users since it is not only inconvenient to attempt for clearing a clogged spout but also can be sometimes dangerous as well. In this situation, it would certainly be a very good idea to consider a full bottom discharge FIBC bags or diaper bottom bags. These types of bags can be used as a very good alternative where the issue of clogging is resolved.

Following all of the guidelines so mentioned above would be of a great help at the time of using FIBC bags for the transportation of wet materials or products.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

Now, at the time of using FIBC bags, it is of immense importance to select a trusted FIBC bag manufacturer so as to make sure that only the premium quality bags are manufactured. Rishi FIBC is a well known name in the field of FIBC bags and hence can be chosen without any kind of hesitation. With several years of experience as a manufacturer of FIBC bags, the users can be assured of getting the premium quality FIBC bags that too at the best prices.

Application and Uses of FIBC Bags with Discharge Spout with Flap-Rishi FIBC Solutons Pvt Ltd

Application and Uses of FIBC Bags with Discharge Spout with Flap

The use of FIBC bags have become extremely common in the recent times. This is because of the fact that these bags provide the transportation industry with a wide range of benefits. In an addition to this, the FIBC bags are of different types which is exactly the reason as to why they can be put to appropriate usages as per the requirements. Similarly, there is a special type of FIBC bag with discharge spout with flap. Now, at this point of time, it becomes quite important to understand the type of bags for appropriate application and usage.

What is FIBC Bag with Flap?

Discharge Spout with Flap

A flap in FIBC bag is actually a piece of fabric which is specifically designed for the purpose of covering the bottom or the top of the FIBC bag. The flap happens to be of the same length and width as the FIBC bag with which it is attached to. The flap is made up of the exactly same woven polypropylene material with which the rest of the bag is made up of. The flap is attached to one of the four sides thereby creating a flap which can be easily open and closed. The flap of the FIBC bag is designed such a manner that is able to cover the FIBC bag irrespective of the type of opening or closing that the bag has. The flap is suitable for spout top, bottom open top, full bottom discharge and many more thereby providing additional protection to the bag.

Uses of FIBC Bags with Flap

There are a number of industries where the FIBC bags with discharge spout with flap is of immense help. So, let us delve a bit deeper into the topic to find out uses of the FIBC bags with flap.

  • In the situations where there are very high possibilities of contamination, the FIBC bags with flaps come to the rescue of the users. The flaps are used for the purpose of covering of the discharge ports which plays a vital role in the prevention of any kinds of outside elements from entering the bags thereby preventing contamination of any sort.

  • There might be few concerns regarding the bottom discharge port getting damaged at the time of transportation or storage in the bag. In this type of situation, the FIBC bags with flaps certainly offers additional protection which is extremely beneficial. This, in turn, also helps in preventing the discharge port from getting which otherwise could render the entire FIBC bag unusable.

  • In the cases where the FIBC bags are being transported through shipping containers, the bags with a flap can be extremely useful. The flap is crucial in terms of providing additional protection to the bottom or the top of the bag at the time of transportation.

  • At the time when the bottom discharge spouts are used, the flaps serve great purposes. After the bottom discharge spout of the FIBC bags are tied shut, the flap can be drawn over the spout apparatus for the purpose of efficiently and effectively protecting it.

Why Select an Experienced Manufacturer?

FIBC bags with discharge spout do not always come with flaps and hence the users need to be careful at the time of choosing the bags. Now, at the time when you are selecting a FIBC bag with flap, it would undoubtedly be a very good idea to choose an experienced manufacturer for the same. An experienced FIBC manufacturer has a very good knowledge of the entire process and comes up with the best of the products that strictly adhere to the standard specifications. In this regard, Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd would be the most appropriate choice for the top quality FIBC bags with flaps.

Ideal Applications for FIBC bags-Rishi FIBC Solutons Pvt Ltd

Ideal Applications for FIBC bags

Demand and supply cycles continue to make the economy of the world go round. The logistics so involved in the manufacturing as well as distribution of a product actually make up the supply chain. Now, at the time when the finished products have to go through numerous stages during the supply chain and the normal wear & tear at that time might destroy the product. This is exactly the reason as to why the special care is taken at the time of transporting the product. It is exactly at this point of time when the FIBC bags come to the rescue for the transportation of various products efficiently and effectively.  But you need to make sure to choose a trusted and reputed manufacturer like Rishi FIBC. So, here we have listed some of the ideal applications of FIBC bags for the better understanding of the users.

Transportation of Food Grade Products

FIBC bags are ideally suited for packaging and transporting of food products. The food products that are dryable, granular and powdered can be easily as well as conveniently transported in bulk quantities in the FIBC bags without any kinds of hassles. The users can also make use of bulk bag liners for the purpose of keeping the product fresh and at the same time free from any kinds of contamination.

Transporting of Fine Powders

The sift proof seams of the FIBC bags necessarily works very well for the effective transportation of fine powders. If the users feel that the sift proofing is not sufficient for holding the finer powder, then the use of polyethylene liner is recommended.

Ideal to Transport Chemicals

The availability of sift proofing in the bulk bags along with efficient liners are just ideally suited for the transportation of various types of chemicals in the granular or powdered form. These bags empty with the least amount of air contamination and at the same time save a lot of storage space since they are collapsible. In an addition to this, the FIBC bags are made up of durable as well as tough industrial materials for making sure that the storage and transportation of chemicals are completely safe.

Perfect for Transporting Pharmaceutical Products

The FIBC bags are just the perfect solution for the transportation of the different pharmaceutical products in bulk quantities. This is because of the fact these bags are able to maintain stringent environmental standards as well as hygiene standards quite similar to the food products transportation. The pharmaceutical products can be very safely transported in bulk in the FIBC bags. Most importantly, the liners can be used as and when required.

Transporting of Different Agricultural Products

A huge number of agricultural products such as animal feeds, fertilisers and several other products can be easily transported in the FIBC bulk bags. Based on the nature and the standards of transportation of the agricultural products, the big ball liners can be used. These bags are necessarily of a sturdy construction which is why the bags are able to maintain its shape at the time of transportation and save space of warehouse as well.

Easily Transportation of Plastics

Plastics and a number of other plastic products in the form of pellet can be conveniently transported in the FIBC bulk bags without any kinds of worries.

Transportation of Petroleum Products

At the time of handling of flammable petroleum products, there are high chances of static charges building up which in turn can cause hazardous explosions. In this regard, the Type C and Type D FIBC bags can be readily used for the transportation of flammable petroleum products since they possess static control characteristics which allows their safe transportation.

Transportation of Paper and Wood

The FIBC bags can also be applied for the transportation of chopped wooden products, wood pellets and a number of other related wood products. These products can be conveniently packed and safely transported in the FIBC bulk bags.

Minerals and Powdered Metals Transportation

Carbon black and Ti02 are some of the minerals that can be effectively transported with the help of FIBC bags. Since these bags are quite durable in nature, these bags can be used for the transportation of such items.

Construction and Building Materials Transportation

There are a number of building as well as construction materials such as cement, gravel, soil, sand and several other similar can be difficult to transport. But with the help of FIBC bulk bags all of the building as well as construction materials can be transported without any difficulties by the elimination of challenges that come by.

Thus, it can be clearly understood as to what are the ideal applications of the FIBC bags.

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Why Rishi FIBC?

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is of the leaders in the manufacturing of different types of bulk bags which is exact reason as to why these bags are so much preferred for use for the transportation of a huge number of materials. In an addition to this, Rishi FIBC with several years of experience in the field of manufacturing necessarily manufactures the premium quality bags without giving any of the users even a single chance of complaining.