Understanding the QA Testing of an FIBC - Rishi FIBC

Understanding the QA Testing of an FIBC – Rishi FIBC

Bulk bags are renowned for being cost-effective and efficient when it comes to transporting and packaging dry, flowable products, including foodstuff, sand and fertilizer. However, if these bags are not subject to stringent FIBC testing, a manufacturer will not benefit from it. Rishi FIBC Solutions boasts world-class quality testing facilities that ensure each custom FIBC bag is put through rigorous testing to meet and often exceed quality standards.

Quality Control in FIBC Manufacture

Rishi FIBC Solutions has top-of-the-line quality control measures that help us achieve success in the quality of bulk bags. The measures at the production stage focus on ensuring client’s specifications are met. This is especially true for custom FIBC bags.

Rishi FIBC Solutions uses both computerized and manual inspection to check the attributes as well as properties of the FIBC bags, and these are then compared with the specifications listed out by the client. This form of FIBC testing instills confidence in customers who can have peace of mind knowing that their specification requirements will be adhered to at the production stage.

It is important for manufacturers and producers of dry, flowable materials to realize that specifications of FIBC bags are extremely important for seamless production. If specifications are incorrect, it will create problems not just in production but also in FIBC testing.

Rishi FIBC Solutions makes it a point to ascertain dimensional sizes, weight ratings, spout size, and electrostatic requirements to ensure custom FIBC bags meet the client’s requirements. And, with stringent and rigorous quality control standards in place, there are inspection points at different stages of the manufacturing process, right from measuring quality of raw materials to performing tensile strength test on the fabric and lifting loops, UV testing and counting the stitches per inch along the seams. This form of quality testing ensures FIBC bags, including custom FIBC bags, fall within the quality standards maintained by Rishi FIBC Solutions.

Quality Assurance for Peace of Mind

Rishi FIBC Solutions has quality assurance standards that extend through the entire supply chain. This offers confidence that each time a client places orders, the specifications will be met and any potential issues with quality will be averted.

Rishi FIBC Solutions uses defined metrics to ensure there are no defects and clients get superior quality FIBC bags. Quality assurance also allows Rishi to improve its processes and this minimizes the chances of defects occurring.

When it comes to FIBC testing and manufacturing of custom FIBC, Rishi FIBC Solutions is synonymous with quality. It has numerous quality certifications and has an air-tight quality control system in place that ensures production of superior quality FIBCs every time and anytime. You will realize that quality control is integral part of our business, right from the development stage to sales and delivery.

Guidelines for Food Grade FIBC

Guidelines for Food Grade FIBC

Food-grade FIBCs are utilized for packaging and transporting a wide range of food items, right from sugar, grains, and powders to much more. This method of packaging and transporting foodstuff is not only cost-effective, but it also allows food manufacturers to transport their produce in semi-bulk form. As a result, the packaging is not very heavy and it ensures seamless transportation.

Rishi FIBC Solutions is a leader in manufacturing food-grade FIBCs and follows international standards in production to ensure quality and safety.

Customized Food Grade FIBC

Rishi FIBC Solutions has stringent manufacturing and quality control processes, but the uniqueness of the company lies in offering customized packaging solutions to its customers. This means when you order food-grade FIBCs, the dimensions and capacity of the FIBC bags will be customized to your requirements. These bags will fit seamlessly into filling spouts and come with bespoke discharging features that make it very convenient to handle and transport them.

Hygiene Standards in Manufacturing

When it comes to food-grade FIBC, it is imperative that optimal hygiene is maintained not only while manufacturing, but also when the food is being packed. Rishi FIBC Solutions is an ISO-certified company and this ensures world-class hygiene standards during the production process. As a result, there are minimal chances of contamination during production.

Furthermore, the FIBC bags come with food-grade liners, and this ensures there is no chance of contamination during packaging and transportation. To further give customers peace of mind, Rishi FIBC Solutions offers stretch hoods and pallet shrink wrap. This additional protection prevents impurities, like dust, from entering into the food grade FIBC bags during transportation or delivery.

Quality Control Measures

A reputable and reliable FIBC manufacturer like Rishi FIBC Solutions adopts multi-pronged quality control measures. While stringent quality control is part of the manufacturing process, there should be ways to ensure quality even after the manufacturing process. Rishi FIBC Solutions puts every single customized food-grade FIBC bag through quality inspection to ensure there are no defects in the bag. Once the bags meet Rishi’s quality levels, the order is delivered to customers.

The Bottom Line

Compared to other forms of bulk packaging food-grade FIBC is inexpensive and effect way to package and transport foodstuff. This specialized bag ensures long shelf life of foodstuff, ensure no moisture or oxygen enters into the bag to spoil the packaged foodstuff and makes handling relatively easy. Hence, foodstuff manufacturers should look at food-grade FIBC bags to meet their packaging and transporting requirements. And, the fact that these bags can be customized to meet the needs of the food manufacturers, it makes food grade bulk bags an indispensible product.

Contact Rishi FIBC Solutions today to learn more about food-grade FIBC bags and how they can help you improve packaging and transportation of perishable and non-perishable foodstuff.

Uses of Conductive FIBC

Uses of Conductive FIBC

Conductive bulk bags, also known as conductive FIBC and groundable bulk bags, are made from conductive polypropylene material that is interwoven with conductive yarn. This forms a grid around the FIBC bag to eliminate the possibility of electrostatic charge. However, it is necessary to ground the bag while filling or emptying out Type C FIBC bag. This will ensure safe usage and optimal performance of the bag.

When Do Companies Use Conductive FIBC Bags?

In several industries, when there is quick filling and emptying of materials from FIBC bags, it causes electrostatic energy to build up in the inner walls of the FIBC bags. As a result, the electrostatic charge also builds up on the surface of the material that is in contact with the bag wall. This charge buildup is hazardous, as it could ignite or result in combustion if there is inflammable material in the bag or in the area surrounding the content. To prevent a fire hazard, companies that transport or store inflammable materials tend to favor conductive bulk bags.

Uses of Conductive FIBC

The main usage of Type C FIBC is in industries where the atmosphere contains inflammable and explosive content. This means it finds ubiquitous use in fertilizer, chemical and agro industries where inflammable and combustible materials are used in practically all manufacturing processes.

Type C FIBC bags are also an indispensible way to transport flammable powders. The bags ensure that the powder is kept safe from combustion and facilitate safe transportation even if flammable gases and solvents are present in or around the bags.

Since it is necessary to ground the bags before each use, be it while filling or emptying out the bag, conductive FIBC comes with conductive loops that connect to a hoist system to ensure electrostatic charges can safely pass to ground. This allows industries to use conductive bulk bags in environments that contain combustible dust, inflammable gases and vapors that have ignition energy that is equal or more than 0.14mJ.

Finding the Best Quality Conductive Bulk Bags

Industries that require Type C FIBC bags for transportation or storage of inflammable powders can rely on Rishi FIBC Solutions to meet their FIBC needs. The company has internationally acceptable quality standards. This gives assurance of safety. Furthermore, Rishi FIBC Solutions has the ability to custom make FIBC Type C bags based on the need of the customer. This bespoke manufacturing of superior quality, reliable and safe conductive bulk bags allow each company to meet its individual transportation and storage requirement.

So, get in touch with Rishi FIBC Solutions today for customized Type C bags of high-quality. The company offers a wide range of FIBC bags, including Type C bags, to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

Click Here for more information about Conductive FIBC Bags.

Custom FIBC Bulk Bags for Shipping and Storing of Goods - Rishi FIBC

Custom FIBC Bulk Bags for Shipping and Storing of Goods

Today, the world is globalized, and businesses have expanded to cover markets in other parts of the world. Industrial companies that send their goods to the far reaches of the globe are constantly looking to improve their logistics. Rishi FIBC has the perfect solution for them. The FIBC bulk bags manufactured by Rishi FIBC offer a cost-effective and secure method to transport goods.

Designing FIBC for Shipping and Storing

Rishi FIBC Solutions is always striving for superior quality, hygiene and efficiency. Rishi FIBC R&D Department has the distinction of being one of the best in the industry. The R&D personnel are constantly looking for ways and means to improve the quality and efficiency of the FIBC bulk bags to meet customer’s needs.

Customized Solutions for Shipping and Storage

Industrial companies that are looking to transport their goods in an efficient and safe manner can rely on Rishi FIBC Solutions. The custom FIBC bags manufactured by Rishi FIBC are bespoke bags that are manufactured based on the requirements of the customer. The company’s R&D department has mastered the art of customizing FIBC based on various parameters, including material and inlet and outlet. This allows Rishi FIBC’s manufacturing unit to create secure and safe FIBC for shipping and storing.

The custom FIBC bags by Rishi FIBC can be used for shipping and storing chemicals, petrochemical products, dry food products, construction materials, and agriculture-related products. With varying load capacities, ranging from 500kg to 2,000kg, the FIBC for shipping and storing can be used multiple times or for single use. Based on the customer’s requirement and usage, Rishi FIBC has the technology and know-how to provide additional protection to prevent entry of moisture into the FIBC bulk bags. This can be done by way of LDPE inner liner.

Meeting Transporting and Storage Needs

Rishi FIBC manufactures custom FIBC bulk bags using polypropylene woven fabrics. The fabrics are stabilized and hence, do not degrade when exposed to ultraviolet rays for extended periods of time.

In the world of shipping and storage, where goods are often left outside without any protection, FIBC bulk bags offer the protection that the manufactured goods require and make it easy and convenient to transport the goods to any part of the world without damage.

The Bottom Line

A company that requires customized transport and storage solutions for manufactured goods will benefit tremendously from the expertise and know-how of Rishi FIBC R&D Department. As one of the leading R&D departments in the industry, Rishi FIBC R&D Department is constantly striving for excellence and offer industrial companies custom-made FIBC for shipping and storing. These FIBC bulk bags ensure efficiency without compromising or affecting the goods in any manner.

Inspecting the Condition of Your FIBC Bags - Rishi FIBC

Inspecting the Condition of Your FIBC Bags

FIBC bags are a blessing in disguise when it comes to transporting bulk goods of all kinds to and from places. After all, the way a product is packaged determines how well it will be of use in the future. As the packaging industry continues to improvise with age, it constantly seeks to inform its users about the safety precautions that need to be taken. One such area is checking whether your FIBC jumbo bag is in a proper functioning condition.

Once your FIBC jumbo bag manufacturer presents you with a big bag, you need to properly maintain it. In order to prevent any disturbance that takes place in the transportation procedure, here are a few signs that you need to be on the lookout for so that smooth operation of your FIBC bags is not curtailed.

Check for Structural Damage of FIBC

Just like everything else in the world, FIBC bags too work best when all its parts are in proper functioning condition. Careful checkups of the exterior surface of your big bag need to be conducted at regular intervals. If you happen to notice any broken part or damage such as wear and tear of the bag due to continuous use, make sure you repair or replace your FIBC as soon as possible, so that delivery is not delayed.

Pay Attention to the Sprouts while Loading/Unloading

While transporting bulk goods to and from places is the basic driving force of a FIBC, proper care and concern needs to be taken while loading and unloading items as well. It is, therefore, imperative to understand the nuances of how sprouts work and the kind that is used to drop off items.

Condition of Elevation Loops Used

Every FIBC or big bag consists of integrated elevation loops. While many may not know about its importance, it is very essential in the transporting process. The loops that are used for lifting the FIBC ensure that you do not require any additional transport or external handling device to load and unload bulk items. Since the FIBC jumbo bags do not need pallets to move, store and handle goods, proper care needs to be taken of the loops to ensure they are working to their optimum capacity.

Added Accessories in the Bag

Since the big bags can be customized based on the packaging requirements of the goods, they also comprise of added accessories in the bag. Hence, it is very important to educate yourself on the use of these accessories as and when you need to apply them to practical use.

These are some of the many integral symptoms you need to be on the lookout for so that you can safely handle any trouble or disturbance well in advance before it affects the transporting of your package goods.

If you do happen to notice one or more of these signs that could spell trouble, we, at Rishi FIBC, are happy to be of service to you. We will specially cater to your needs and manufacture FIBC bags that are customized to suit the requirements of your business.

For more information visit: www.rishifibc.com

Start Using FIBC Bags For Transporting Goods

5 Reasons You Need To Start Using FIBC Bags For Transporting Goods

It is the cycles of demand and supply that continue to make the world economy go round. The logistics involved between manufacturing a product and distributing it make up the supply chain. When a product goes through the many stages of the supply chain, normal wear and tear can destroy it. Therefore, special care needs to be taken while packaging a product, so that, no matter the hurdles in the transportation process, your end product is safe and sound.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs/Big Bags) are a tried and tested method used to package a product since the 1940s. Made using PVC, FIBC jumbo bag earlier used to transport black carbon, oil and other chemicals while slowly gaining humongous popularity for moving any material in bulk. Over time its fame has only increased by the ton, as not only is it used voraciously but also proves to very malleable based on what your requirements are.

So if you are thinking of ways that will facilitate better protection of your transported goods, here are top five reasons why you should opt for the FIBC bag:

  1. Adaptability is its Forte

Based on the size of the packaging you require, FIBC bags are able to adapt accordingly. High on versatility, it can be tailor made to pack all kinds of items besides the standard models that are available in bulk. The big bags come with a document pocket so that you are able to store documents that come with the item. Acting as a promotional tool to the product that they help transport, FIBC, using the four color printing process, provides information about the item thus promoting the brand of the company in the bargain.

  1. Swifter Packing of Materials

Owing to highly specialized technology involved, the bags facilitate filling and unloading products at a swifter pace. Thus they are able to achieve much more in a limited amount of time. The technologically advanced machines involved in the packaging process speeds up the filling and emptying procedure.

  1. Non-Hazardous to Environment

With a view to keep environment degradation under control, FIBC bags are reusable and recyclable in nature. Hence the big bags play their role to conserve ecology by keeping international regulations for packaging wastes at top priority.

  1. Resourceful in Nature

FIBC bags are easy on the budget. The stackable container weighs next to nothing and is perfectly damage proof. You will not require an alternative or secondary packaging as you can be certain that once you place your trust in them the big bags will not let you down.

  1. Faster Speed in Transportation

The bags help to transport items at a faster pace as the integrated elevation loops move up to 1.000 times in weight. It does not require any kind of loading unit and the United Nation’s rule of transporting dangerous good safely is taken care of.

Rishi FIBC is the preferred FIBC jumbo bag manufacturer in the industry today. Our bulk bags are recyclable and can be used in the packing of all kinds of materials be it agricultural, chemical or food. They can be easily transported, stored and handled and can be custom-made to suit your packaging requirements. The packaging itself is lightweight and when the bag is empty it can be folded up for use whenever required.

So no matter what your need, Rishi FIBC should be first and last choice when it comes to reliable FIBC manufacturer and exporter in India. We have your packaging needs covered so that you never have to worry about the hurdles of transportation ever again!

Top Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India - Rishi FIBC

Top Jumbo Bag Manufacturers in India – Rishi FIBC

Bulk bags are essential when you need to carry or transport bulk products over a certain distance or for storage. Known for being durable, they are seen as a safe, economical and easier alternative to rigid packaging. Whether it is cement, sand, food grains or other products that need to be transported, these jumbo bags are apt for the situation. This is why you need a jumbo bag manufacturer that will provide you with bags that suit your requirements. This is where Rishi FIBC Solutions comes in.

Known for making quality jumbo bags, Rishi FIBC always ensures that its FIBC bags meet the food and pharma standards. Having two facilities in India, namely in Vadodara and Mysore, Rishi FIBC is already recognized as the top jumbo bag manufacturers in India. This is because the company is able to produce large quantities of industrial FIBC that suit the needs of the clients and ensures that the bags conform to international quality standards. Already producing about 5 million FIBC per year, Rishi FIBC expects this number to soar much higher in the coming years.

What Do We Have to Offer?

We have a wide range of products to offer, right form big bags, to conical, tubular, coated, 4-panel, U-panel, food grade and pharma grade bags which are UN Certified. Apart from this, if you want to transport items that may conduct static along the way, we also provide Conductive Type C FIBC and Dissipative Type D FIBC and a whole lot more. Thus, our complete product range coupled with good hygiene standards makes us a respected name in the field of jumbo bag production.

Our bags are usually made of polypropylene fabric that is stabilised against sunlight and will thus not have any negative impact on the quality of the jumbo bags when they come in contact with sunlight. All our bags meet the required Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and are thus trustworthy and reliable.

Rishi FIBC strives to provide clients with top quality jumbo bags that will suit their transportation or storing needs. At the same time, they possess the competency to create complex food and pharma grade bags that will ensure that your food products remain safe from moisture, sunlight and oxygen and will not be affected by contamination of any sort in transit.

The jumbo bags that we offer have a holding capacity of half to two tons which helps to make the storing, packaging and handling of bulk goods easier than before. Although we supply jumbo bags of standard sizes, we also provide customized bag options to customers across the globe. Our jumbo bags are known for having the minimal package to product weight ratio that is similar to that of an intermediate industrial container. At Rishi FIBC Solutions, we have the ability to meet the growing demand of today’s industry by offering a wide range of flexible packaging solutions.

When you come to Rishi FIBC, you can always expect reliability and quality that is unmatched in the industry. We provide cost-effective and economical packaging alternatives to people and this is why we have been recognised as the best jumbo bag manufacturers in India.

Jumbo Bag for Storing and Transporting Your Product

How to Select the Perfect Jumbo Bag for Storing and Transporting Your Product – Rishi FIBC

Bulk Bags, also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, are inexpensive storage containers that make it easy to transport bulk materials from one place to another. Given that there are different types and sizes of FIBCs available, finding the right one may not always be as easy as you think. However, when you manage to get the right bag to transport or store your products, filling and discharging the material will be easier, allowing it to operate more efficiently. Here are a few things you should focus on when selecting the right Jumbo Bag for your business.

Find an Apt Bag Size

Finding out a bag’s base width is very important to ensure that the bag fits into your carrier. Once you have determined the base width of the bag you will be able to tell if it will press fit into the carrier or truck trailer. So always check the base bag size before ordering the bag to prevent problems later on.

Ensure the bag has Strong Lifting Loops

The jumbo bag application will play a big role in finding the right bag for you. While jumbo bags have lifting loops at the top four corners, they may also cross the corners of the bag. So you should always check to ensure that the loops are strong enough to hold the weight of the filled bags. While ten-inch loops are the normal choice, the 12-inch ones make it easier for forklifts to carry the bags. Some of these bags also come with pop-up loops as they make it easier to fit the fork tines into them.

Should have the right discharge outlet

Depending on the material you wish to transport or store, you need to ensure that the discharge outlet of your jumbo bag is large enough to facilitate the smooth discharge of the material. While normal outlet spouts have a diameter of around 14 inches, check to make sure it is long enough to be tied off when transporting. However, care needs to be taken here because if the outlet is too long, it could get caught in the discharger’s feed system.

Select the right liners

Different types of liners are used for different jumbo bag applications. However, they are immensely useful in keeping the contents of the bag safe from moisture and free from contamination. The liners that are made of linear-blend polyethylene are stronger and less likely to shred if they need to be cut while discharging the items. You can safely contain materials having a temperature of less than 80°F. If you are transporting items that are over 85°F in temperature, you will need to opt for high-temperature liners.

Selecting the right bags will certainly help make the packaging and supplying system a whole lot easier and efficient. You need to pick a bag that fits your exact needs as this will reduce the cost of labour as well as the waste material generated. For picking the right bag, you need to make sure the above factors are in place. At Rishi FIBC, we help you check all these things when you place your order for a jumbo bag, and help you pick the right one.

Types of FIBC Liners-Rishi FIBC Solutions

FIBC Liners Explained – Rishi FIBC

Given that the market is permeated by dry bulk goods coming in and out of it every moment, the need for bulk bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) has increased drastically. Due to their flexibility, people tend to re-use these bags for long periods of time. This may not always be smart as many a times, being made of polypropylene woven fabric, they decline in quality after constant exposure to sunlight. However, they are very useful in transporting bulk cargo in a safe and hygienic fashion. More importantly, if you get your hands on a good quality FIBCs having good FIBC Liners, these will require minimal handling, last longer and will prevent your product from getting contaminated.

Types of FIBC Liners

Liners for FIBC are sometimes inserted loosely or in other instances, they may be directly attached to the bag. Depending on what you need the containers for; there are different types of FIBC Liners that are utilized for different applications.

  • Form-fit FIBC Liners – As the name suggests, these liners work by taking the exact shape of the FIBC. They are made of polyethylene and the fact that they can adjust themselves to the exact shape of the FIBC, including of the spouts, provides easier filling and discharging of the product they are carrying. The best part is that these liners can be easily removed from the FIBC or left there permanently. Apart from that, to improve sanitation and enhance protection, it is possible to heat-seal the spouts of the containers. Not only are these liners strong but they are also known to be chemical resistant and have moisture/ oxygen barriers along with anti-static properties. Thereby ensuring that the product remains completely safe and pure.

  • Lay-flat FIBC Liners –These polyethylene liners are cylindrical in shape and have no spouts. They are generally open at the top and sealed at the bottom. Despite the fact that they don’t have discharge outlets, they are a popular design for FIBCs. One end of these containers may sometimes be heat sealed. So if you need a product that requires such an arrangement, these tubular liners are the best for the task.

  • Food-grade Liners – Naturally, this would be the best option if you are looking to transport food containers. The reason being, these liners are designed for the sole purpose of keeping food items fresh and free from contamination. Made of FDA- approved materials, you can trust that these containers will get your food safely to its location.

  • Conductive Liners – Apart from these types of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container liners, in order to safely transport items that are likely to be subjected to a static build-up, you can also get your hands on conductive liners, also called L1 liners. Conductive FIBC Liners are of three types. The Type L1 Liner, which is made of polypropylene, has a conductive film around it. The Type L2 Liner, which is well-known for its anti-static film, is made up of a polyethylene film while the third type, which is the Type L3 Liner, is solely made up of a polyethylene film.

So depending on the type of products you would like to transport, you can easily get your hands on the right FIBC. Rishi FIBC has top-grade FIBC Liners for all kinds of storage and transportation needs.

Standard FIBC Bag and Baffle FIBC Bag - Rishi

Difference Between Standard FIBC Bag & Baffle FIBC Bag

Jumbo bags or Bulk bags are known in the industry as FIBCs or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. They are also commonly known as ‘bulk sacks’ and ‘big bags’. They are generally able to carry approximately a 1000 times their own weight! These bags are very large in size and are generally shaped like drums or boxes. Most of these bags are UV stabilized and are produced from highly durable polypropylene material.

What are Standard FIBC Bags?

Standard FIBC bags generally have regular dimensions of ½ cubic meter, 1/3 cubic meter and 1 cubic meter. Standard dimensions generally are 65x65x75 cm, 80x80x80 cm and 90x90x110 cm. They usually come with different types of loops such as cross-corner loops, slings and standard loops.

When filled to capacity, Standard FIBC bags tend to become a little pear shaped because their contents don’t stay in place very easily unlike Baffle FIBC bags. The sides of these standard FIBCs are all sewn and they come in many different fabrics, sizes, loops, styles, tops and bottoms. They are widely used in the industry for transporting a number of different types of materials. (For more information about FIBC Bags visit: https://www.rishifibc.com/fibc-products/fibc-bags.html)

What are Baffle FIBC Bags?

Baffle bags are a type of Bulk bag or Jumbo bag and belong to the FIBC category. They are perfect option if you’re operating under the burden of limited space for storage of these FIBC bags.

Baffle FIBC bags have baffles in the corners which basically help the bags to retain their cubic shape once filled with material. They keep the bulk bag square shaped and stop them from bulging. Also, the strong outer layer of the bag protects it from being punctured and causing the material to leak out. They cut down on storage space and also transportation costs get reduced by up to 30% as compared to standard FIBCs bags. Baffle bags are mainly used for the storage and transportation of barley, corn and soybean.

What are the significant differences between the two?

  • Baffle bags get stacked neater:Standard FIBC bags tend to bulge once they are filled to capacity with the materials to be transported. They can be stacked but depending on the contents, it’s not always a neat process. Baffle bags have baffles which are basically panels of fabric on each side of the bag which do not allow it to get out of shape even when full. Hence, Baffle FIBC bags are much more stable and firmer, and get stacked very neatly.
  • Baffle bags stay in shape:Baffle FIBC bags have internal panels of fabric called ‘baffles’ which are attached to each side of the bag with stitches. These baffles ensure that the bags stay in their cubic shape even when they are filled to maximum capacity unlike standard FIBCs.
  • Baffle FIBCs save space:Since, these bags retain their shape even when full and are perfect for stacking while storing and transporting materials, they are more compact than their counterparts. Hence, they are often preferred over Standard FIBC bags.
  • Both Baffle and Standard FIBCs are used for different materials:A standard FIBC bag which is filled to capacity with material to be stored or transported tends to bulge a lot. This does not act as much of a disadvantage when it comes to certain materials like gravel and sand. Baffle FIBC bags are generally made use of to store and transport fine materials like pharmaceuticals and flour. These bags do not bulge and stand erect which makes them look neater and more organized when stacked. This also makes them easier to handle than Standard FIBC bags.

Contact Rishi FIBC today to meet your FIBC bag requirements. The company has standard FIBC bags as well as Baffle FIBCs that conform to bulk bag performance standards. You can send an inquiry online at- https://www.rishifibc.com/jumbo-bag-manufacturer-in-india.html