FIBC Bulk Bag Safe Handling Guide-Rishi FIBC Solutions

FIBC Bulk Bag Safe Handling Guide

The FIBC bulk bags have become one of the most popular options for transporting a wide array of products in different industries. The popularity of these bulk bags is because of the huge benefits so offered them. Now, for getting the most out of these FIBC bulk bags, it is of immense importance to follow the safe handling measures. To make it easier for the users to understand, here we have listed a few safety handling guidelines.

Choose the Right FIBC Bulk Bag

The first thing to consider for safe handling of the FIBC bags is to choose the right bag. There are different types of FIBC bulk bags available that are made up of different materials. So, before using the users should make sure to choose the right bag as per the material to be transported. It is to be kept in mind the chosen bulk bag is compatible with the material to be transported for complete safety.

Using Undamaged Bags

At the time of handling FIBC bulk bags, it is of immense importance to check that the bags are free from any kind of damage. The use of damaged bags can result in safety issues and hence it needs to be avoided at any cost.

Using All Lift Loops While Suspending

When you are suspending the FIBC bulk bags, it is to be kept in mind that each of the loops should be used for best results. The bulk bags come with loops that are strategically placed for ensuring convenience at the time of lifting. It is always recommended to use each of the loops of the bulk bags, failing to do which might result in bag failure as well as material leakage.

Filling in Compatible Products

To ensure safe handling of the bags, it is to be made sure that the bulk bags are filled with compatible products only. Filling in incompatible products can not only result in safety issues but also the inner contents can be damaged.

Storing and Emptying Should be Done a Clean, Covered Area

At the time of filling in the bulk bags and emptying them, care needs to be taken to see that it is done in a clean and covered area. It is essential to check whether the area has any sharp objects or contaminants that can hamper the safety of the bags as well as their inner contents. Storing and emptying of bags should done in covered areas without direct exposure to the sun for enhancing and durability of the bags.

For all other details about safe handling of the FIBC bulk bags, the users should get in touch with their manufactures and follow their safety guidelines. Strictly following all the safety measures would ensure that the bulk bags are safely handled and the best results are obtained.

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How Can Rishi FIBC Help?

Rishi FIBC takes pride in being a premier FIBC bulk bags manufacturer by providing the users with the supreme quality bulk bags to take care of their requirements. With several years of experience and expertise, Rishi FIBC has emerged as one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable FIBC bulk bag manufacturers. For any kind of FIBC bulk bag requirements, the users can contact Rishi FIBC for getting the most appropriate solutions.

Advantages of Using FIBC Bags for Pharmaceutical Companies-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Advantages of Using FIBC Bags for Pharmaceutical Companies

The pharmaceutical companies need to transport a number of different types of chemicals. The transportation requires some containers or bags for the effective completion of the task. In this regard, the FIBC bags are undoubtedly one of the most suitable options for transporting different chemicals and medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. The FIBC bags have become quite popular in recent times especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The popularity of these types of bags can be very well understood from their increasing use. Moreover, there are a number of advantages of using FIBC bags for the pharmaceutical industry that are as listed below.

Highest Safety Standards

Transportation in pharmaceutical industry requires high level of safety to make sure that there is no contamination of any sort. Contamination of any kind can lead to damaging of the entire inner contents. This, in turn, results in monetary loss as well. In this regard, the FIBC bags are one of the best options that maintains the highest safety standards without any possibility of contamination, thereby highly beneficial.

Extremely Versatile in Nature

The FIBC bags are extremely versatile in nature and owing to their fantastic versatility, these bags are of great benefit to be used in the pharmaceutical industry. The FIBC bags can be used to transport different medicines, and chemical products without any kind of problems.

Air Tight

The FIBC bags happen to be air tight in nature and hence they do not allow air to come in contact with the inner contents. Therefore, the inner contents remain intact without any compromise in their quality.

Chemically Inert

The FIBC bags are chemically inert and hence they do not react with the inner contents of the bag. It is precisely the reason as to why the pharmaceutical companies can transport different types of chemicals and medicines without any problems. The FIBC bags being inert or chemically non reactive keeps the inner contents completely safe and intact.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

If you are looking forward to the premium quality FIBC bags for the pharmaceutical industry, then no other option would be as good as Rishi FIBC in this regard. Rishi FIBC is one of the leading manufacturers of FIBC bags that adheres to all specified standards so that none of the users can get even a single chance to complain. So, for all your FIBC bag requirements for the pharmaceutical industry, all you need to do is to get in touch with our team of experts at Rishi FIBC for getting the best solutions in this regard.

Benefits Of Using BOPP Bags In The Food Industry-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Benefits Of Using BOPP Bags In The Food Industry

BOPP sacks, short for biaxially oriented polypropylene sacks, are ideal bulk storage bags for a number of products, especially food-grade products. Available in a density of three to four layers, with sizes that can carry five to 75 kilos of the packed product.

These bags are capable of featuring high-quality photographic printing that makes them even more desirable as a packaging option for the food industry. The multi-colored printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags are manufactured using superior quality raw material adding an aesthetic value to your product with the numerous possibilities of making it attractive.

Among the many benefits of using BOPP bags for food items, here are the major ones:

Safe for direct food contact, BOPP bags can be used without any hazards to store food products like cereals, pulses, rice, seeds, bird/animal feed, charcoal, grass, and other dry ingredients.

Durability and strength due to the strong inner layer make BOPP bags guards it against tears and rips, unlike paper and polythene bags. It is perfect for transporting the product by courier due to its food-grade woven polypropylene material that offers maximum strength and protection.

The quick, easy access and automatic filling lines are ideal for accessing the product inside. Plastic handles for five to 10 kilos of packed product and sewn bottoms are another feature that can be incorporated into BOPP bags for better handling and usage.

Better product visibility is offered by leaving transparent areas on the font or reverse sides of the bag, both in the three- and four-layer bags without compromising on the quality of the bags. This allows the customer to see the product while being untouched and safely contained in the BOPP sack.

The visual appeal of BOPP bags can effectively brand your product with the highest photographic quality of printing. As many as eight colors can be incorporated in the creative to be printed on the bag. Also, high-quality inks are used to print the bags and these are also approved with the FDA. There is an option of having a matt or gloss finish to your BOPP bags as per your requirements in both, three-layer and four-layer varieties. Two kinds of engravings namely, Electronic engraving and Chemical engraving, can be done on it as per the design and the nature of the product.

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Attractive, durable, and safe, the BOPP bags have so many added features that make them a preferred option for bulk product packaging. At Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd, we manufacture BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags of international standards, integrating the best available technology, quality, and hygiene in our finished products. Get in touch with our team to know more about our product offerings.

Container Liners for Wet Hide Transport-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Container Liners for Wet Hide Transport

The most effective form of transporting bulk goods these days is by maritime shipping. The Network of Transport and the Environment claims that it is one of the most carbon-efficient forms of transporting goods as compared to road, rail, and air. And for maritime shipping of bulk cargos, the most ideal packing method is by using Container Liners.

Container Liners are a cost-effective solution when it comes to bulk packing. A clean and dry shield between the product and the interior of the container protects it from spillage, environmental effects on the product, keeping them top-quality and free of contamination. They offer maximum payload leaving minimum residue after discharge. They are also easy to install, load, and discharge with minimal handling. Since a new liner is used every time there is no extra cost attached to repair, cleaning, or multiple trips.

There are various kinds of liners with specific uses as per the product category it is used for. One of them is a Wet Hide Liner. It is a normal liner coated additionally with polyethylene. This extra protective layer prevents and reduces leakages from the container. These containers are ideal for transporting hides and other unpleasant and caustic items. Wet Hide Liners come without a roof cover and therefore they tend to be low-cost. Besides the time taken for cleaning them, they also save a lot of time when it comes to reusing the containers, especially given the nature of products that they carry.

Approximately 7 million tons of raw hides are generated for the production of leather around the world. These hides are processed and transported globally until they end up as finished leather. However, the cargo of hides or skins in the usual containers can create a lot of problems. Containers that have not been specifically put together as per this particular product’s requirement can lead to leakage of corrosive brine during transport, further contaminating its surroundings and raising a strong stench that can lead to the potential health risk from bacterial infections.

Hence it becomes imperative that these Wet Hides are properly packed and transported in containers that are customized especially for their carriage. Our Wet Hide Liners ensure the best solution for this requirement.

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We at Rishi FIBC Solutions (P) Ltd design, produce, and offer support for the installation of a range of liners. From 20 ft, 30ft, 40ft, 53ft, to customized solutions as per the specific requirement of the product and user, we offer the best solutions possible for your bulk cargo packaging needs. Our clientele includes industries like Hides, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Powders of all kinds, Food Grains, and more. Our liners are made of virgin raw materials and can be recycled, making them an environment-friendly option.

Rishi FIBC Solutions (P) Ltd. is a leading Container Liner and FIBC manufacturer bringing you products with world-class quality in sync with your product requirements. To know more about our innovative solutions, please get in touch with our team.

Why does your business need BOPP bags?

Why Does Your Business Need BOPP Bags?

If you are a business owner, you probably look for ways that make your daily operations smoother and slicker. And if you are a manufacturer or supplier of products, you are most likely to benefit from packaging material that is both durable and reliable. Like the BOPP bag, for example.

What is a BOPP Bag?

The full form of BOPP is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene. It is a specific material used for packaging that makes it preferred for its durability. A BOPP bag is essentially a sack that is woven and laminated, manufactured using organic materials. Due to the high-quality materials used in its manufacture, a BOPP bag is tremendously durable.

The multiple layers of these bags allow the shipping of heavy materials. Multiple layers don’t pose an issue since they’re thin but highly durable. Companies can use these bags for packaging and shipping many kinds of products. It is ideal for the shipping of heavy materials since these bags are made from multiple layers that are thin yet extremely durable.

These bags are usually easy to design and advertise business brands. A reverse printing process is used here. Multi-colored films are inserted into cylinders, and then the bag gets laminated with fabrics that are woven, cut, and tailored according to the customer’s specifications. There is a choice of using multiple colors to create customized bags. The bags print in a machine called an engraved cylinder which does the branding and graphic design on the bags.

Difference Between a Woven Bag and a BOPP Bag

A Woven Bag is not as durable as a BOPP Bag majorly because the material used to make Woven Bags are not as superior as those used for making BOPP Bags. This makes printing on Woven Bags difficult since the material is not durable enough to hold the printing and laminating process.

BOPP Bags are much stronger and last longer. Due to the properties of polypropylene in it, these bags are excellent in providing a barrier against water, grease, oils, and other liquids which also prevents a lot of wastage.

BOPP Bags give you an edge over other bags because they are:

  • Scratch, rip, and water-resistant.
  • Best suited for both, hot and cold products.
  • They come with convenient handles and are easy to transport.
  • And last but not least, they are recyclable.

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Usage of BOPP Bags

There are many ways that BOPP bags can be used across businesses. While it is extensively used in the Food and Beverage industry, you can also use BOPP Bags to your advantage if you have one or more of the following businesses:

  • Pet and Animal feed
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Chemicals and Resins
  • Construction materials
  • Food packaging products 
  • Grasses and Seed
  • And much more

Advantages of BOPP Bag 

One of the practical advantages of using a BOPP Bag is that the high-shine finish of the bag makes it easier to clean if it gets dirty. Also, the manufacture of these bags is quite cost-effective and they can be customized in the sizes and appearance, as required.

However, the best part of using a BOPP bag for your business besides their durability is that they can be custom-designed to effectively reflect your brand identity. The high-quality of packaging, both in terms of visual appeal and strength of the materials, allows you to create a unique niche for your brand, thereby attracting more customers.

Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provides world-class quality of  BOPP Bags that can take your product packaging to the next level altogether. With so many advantages of using BOPP Bags, your business can surely benefit from using them in ways unique to your product or business. Get in touch with our team with your requirements to learn more.

Industrial Application of FIBC Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Industrial Application of FIBC Bags

Flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), or bulk bags, are great for transporting dry products in bulk like ash, sand, or flour. There are quite a lot of unique advantages that bulk bags provide. They can be easily lifted by machines, folded and stored, and also used as storage receptacles. A few of them also provide safety features for reducing antistatic shock and increased employee safety. Unmatched in their package-to-product-weight ratio, a metric ton of product can be shipped in a bag that weighs not more than five to seven pounds.

Bulk bags have different uses across a variety of industries. Each type of bulk bag has specific features that cater to the requirement of different industries and their products.

Let’s see how specific benefits of bulk bags offer each industry in their own way.

Reliable Quality of Seams, Linings, and Closable Spouts

Some of the products come in powder form, like chemical, agricultural, and mining products. There is a need to transport them in a way that the powders don’t leak or blow away. The Siftproof seams, Liners that coat the entire inner surface in a Bulk bag, and Closable spouts, ensure that the finest of powders are contained well.

Chemical industries tend to have to use products that can be hazardous. Bulk bags come in a variety of options for carrying these hazardous materials and also reducing the risk of static shock. As per their rating, bags of B to D range offer different forms of protection depending on the specific requirement of each industry’s product.

Electrostatic Control

Some hazardous products like petroleum products often build up static charges that expose a serious risk to the employees who handle these bags. Thankfully, there are bulk bags from B to D range offering a different level of protection that is product-specific. Bulk bag of type A does not offer any protection, while type B bags although are not antistatic, can safely transport dry inflammable materials. Type C and D bags are the ones that are designed specifically to offer antistatic protection to workers.

Food-grade Quality

Unless specific to the industry using it, not all bulk bags are of FDA food-grade quality. However, those that offer that kind of quality are of great use to the food-processing industry. These food-grade FIBC bags are perfect for transporting the food-products effectively making sure that they reach their destination safely while remaining fresh, tasty, and free of chemical contamination.

A lot of agricultural products are to be used in livestock feed, animal food, or for human consumption, so it is imperative that they are stored and transported in chemical-free bags. Being certified as safe and stress-free for the transport of food products, bulk bags are quite useful in this particular industry.

Stringent Standards

In the case of chemical industries, strict standards are adhered to when it comes to how pharmaceutical products need to be stored and transported. Bulk bags are certified to offer a safe and convenient method of shipping these products.

Just like chemical products, paints, and color additives also contain toxic chemicals. Bulk bags that are sturdy offer them protection and minimizes employee contact with these harmful chemicals and fumes.

Sturdy Construction

Some products that are shipped are quite heavy-duty, for instance, chemicals, paint products, construction products, metals, and minerals derived from mining. These products require the superior quality of durability to avoid leaks, tears, environmental contamination, and spoilage. Heavy-duty bulk bags that are reinforced and certified by a third party to a certain safety standard ensure even the most difficult products to transport reach their destination safely.

Construction projects usually require tons of raw materials while a successful mining operation generates a huge amount of product. These materials can be transported effectively in bulk bags that provide them the durability and versatility that they need.

Moisture and Pest Resistance

A bulk bag’s sturdiness can be attributed to polypropylene, a type of thermoplastic material that offers its maximum strength. A thermoplastic has the tendency to become soft and is easy to mold at high temperatures, but once it cools it becomes solid and hard. This makes the bulk bags effectively protective and moisture-resistant, keeps away mold, offering a strong barrier against pests. This kind of quality is vital for agricultural, pet food, and food-processing industries, that are prone to attracting pests, mold growth that could spoil the entire shipment of the product.

As in the case of agricultural products, the food processing industry also needs a storage and transportation option that is not only safe for food-grade items but most importantly, can also accommodate a bulk of dry products of human food-grade products.


Some bulk bags are reusable if their safety protocol allows multiple uses unless they have been used to carry toxic chemicals. Bulk bags that have been used for agricultural products, pet food, or human food products can often be reused in other industries. Not only is this kind of reusability helpful for agricultural and food-processing companies, in keeping their costs down, but they are also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Employee Safety

Across all industries, the safety of their employees comes first. A lot of heavy lifting of bags and containers tends to put excess stress on the employees’ backs and joints that might lead to injuries. It is easy and safe to lift bulk bags that can hold thousands of pounds with forklifts and other equipment that help reduce serious workplace injuries, at the same time keeping employees healthy, pain-free, and productive.

We at Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd. provide a comprehensive and superior quality of FIBC Bags. Our quality and hygiene standards have made us a leading and preferred FIBC bag manufacturer the world over.

For further assistance please get in touch with our team. With so many options that we can customize as per the needs of each of your product irrespective of the industry it belongs to, our bulk bags offer way more flexibility, durability, and protection for products than any other storage method for transportation.

Tips for Temporary Storage of Grains in Silo Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Tips for Temporary Storage of Grains in Silo Bags

The silo bags have gained a lot of importance in recent times. These bags are readily used for storing grains on a temporary basis. Whenever, any grains are harvested, it would be a very good idea to store the grains temporarily until the permanent storage option is available. But at this point of time, the users need to make sure to follow a few of the most important tips at the time of temporarily storing the grains in the silo bags for the best results.

Storing on a Levelled Ground

The first tip to follow is to keep the silo bags on a firm and well drained ground that is level as well as smooth. This, in turn, provides a plenty of room for the loading and unloading equipment to operate with ease as well as convenience. It is to be made sure that there is no debris present that could cause harm or puncture the bag. So, it becomes quite important to keep the silo bags in a safe and stable place while temporarily storing grains in them.

Avoid Grain Spills Near the Bags

It is immensely important to avoid any kind of grain spills near the silo bags because this will attract rodents to the bag. The rodents can then cause damage to the bag by clawing or chewing which needs to be avoided at any cost. Thus, the users should necessarily make sure that no spilling of grains happen near the silo bags full of grains.

Minimum Folds at the Base

Keeping the folds at the base of the silo bags to a minimum is quite essential at the time of filling. This is because of the fact that the folds are very easy places for the rodents to chew on the silo bags. Thus, it is to be always kept in mind to minimise the folds at the base for the safety of the bag with grains.

Eliminate Growth of Moulds and Insects

The users should always keep in mind that while storing dry grains in the silo bags, the bags are not hermetically sealed. This, in turn, increases the chances of moulds, and insects growing in these storage bags. Thus, the users should always keep this mind and eliminate chances of growth or mould and insects to keep the grains intact.

Check for Holes and Damages

The silo bags with grains stored in them should be regularly inspected for any kinds of holes and tears. If there is any requirement for repair, it should be done without wasting even a moment. It is best to carry out the repairing task with tapes and sealants that are compatible with the bags.

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Following the tips would make sure that the grains inside the silo bags as a temporary storage is not damaged and the quality is kept intact. It is recommended that the users should purchase the silo bags from a dependable and reputed manufacturer.

Take a look at silo bags applications:

Benefits of Container Liners-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Benefits of Container Liners

Container liners, as can be understood from the name, are special liners that are used in the containers in the transportation industry. These liners are extremely useful and provides a wide array of advantages in the transportation industry. It is precisely the reason as to why the container liners have become immensely popular in the transportation industry in recent times. In the past, there were several issues arising from the use of alternate methods such as damage of the cargo while transportation, contamination, and a number of others. Let us understand the benefits of container liners that would make it clear about the popularity of these liners.

Saves Quite a Lot on the Costs of Packaging

At the time of packaging of bulk products inside a container, one can get a lot of options available. Container liners in this regard play a vital role in saving a lot of money on the packaging costs. A lot lesser is required with the container liners because in case of others, multiple sacks and bulk bags are required to store all the products, along with the requirement of pellets for taking their weight. Therefore, a lot of money is saved as packaging costs are readily reduced.

Productivity is Enhanced

There are a number of sophisticated automated equipment that can very easily and conveniently handle bulk products transported inside a container liner. This, in turn, is quite vital to save a lot of human effort required in this regard. In addition to this, the use of automated equipment with the container liners makes sure that the workers do not undergo a risk of injuring themselves, thereby playing a significant role in enhancing the overall productivity.

Wastage is Reduced

The shipping containers are very often loaded both horizontally as well as vertically. The container liners in this situation help in keeping the cargo secure throughout its complete journey starting from loading, transportation, unpacking, and final storage. The container liners are quite helpful in the entire process by reducing the amount of wastage occurring within these steps. The inner content of the containers is completely safe and secure, thereby reducing the wastage.

Contamination is Reduced

Contamination is a very common risk associated with transportation. The container liners play a major role in providing resistance against humidity. The liners come with an impenetrable design for the prevention of leakages and at the same time prevent all other contaminates that could damage the inner content of the containers. Moreover, they are quite easy to maintain and clean, therefore convenient for the users.

Thus, it can be very well understood as to how beneficial is the use of container liners for the transportation industry. It is important for the users to keep it in mind that they should necessary choose a trusted, reputed, reliable, and experienced manufacturer for getting the best quality container liners that ideally serve the intended purpose of use.

Hermetic Bags Helping Farmers Reduce Loses-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Hermetic Bags Helping Farmers Reduce Loses

The farmers produce suffer great losses when they are sealed in plastic or gunny bags. When the produce is done in bulk, the farmers and traders preserve the stock and try their best to maintain the commodity in perfect condition.

Since traditional preservation methods are inadequate, storage techniques cannot prevent wastage due to pests and diseases. Panama Foundation has innovated a grain bag also known as a hermetic bag. It is an air-tight bag that helps in preserving the produce for a long time and the aroma of the grains remains intact

The hermetic bag needs to be inserted inside a standard storage bag and then the grains are poured in it. The bag should be tied tightly with the cable wire provided along with it so that the air does not come into contact with the dry pulses stored inside. The polymer used in these bags is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Hermetic storage of oilseed and grains is one of the best solutions for reducing food losses in developing countries. In order to obtain the full benefit of the hermetic storage, it is required to achieve a low O2 concentration or high  CO2 concentration.

The gas concentration inside a hermetic bag is the result of the balance between respiration and gas exchange rates with the outside (permeability and leakage). If the grain is dry, there is an insufficient modification in the internal atmosphere which allows insect development and leads to grain losses.

The use of liners with a gas barrier is an alternate to improve the effect of hermetic storage systems since the O2  entrance and  CO2  losses are sharply reduced. This creates an internal atmosphere with a  higher modification level than standard liners, with potential conservation benefits. Liners along with gas barriers are very costly and it may not be affordable for family storage systems.

Dry pulses with coffee and tea beans can be stored in hermetic bags in dry places. Vegetables and Fruits create a contrasting effect and should not be stored in these bags. If no gas leak is there from any opening, the pulses will be fresh over the year without any germination.

At Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd., we make hermetic bags at competitive prices and customize them according to the client’s requirements. The bags made by us has advanced technology and supreme hygiene without any odor. Our products have received positive feedback from all ends. Thus, if you ever require hermetic bags search no more and buy them from Rishi FIBC.

Advantages Of Thermal Liners For Bulk Shipment Of Goods

Advantages Of Thermal Liners For Bulk Shipment Of Goods

Heat is transferred through three modes: conduction, convection and radiation or infrared. Radiation is main mode of all the three and other two are secondary and come to the forefront only when matter stars interfering with radiant heat transfer. All substances require transfer heat including air spaces.

Heat transfer rate is changed depending on differences in weight, shape, density, permeability and molecular structure. Heat is conducted and radiated in all the directions by all the objects but gets convected upward mainly. The infrared rays travel at the speed of light as energy and do not have a temperature.

When infrared rays strike on the surface of an object or matter the rays are absorbed and after that heat is produced on the object. The heated object transmits infrared rays from the exposed surface through radiation if the surface is directly exposed to air space. The radiation amount emitted is a function of Emissivity factor of the source’s surface. Emissivity is a rate at which the radiation is given off.

Many materials used in construction have emissivity and absorption rate from 80 to 93%. The surface of aluminium conversely does not have an absorption ability but reflects 95% of infrared rays striking it. Aluminum foil has a low mass to air ratio and very little conduction takes place especially when only 5% of rays are absorbed.

Thermal liners work like a woven laminate to provide complete humidity-controlled environment and sealed off temperature for cargoes that need reheating before unloading. The liner is manufactured by using WPP fabric and has polythene sheeting and an aluminum foil. It is a preferable option for 20 and 40 feet container liner and protects the content inside by reflecting 97% of radiant energy.

The Thermal Liners are mainly used for transporting food and non-food items like beverages, fruit juices, mineral water, milk powder, detergents, cosmetics, fruit juice concentrates, mayonnaise and different types of heat-sensitive chemicals and adhesives.

Besides Rishi FIBC thermal liners we also offer customized liners to meet the exclusive demands of our clients during the transportation of food-grade and non-food-grade items. There are many temperature-sensitive cargoes beside other items that can be transported with the help of thermal liners.

Benefits of Thermal Liners:

  • Reusable
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent moisture barrier
  • Prevents contamination by making an oxygen barrier
  • Outstanding affordability
  • Protects cargo from unfavorable climatic conditions
  • Excellent strength and versatility

At Rishi FIBC Solutions Pvt Ltd, we always believe in making quality products with the most advanced technology available in the market. All our products have received a positive feedback from the clients and we believe in serving you and improving our quality day by day in case of any more requirements. Our products are available at competitive prices and give you ease in transporting bulk goods and materials.