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Which Industries Are Using FIBC Bags?

A business selling a product needs to take special care when transporting the product to the customers. Often transportation puts your legal cannabis, hemp, agricultural, construction, or pharmaceutical products at risk. However, flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) or bulk bags offer safe and cost-effective solutions for transporting materials.

FIBC bags streamline your logistics and process of packing and shipping products. Though industries have been using these bags for decades, modern bulk bags have experienced modification for today’s various industrial needs. Investing in bulk bags is essential if your business requires transporting bulk items.

Use of FIBCs In Various Industries

FIBCs found their application in many industries, including agricultural, construction, food processing, chemicals and petroleum, mining, and pharmaceutical industries. These industries use these bags in the following ways.

Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry uses these bags to retain the freshness of their products and boost their shelf life. The industry can avail of FIBC bulk bags in various ranges and with customizable properties like ventilation, liners, and lamination. Baffle bags and circular FIBCs are ideal for storing dry grainy produce like legumes, beans, and rice. Fine powders like salt, sugar, and flour find appropriate packaging solutions in bags with liners and those with lamination. Ventilated bags are ideal for transporting and storing perishable produce. Another type of FIBC, the jumbo bags, are ideal for handling livestock feed and pet food, as this help retain the nutritional value of the products.

Construction and Associated Industries

From fine cement to stones, the construction industry uses bulk bags for handling, storing, and transporting material of various consistencies. Moreover, the industry uses these bags for carrying construction debris efficiently for disposal and treatment. Furthermore, jumbo bags offer a perfect solution in the paint industry for safely handling certain materials, such as color additives in dry form.

Food Processing Industry

FIBCs are excellent for handling processed food, especially for hygienic storage, safe stacking, lifting, and convenient transportation. Different bulk bags combined with innovative customizations fit the nature of the processed food, making them the best fit for the intended products.

Chemicals and Petroleum

Businesses dealing with non-hazardous chemicals resort to FIBC bulk bags, as it avoids any mishap and supports the safe handling of the goods. The industry mostly prefers type-C conductive bulk bags, as these prevent any build-up and development of static electricity within the package. Furthermore, the industry requires retardant bags for transporting and storing flammable materials.

Mining Industry

Businesses in this sector opt for sturdy bulk bags ideal for carrying heavy mining materials, such as coal, minerals, and metal ores. The lightweight and strength of these bags make FIBCs the most durable solution for logistics in the mining industry.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC for Bulk Bags?

Rishi FIBC Solutions is a leading manufacturer and exporter of bulk bags worldwide. Having a business spread over 40 countries worldwide, we offer fully integrated excellent facilities for FIBC, woven and LDPE container liners, and silo bags. Our integrated facility allows us to create highly customized solutions to meet our client’s demands. We incorporated in-house R&D, the efforts of which helped us support our clients with improved quality products and on-time deliveries.

What Are The Benefits Of Bulk Bags In Different Industries-Rishi FIBC Solutions

What Are The Benefits Of Bulk Bags In Different Industries?

Several industries have been using FIBCs for decades. Manufacturers designed these large and sturdy bags to store and transport large amounts of supplies, including seeds, crops, and chemicals, to name a few. Even with the frequent small innovations, the basic structure of a bulk bag did not change over the years. It owes to the fact that these bags are efficient across industries in every sense of the term.

Bulk Bags: What are They?

Bulk bags are large, durable sacks designed to hold many products. Often these bags have loops sewn into the corners that assist in lifting them with a forklift. They might often come with a liner sewn inside them, which helps with moisture control.

The Benefits of Bulk Bags in Different Industries

Enlisted are how several industries benefit from using bulk bags for storage and transportation.

Mining Industry

Bulk bags are an excellent choice for transporting mining and construction materials. Successful mining generates tons of products. FIBC bulk bags are strong, versatile, and durable enough to get them as required.

Construction and Related Industries

The construction industry requires heavy-duty products that require reinforced and sturdy material bags for transferring materials like paints, metals, and minerals. If you transport them filled with flimsy materials like lighter plastics, there is a fair chance that they will rip and tear, resulting in spillage. It might completely disintegrate the bag or contaminate the materials stored inside.

Food Processing Industry

Since most food transported is powdered, bulk bags are the perfect way to transfer them. Manufacturers specifically design the bulk bags for the application and certify them safe for transporting human food-grade products.

Chemical Industry

Products used in the chemical industry are often hazardous. However, bulk bags come in various options for carrying hazardous materials that reduce the risk of static shock. Often chemical companies mostly transport products in powdered form, and FIBC bulk bags ensure that the powder does not leak or blow away. The various features of bulk bags, like sift-proof seams, bulk bag liners, and closeable spouts, keep the products secured during storage and transportation.

Petroleum Industry

In its varied form, Petroleum is highly flammable and often poses major risks during storage and transportation. The static produced by these products requires control for safe transportation. It is where the anti-static conditions for type C and type D bulk bags come in. These bags can control the static, creating a stable and safe environment for transporting petroleum products between destinations.

Agricultural Industry

Besides producing food for human consumption, the agricultural industry produces livestock feed and animal food. Since bulk bag manufacturers certify them as chemical-free and safe for food products, the bags are easy to store and transport these products.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC for FIBC Bulk Bags?

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd  is a prominent name in manufacturing and exporting food and pharm-grade bulk bags. With our operations in over 40 countries, our integrated facilities allow us to create highly customized solutions to meet businesses’ needs. Our desire to make the best quality FIBCs for our clients is taking us to new parts of the world. We always stand by our products, and our innovative ability sets us apart.

Brief Guidelines for Food Grade FIBCs-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Brief Guidelines for Food Grade FIBCs

When determining whether the type of FIBC is ideal for your industry, your need to consider several factors. One of the most important considerations involves determining the bag ideal for your application and the products you pack, store and transport in the bag. It is especially important when transporting and storing materials sensitive to environmental contamination, and the food industry fits perfectly into the category.

How is Food-grade Bags Different from Normal FIBC?

Food grade is a generic term that has different meanings for different people. Food industries utilize these special bags for packaging, storing, and transporting food items like sugar, grains, powders, and more. They are different from normal FIBCs in the following ways.


Manufacturers design food-grade FIBCs using 100% virgin polypropylene resin. The resin is free from recycled materials. Using 100% virgin polypropylene resin ensures that harmful materials are absent in the resin that might contaminate the food products. Above all, virgin resin meets the standards and certifications for contact with food.

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturers manufacture these bags in facilities certified by BRCGS. They design these bags in clean and hygienic conditions and maintain a strict quality standard. BRC-certified facilities have proper pest control and ventilation, detailed record keeping, strict personal hygiene, light table inspection, and bag cleaning through the air and metal detection.

Vigilant Inspection and Tracking

The manufacturers take no chances with the quality while producing food-grade FIBC bags. Therefore, each bag undergoes a rigorous testing process wherein each has a unique ID and is tracked right from the raw materials to its delivery to the food industries.

Essential Qualities of Food-Grade FIBCs

The following are the essential qualities that Food-grade FIBCs must possess. These include:

Third-Party Certifications

Third-party certifications like BRC ensures an additional level of quality, cleanliness, and trust in the product. The high-level requirements of such an agency ensure that manufacturers design the FIBCs in a clean room and measures like pest control, metal detection, vacuum air cleaning, and record keeping.

FSMA Certification

The Food Safety Modernization Ac, created by the FDA, states that all the products with the certification promise good and safe quality products that are ideal for transporting food materials.

Storage Capacity

Manufacturers must keep the storage capacity of food-grade FIBCs in mind. If you load the bag beyond the specified weight, the bag might experience damage by spoiling the food products.


Different foods have different requirements. Therefore, companies must also follow specific packing, storing, and transporting demands. Manufacturers need to design the bags keeping in mind these needs and demands.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC for Your Food-Grade FIBC Bags?

Rishi FIBC Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of food-grade FIBCs and exports its products to over 40 countries worldwide. With our astounding experience in the FIBC industry, we have expertise in handling the necessities of food-grade FIBCs. To successfully meet our client’s needs and demands, our well-assimilated facility ensures the creation of highly customized solutions. Our bags meet all the quality standards and are free from germs, dust, and pollutant. We further ensure that our bags undergo vacuum cleaning and pallet shrink wrapping.

What Are The Common Uses For FIBC Bulk Bag Liners-Rishi FIBC Solutions

What Are The Common Uses For FIBC Bulk Bag Liners?

Regarding packaging and transporting various goods, FIBC bulk bags are the most versatile options available in the market. Since its inception in the 1940s, various industries started utilizing FIBC containers for storing large quantities of products. Flexibility and sturdiness are two distinct features of these advanced containers.

Types of FIBC Liners

While bulk bags found their use in transporting various goods, from pharmaceuticals and grain to food and wood, you must recognize the lining of these bags. The type of liners used depends on the materials and industry.

You can avail of the following liners in the market.

Lay-Flat FIBC Liners

The lay-flat liners have a cylindrical shape with an opening at the top and sealed at the bottom with heat. Designed by experts, these FIBC bulk bag liners offer oxygen barrier, moisture protection, anti-static properties, and resistance to harsh chemicals.

Foil Liners

Foil liners offer UV protection, moisture-resistant, and allow better oxygen flow inside the bulk bags. These are the most stable FIBC liners and improve the filling, discharging, and safe handling of goods. Manufacturers design these bags using different aluminum compounds suitable for various applications.

Form-Fit Liners

High-protection form-fit liners are common liners used for storage and transportation, designed to adapt to the size of the bag. The oxygen barrier and the moisture-resistant quality of the bags protect the products in the bag from contamination. Besides, these chemical-resistant liners protect the produce from all types of damage.

Baffle Liners

Baffle liners are another type of FIBC liner that offers high-end packaging and reduces storage and shipping costs. Besides offering increased stability, these square-shaped bags utilizes internal baffles to maintain their shape.

Uses of FIBC Liners

The common uses of FIBC liners include the following:

Transportation of Fine Powder

FIBC bulk bag liners with sift-proof seams are excellent choices when handling fine materials, such as cement and powdered materials. You can also utilize them for storing and transporting minerals, including titanium dioxide, zinc ash, cobalt powder, and food-grade powders like skimmed milk and spices.

Transportation of Critical Products

Certain products are flammable, prone to static charges, and cause explosions, making them tricky to transport. FIBC liners with static controlled characteristics are excellent in transporting, storing, stacking, lifting, and transporting flammable items like petroleum. These liners are resistant to sparks and ensure safety during transportation.

Transporting Plastics

The thermoplastic industry serves almost all other industries worldwide. Therefore, they depend on bulk packaging and the supply of goods. Manufacturers transport plastics to factories in the form of pellets, making FIBC bags an excellent choice for transportation.

Transporting Construction Materials

The construction industry relies on a fast and efficient supply of materials, such as sand, cement, stone, metals, and minerals. Therefore, it is crucial to opt for reliable and durable bags for transportation. FIBC bags fist the needs of the industry, as these are sturdy and flexible.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC for Bulk Bag Liners?

Rishi FIBC Solutions is a leading manufacturer of FIBC bulk bag liners, offering completely integrated excellent facilities for FIBC, woven, and LDPE container liners and much more. Having exported our products to over 42 countries, our facility helped us create highly customized solutions to meet our client’s needs.

The Importance of Bulk Density When Choosing FIBC Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd

The Importance of Bulk Density When Choosing FIBC Bags

When it comes to choosing the FIBC bags, you have multiple options. Apart from the size, fabric type, weight, and static protection, you must also focus on your product’s bulk density. Bulk density can make a huge difference in the packaging, especially for dry goods that you store in flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) bags. Your product’s bulk density will affect the flow of powder and grain through the packaging equipment. It, therefore, influences the packaging design and size of the bags used.

What are FIBC Bags?

A flexible intermediate bulk container, popularly known as FIBC bulk bag, is an industrial container designed to store and transport dry, flowable products. Manufacturers design these bags from thick polyethylene, measuring 45 to 48 inches in diameter and 39 and 79 inches in height, depending on the substances stored. The flexible walls make them perfect for storing and transporting dry bulk solids.

Bulk Density: What Is It?

Bulk density is the mass per unit volume of powders or grams in a bulk state. Bulk density helps determine the amount of substance or particles you can safely store in a defined amount of space, such as an FIBC bag.

Why Determine Bulk Density When Choosing FIBC Bags?

If you underestimate your product’s bulk density, you can run out of FIBC bags before storing your products. It might even cause damage to you and your customers as strained bags could fail. On the contrary, overestimating bulk density will lead to inadequate estimated target weight per bag and unsafe long-term storage solutions.

A product’s bulk density is the mass per unit volume of powders or granules when it is in a bulk state. Since a substance’s bulk density determines the weight of the substance that can fit in a bag safely, it influences various design choices. It includes the type of discharge options to the overall size of the FIBC bags.

Choosing Suitable FIBC Bags According To Bulk Density

Finding suitable FIBC bags for storing your products is not always easy. You need to check the critical parameters, such as construction type and SWL (safe working load), to ensure that the bag suits your choice of dimensions and handles the weight of your specific products.

Enlisted are some strategies you need to follow to avoid bulk density issues while choosing FIBC bags:

  • Multiply the bag’s volume in cubic meters (m3) with the material density in kg per cubic meter (kg/ m3) to get the weight of the material (in kg) that you can fill in an FIBC bag. It helps in choosing the right bag size for specific FIBC bag applications.
  • Choose bulk bags with coatings or liners to prevent moisture or contamination. Exposure of the product to moisture during storage and transportation also affects the product’s density. FIBC bags designed with poly liners help reduce the risk.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

Rishi FIBC always puts forth quality and hygiene, which made us the topmost FIBC bags manufacturer worldwide. Our integrated facility allows us to create highly customizable solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Our aim to manufacture the best quality food-grade FIBC bags helps us establish trust and connections with our global customers.

Silo Bags for Grain and Silage Storage-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Silo Bags for Grain and Silage Storage

To keep up with the global food system, countries need to produce more food grains making less loss post-harvest before consumption. Hermetic storage or silo bags is an ancient technology ideal for controlling insect infestation in grain and preserving its nutrient quality and caloric value. In ancient times, agricultural societies stored their surplus grain in containers or structures that kept it safe from the elements and restricted infestation of grains by rodents, insects, and birds. Furthermore, the well-sealed structures prevent air exchange inside and outside the store.

What Are Silo Bags?

Silo bags are sacks comprised of polyethylene. The sacks comprise three layers of polyethylene, giving them a thickness of 250 microns. The external layer is generally white and reflects sun-based radiation. The internal layer is black and impedes sunlight. A typical silo bag is approximately 60 meters long, 3 meters in diameter, and stores about 200 tons of grains like maize, wheat, and soybeans.

Storing Grains in a Silo Bag

Undoubtedly, silo bags are an ideal choice for storing grains. When you store an enormous volume of grains in these bags, these bags are waterproof when sealed properly. Furthermore, the proper sealing offers a high degree of tightness, preventing atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide from interacting with the stored grains. Therefore, it is an ideal way of storing grains without compromising the quality of grains.

The ground where you need to place the silo bags must be level and must not accumulate standing water during the rains. Besides, the ground must be free from sharp objects, such as sharp rocks and field stubble that might puncture the plastic. The presence of even very small holes will compromise the hermetic seal, allowing moisture, air, and insects to enter the grains stored.

Why Store Grains in Silo Bags?

Enlisted are the reasons why storing grains in silo bags are ideal.

  • Storing grains in silo bags reduces capital investments compared to the cost of building steel bins.
  • The use of silo bags is cost-effective since these bags act as buffer storage, which might require extra investment, depending upon the quantity of grains stored.
  • Silo bags simplifies the harvest logistics by offering flexible storage even along the edge of the field, especially when the logistics reaching permanent storage is a constraint.
  • The silo bags provide easy means for on-farm segregation of the grains. It is also helpful in offering a very suitable option for preserving the identity of some of the specialty grains.
  • Using silo bags for storing grains helps maintain the overall moisture content of the grains while storing. It helps in maintaining an air-tight or hermetic environment.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC for Silo Bags?

Whenever you require silo bags, Rishi FIBC is the best choice. As one of the premier manufacturers of silo bags, Rishi FIBC is the first choice of users. We have a team of trained and highly skilled professionals who are experts in manufacturing the bags without compromising the quality. To meet our customers’ expectations, we ensure that all our silo bags meet quality standards.

FIBC Bulk Bags: A Prominent Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

FIBC Bulk Bags: A Prominent Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

Climate change and global warming are the concerns of the hour. Nowadays, sustainability is the key. When it comes to product packaging, the companies ensure the marketability and safety of the product in order to upgrade the environment.

However, packaging solutions are known to be notorious for carbon emissions. Consumer demands and government policies for green packaging solutions are continuously mounting pressure on businesses globally in order to take a shift towards sustainable solutions. At the same time, such demands and policies call for accommodating recycling, safeguarding the product, and reducing emissions.

With FIBC bulk bags, you can expect eco-friendly packaging solutions. The recyclability of such bags produces less carbon footprint for the business.

Here are the reasons why these bags are a prominent eco-friendly packaging solution for every business.

  • Tailor-made Packaging Solution

If you are looking for a perfect tailor-made solution for your business, you can rely on the FIBC bags. These bags come with different dimensions, loading capacities, and discharge and filling mechanisms.

Due to the aesthetic of the bags, you can also be experimental with your packaging needs.

  • Sustainable

Bulk bags are known to be completely environmentally friendly. You can reuse and recycle it. Therefore when you want to dispose of these bags permanently you can still repurpose them.

Also, the production process involved ensures the negligible generation of carbon footprints.

  • Convenient to Store

Bulk bags are convenient in case of storing products. Due to their efficient design, they don’t prove to be clumsy. The best part is that these bags do not become bulged out or distorted when you stack one over the other.

As these bags never lose shape, therefore, it maintains the square dimension as it is even after being totally filled up.

  • Product Package to Weight Ratio

The unmatched product weight-to-package ratio offered by bulk bags is commendable. To be specific, the FIBC bags have the lowest product weight to package ratio. If you compare any other intermediate container having the same capacity, you will find the weight to increase. It means that the bulk bags you will be able to utilize them to their fullest capacity. At the same time, one would not experience an additional load due to the lightweight formulation of the bags.

  • Versatile Functionalities

The bulk bags offer immense versatility. One can carry a wide range of products, including dry products as well as wet products.

You can also have endless choices in these bags. If you want to replace the traditional packaging option, you can try out the FIBC bags.

Why Rishi FIBC should be your choice?

We have FIBC bulk bags that keep the planet safe. If you want to switch to such flexible packaging solutions, your one-stop destination would be Rishi FIBC. You will get the advantage of low maintenance and low cost. At the same time, if any particular product present in the bag contaminates itself, it would not contaminate the rest. We manufacture these bags while maintaining the FDA standards. Our bags are known to be ideal and economical for storage and transportation purposes.

Sustainable FIBCs-Protecting Planet from The Waste-Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sustainable FIBCs: Protecting Planet from The Waste

With the sustainable property of polypropylene bulk bags, you can recycle and reuse them several times. It helps to reduce the harmful effects of plastic waste. Well, that is not the only reason why these sustainable FIBCs are so much on trend right now.

The bulk bags use a higher percentage of alternative energies to run the production facilities. These energies include solar power. Besides, the water used during the production gets recycled, making the whole process green.

Reduce Waste with this Packaging Solution

Bulk bags are highly versatile. At the same time, they are reusable and recyclable. It makes them one of the most useful packaging solutions. The best part is that these are made from recycled polypropylene, making them lightweight and affordable. Thus structural integrity of the product remains uncompromised.

Some packaging solutions end up in the environment or landfills. Such waste becomes detrimental to the planet. But with sustainable FIBCs, there is no question about their eco-friendliness.

Sustainable can be Profitable

Some companies shy themselves from sustainable options. The misconception revolving around this includes a higher cost that one needs to incur. But a company should also be concerned with the long-term environmental goals along with the profitability of the business. In this regard, the FIBC bulk bags are the best option to opt for.

One can tightly pack these bags into bundles due to their shape and weight. Such attributes reduce the shipping cost and the companies. The emissions and fuels required to move the bags from one point to another reduce due to their weight. Hence the carbon footprint of their supply chain experiences a decrease.

These bags have the affordability and recyclability of paper and cardboard. If you speak about strength and durability, it is similar to steel and wood containers. Therefore it is an ideal package solution with the combination of flexibility, strength, weight, and sustainable material. All these aspects reduce environmental waste while improving business sustainability.

Usage of FIBC Bulk Bags

You can use these sustainable bulk bags to package and transport dry and wet products. Especially the food industries can use it to keep their product away from getting damaged. Apart from being environmentally friendly, the sustainable bulk FIBC bags do not contaminate the product.

In short, this product ticks all the right boxes without compromising the environment and factors. Being an ideal packaging solution for businesses and industries, one can opt for such sustainable bags. Why not? After all, sustainability plays a major role in any business strategy.

Sustainable FIBCs by Rishi FIBC Solutions

At Rishi FIBC, you will get various FIBC products, including FIBC liners, food grade FIBC, Pharma grade FIBC, and many more. As we speak about environmentally friendly design, we integrate world-class facilities into our product. Our company has received various accolades due to our transparency and ethical business practices. For any transportation company and food industry, we become the foremost choice.

How to Find the Right FIBC Bag Manufacturer for Your Industry-Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd

How to Find the Right FIBC Bag Manufacturer for Your Industry?

You may have a lot of options, while you look for the right FIBC bag manufacturer for your transportation or food industry. These options can both be local or national. But not all FIBC bag manufacturers are equal. Therefore, you must make fair choices with the below mentioned considerations.

  • Style of Manufacturing

There happen to be various FIBC bags that are manufactured in order to meet the different needs. Some of the few examples of such bags are single loop bags, builder bags, baffle bags, and many more.

Fundamentally these bags would have a similar manufacturing process. But the design would vary slightly according to the suitability and needs of the bags.

Choosing a manufacturer according to the style of bags they produce would benefit you in a long run. Besides, a trusted partnership with the manufacturer would ensure that the needs of the bags are met with quality.

  • Warehousing Capabilities

A quality supplier would always consider the good lead times. Hence warehouse capabilities become essential to every good lead time. Suppliers having dedicated warehousing capabilities can help make your life easier by supplying the product whenever you need it.

On top of that, warehousing allows the supplier to monitor the inventory level to make sure that the bulk bag is in stock. It can help to keep the operation of the business running smoothly. Hence choosing such a supplier would be beneficial for any customer.

  • Certifications and Vital Credentials

The credentials and the certifications are the benchmarks of reputability and reliability. One must look for a manufacturer that offers FIBC bags that adhere to international quality standards. As you search for such service providers, you may come across various manufacturers who claim to have ISO certifications. But before dealing, you must look for the reality as it might be something different.

Choosing a manufacturer that offers customer-friendly and reliable services would ensure affordability, quality, and peace of mind.

  • Pricing

Yet another crucial factor is the affordability of the product. Before choosing the right manufacturer, you must consider this. The cost of the raw material varies from time to time. Therefore one must ask for competitive pricing from the supplier they intend to choose.

  • Dedicated Customer Service

Customer service is imperative in the case of every company that you are dealing with. If the company can offer dedicated customer service, you must immediately choose such a company.

Why choose Rishi FIBC

Rishi FIBC Solutions Private Limited is one of the best FIBC bag manufacturing companies. The integrated facilities offered by our company allow us to create customized solutions that meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing large quantities of FIBC according to the customer’s requirements and needs. We established the highest standards of operation and personal hygiene. We stand by our products. The innovative ability present in our company helps us to set ourselves apart.

Looking for the right FIBC bag manufacturing company, get in touch with us for quality products.

BRCGs Certified FIBCs: An Ideal Packaging Solution for Food Industry

Handling food items or bulk transportation of food-grade products can be the most challenging task for any business. There is a certain risk of spoilage. Oftentimes, such problems and losses are preventable.

The ideal packaging can be a safe solution for such a problem. The incorporation of BRCGs certified FIBC ensures strength, quality, and chemical inertness in such packing bags.

Food Grade FIBCs

These bags are made of 100% virgin polyethylene resins and polypropylene. As these two elements are considered to be safe for food packaging by FDA, therefore, it becomes one of the ideal solutions for every food industry. The other attributes of such bags include:

  • Proper ventilation
  • Hygienic
  • Can carry dry or flowable products
  • Certified for single use
  • Designed for multiple trips under specific conditions

Moreover, FIBC bags having the BRCGs certification must adhere to district manufacturing guidelines set by the British Retail Consulting Global Standards. It is recognized for its safety controls, superior quality, and high operational standards. It also entails that the certified manufacturers of such FIBC bags are legally obliged to offer protection to the customers.

Importance of BRCGs Certified FIBCs

BRCGS Audit-certified company-rishi fibc solutions
The BRCGs certification is imperative for any leading retailer. Especially those who are in the storage or transportation business or agriculture and food products will opt for containers with the BRCGSs certification. Therefore it is mandatory for every FIBCs manufacturer to adhere to the quality control and rigid safety protocol parameters.

If a manufacturing company wants to earn the BRCGs certification, it is imperative to look for safety standards and guidelines. Apart from that, the manufacturing company must pass every other stipulated inspection and test. Besides, the FIBC bags must get produced in hygienic and clean facilities that maintain the following standards:

  • Maintenance of personal hygiene
  • Inducting the best control parameters
  • Installation of metal detectors
  • Ensuring proper ventilation facilities
  • Ensuring lights table inspection
  • Regular and timely record keeping
  • Enrolling in hazard analysis and critical control points program

Benefits of Using BRCGs Certified FIBC Bags

The BRCGs certified bags are designed with safety factors for multiple trip purposes. These bags are also recyclable. Hence you can make a very cost-effective decision with such bulk bags.

Furthermore, due to the use of polypropylene in its making, the bags are durable and strong. Depending on the size and type of the bag, one can serve every packing need of diverse commercial food companies.

Besides, the presence of a top and bottom attachment option makes the bag easy for carrying loads up to 2000 kg.

BRCGs Certified FIBC Bags by Rishi FIBC

At Rishi FIBC, we provide a fully integrated world’s class facility for the BRCGs certified FIBC bags. As you will indulge in our company product, you can expect a higher level of quality added with maximum customer satisfaction. We are the first company in India to get the accolades of BRCGs certification. Due to our ethical business practices and transparency, we are the foremost choice of every food industry and transportation company.