FIBC Bulk Bags: A Prominent Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

FIBC Bulk Bags: A Prominent Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

Climate change and global warming are the concerns of the hour. Nowadays, sustainability is the key. When it comes to product packaging, the companies ensure the marketability and safety of the product in order to upgrade the environment.

However, packaging solutions are known to be notorious for carbon emissions. Consumer demands and government policies for green packaging solutions are continuously mounting pressure on businesses globally in order to take a shift towards sustainable solutions. At the same time, such demands and policies call for accommodating recycling, safeguarding the product, and reducing emissions.

With FIBC bulk bags, you can expect eco-friendly packaging solutions. The recyclability of such bags produces less carbon footprint for the business.

Here are the reasons why these bags are a prominent eco-friendly packaging solution for every business.

  • Tailor-made Packaging Solution

If you are looking for a perfect tailor-made solution for your business, you can rely on the FIBC bags. These bags come with different dimensions, loading capacities, and discharge and filling mechanisms.

Due to the aesthetic of the bags, you can also be experimental with your packaging needs.

  • Sustainable

Bulk bags are known to be completely environmentally friendly. You can reuse and recycle it. Therefore when you want to dispose of these bags permanently you can still repurpose them.

Also, the production process involved ensures the negligible generation of carbon footprints.

  • Convenient to Store

Bulk bags are convenient in case of storing products. Due to their efficient design, they don’t prove to be clumsy. The best part is that these bags do not become bulged out or distorted when you stack one over the other.

As these bags never lose shape, therefore, it maintains the square dimension as it is even after being totally filled up.

  • Product Package to Weight Ratio

The unmatched product weight-to-package ratio offered by bulk bags is commendable. To be specific, the FIBC bags have the lowest product weight to package ratio. If you compare any other intermediate container having the same capacity, you will find the weight to increase. It means that the bulk bags you will be able to utilize them to their fullest capacity. At the same time, one would not experience an additional load due to the lightweight formulation of the bags.

  • Versatile Functionalities

The bulk bags offer immense versatility. One can carry a wide range of products, including dry products as well as wet products.

You can also have endless choices in these bags. If you want to replace the traditional packaging option, you can try out the FIBC bags.

Why Rishi FIBC should be your choice?

We have FIBC bulk bags that keep the planet safe. If you want to switch to such flexible packaging solutions, your one-stop destination would be Rishi FIBC. You will get the advantage of low maintenance and low cost. At the same time, if any particular product present in the bag contaminates itself, it would not contaminate the rest. We manufacture these bags while maintaining the FDA standards. Our bags are known to be ideal and economical for storage and transportation purposes.

Top Advantages of Using FIBC Bulk Bags for Seed and Grain Storage

One may find different ways to effectively and safely store as well as transport seeds and grains. The choice lies in plastic and concrete containers to traditional metals and woven sacks. However, it is best to choose an option that suits the operation. At the same time, it must create a successful shipping and storage process while streamlining the customer experience.

This brings us to the use of FIBC bulk bags. With multiple benefits, these are fit for storing seeds and grains. Let us explore some of the top advantages of using such storage options.

  • Protection from Moisture

Sometimes storing the farm produce in open-top bulk storage containers can expose your products to environmental elements. It can cause damage to the product or even destroy it. The moisture can result in the growth of mold in seeds and grains only to incur a huge loss.

Due to this reason, investing in bulk bags becomes imperative. These bags offer the best moisture protection. Besides, the sealing option helps keep the content safe and enhances the longevity and shelf life of the product. You can also look forward to customized bulk bags to secure your grain and seeds further.

  • Easy Handling

Filling the storage containers with seeds and grains and then transporting the same package or unloading the contents can be a lot of hard work and hassle. It can also result in under and overfilling or spilling of the product. But the bulk bags with proper inlets and outlets can help you to avoid all the associated hazards.

  • Shield against Pest Infestation

Pest infestation is quite common when it comes to farming products like seeds and grains. It can simply contaminate the entire product, resulting in a dent in the profit margin. Therefore it is the need of the hour to safeguard the products from rodents, insects, and birds.

Since these bulk bags are made of interwoven polypropylene strands, therefore it becomes hard for pests to infiltrate. This property makes the bag sturdy and the perfect storage solution for your farm products.

  • Cost Saving

Bulk bags offer an economic solution for storing seeds and grains. From the time the product gets harvested on the farm till it reaches the processor, one can conveniently store the product in these bulk bags. If your business requires a packing solution for farm products, you can simply rely on these bags.

  • Space Saving

The best part is you can simply fold these empty FIBC bulk bags. The structural features of the bags allow them to stack up neatly when they are filled with products like seeds and grains. It takes up minimal space. Moreover, if you add vessels to these bulk bags, you can stack them upright without bulging them out in the middle. It reduces the chances of tumbling down.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

As you choose FIBC bags, you will get the advantage of low cost and low maintenance. Furthermore, if one particular product of the bag gets contaminated, it would not contaminate the rest of the products present in other bags. We manufacture these bulk bags while maintaining FDA standards. Our bags are economical and ideal for transportation and storage purposes.

FIBC Bulk Bag Safe Handling Guide-Rishi FIBC Solutions

FIBC Bulk Bag Safe Handling Guide

The FIBC bulk bags have become one of the most popular options for transporting a wide array of products in different industries. The popularity of these bulk bags is because of the huge benefits so offered them. Now, for getting the most out of these FIBC bulk bags, it is of immense importance to follow the safe handling measures. To make it easier for the users to understand, here we have listed a few safety handling guidelines.

Choose the Right FIBC Bulk Bag

The first thing to consider for safe handling of the FIBC bags is to choose the right bag. There are different types of FIBC bulk bags available that are made up of different materials. So, before using the users should make sure to choose the right bag as per the material to be transported. It is to be kept in mind the chosen bulk bag is compatible with the material to be transported for complete safety.

Using Undamaged Bags

At the time of handling FIBC bulk bags, it is of immense importance to check that the bags are free from any kind of damage. The use of damaged bags can result in safety issues and hence it needs to be avoided at any cost.

Using All Lift Loops While Suspending

When you are suspending the FIBC bulk bags, it is to be kept in mind that each of the loops should be used for best results. The bulk bags come with loops that are strategically placed for ensuring convenience at the time of lifting. It is always recommended to use each of the loops of the bulk bags, failing to do which might result in bag failure as well as material leakage.

Filling in Compatible Products

To ensure safe handling of the bags, it is to be made sure that the bulk bags are filled with compatible products only. Filling in incompatible products can not only result in safety issues but also the inner contents can be damaged.

Storing and Emptying Should be Done a Clean, Covered Area

At the time of filling in the bulk bags and emptying them, care needs to be taken to see that it is done in a clean and covered area. It is essential to check whether the area has any sharp objects or contaminants that can hamper the safety of the bags as well as their inner contents. Storing and emptying of bags should done in covered areas without direct exposure to the sun for enhancing and durability of the bags.

For all other details about safe handling of the FIBC bulk bags, the users should get in touch with their manufactures and follow their safety guidelines. Strictly following all the safety measures would ensure that the bulk bags are safely handled and the best results are obtained.

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How Can Rishi FIBC Help?

Rishi FIBC takes pride in being a premier FIBC bulk bags manufacturer by providing the users with the supreme quality bulk bags to take care of their requirements. With several years of experience and expertise, Rishi FIBC has emerged as one of the most trusted, reputed, and reliable FIBC bulk bag manufacturers. For any kind of FIBC bulk bag requirements, the users can contact Rishi FIBC for getting the most appropriate solutions.

How FIBC Bulk Bags Help to Reduce Shipping and Transit Costs-Rishi FIBC Solutons Pvt Ltd

How FIBC Bulk Bags Help to Reduce Shipping and Transit Costs

The FIBC bulk bags have undoubtedly created a great revolution in the field of packaging and transportation. The popularity of these bags is owning to the fact of being environment friendly in nature. In an addition to this, these bulk bags are extremely cost effective in nature which is one of major reasons as to why these bags lie among the top of the preference list of the customers. The FIBC bags or the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers have the ability to store as well as transport a number of different types of materials which includes both hazardous as well as non hazardous materials that are dry flowing. Moreover, the FIBC bags make the storing and transporting not only easier, convenient, and much more efficient but also plays a crucial role in the reduction of the costs of shipping as well as transit. For the users who are not aware of the fact as to how the FIBC bags help in the reduction of shipping and transit costs, here we have listed the ways how the bags do so.

Cost of Transportation

The FIBC bags do not require pallets as compared to the other bulk packaging options thereby eliminating the need of secondary costly packaging. The secondary packaging in several cases adds up a quite a bit of weight along with taking up additional space which in turn increases the cost of shipping of the product. In addition to not requiring secondary packaging, the FIBC bags are quite durable in nature and in most of the cases do not require any kinds of additional packaging for protection which saves a lot of cost here as well since protective packaging also incurs a quite a lot of expenses.

Cost of Storage

The space for storage is becomes costlier day by day and therefore each of the businesses try to make use of each square foot of the warehouse space efficiently. In case of the bulk bags, the ones which are unused can be very simply folded into a compact size thereby reducing the space for storage to a significant extent thereby cost efficient in nature. Moreover, the filled bags are also extremely easy and convenient to store since they can be simply stacked one over the other thereby playing a vital role in the maximisation of the space available in the warehouse.

Carrying Quantities are High

The FIBC bags being light weight and highly durable in nature have the ability to carry large quantities of materials which in turn helps to reduce the cost. These bags have safe working load ranging from about 1000 to 5000 pounds, the FIBC are capable enough to transport and store quite large quantities of the material or product to be transported.

Dead Weight is Extremely Low

The dead weight of a container is referred to as the weight of the container that is being used for the purpose of transportation of the material or the product. The FIBC bags on the other hand are extremely lightweight in nature which helps in the minimisation of the amount of dead weight that is required to be paid to the ships or other modes of transportation. The lesser is the dead weight, more is the product or the material that can be shipped for less money.

Can be Reused

Reusability is another of the major factor that plays an essential role in the reduction of shipping or transit costs. These FIBC bags are ready for multiple uses which saves a significant amount of money in buying the bags again for transportation. But the users should necessarily keep in mind the specific guidelines for safe and proper reuse.

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Now, it can be very well understood as to how the FIBC bulk bags help in the reduction of shipping and transit costs. But it is quite important for the users to go for a trusted, reputed and reliable FIBC bulk bag manufacturer which can provide them with the premium quality bags. In this regard, Rishi FIBC would undoubtedly be the best choice where the users can be assured of getting the highest quality FIBC bags.

Choose The Right Bulk Bag For Your Business-Rishi FIBC Solutons

How To Choose The Right Bulk Bag For Your Business?

FIBC bulk bags might be the perfect choice for your business but it is of immense importance to choose the right one for your business. Due to the availability of a number of options in this regard, it becomes confusing for the users to select the most appropriate one that is best suited to the business. So, here are a few important factors to consider which would prove to be quite helpful in the selection of the right bulk bag for your business.

Size Matters a Lot

The first factor to consider at the time of choosing the bulk bags is the size since it is a matter of immense importance in this regard. It is obviously very important to now the length and the width of the product but at the same time it is essential to know the weight of the product per cubic foot as well as the pallet size for the storage & transporting the FIBC bulk bags. Considering these two important points would help the users to choose the right bulk bag for your business.

Choosing the Right Type of Fabric

There are four general types of fabric bags which are as follows.

  1. Type A Fabric Bags – These are made up of calcium carbonate, polypropylene and a UV additive. These are the standard bulk bags but not suitable for combustible items.
  2. Type B Fabric Bags – These are made up of polypropylene too but they are able to prevent sparks because of a very thin coating on the fabric.
  3. Type C Fabric Bags – These are comprised of carbon filament and are required to be grounded at the time of moving or filling them. These bags can be used for the transportation of items or powders that are flammable in nature.
  4. Type D Fabric Bags – These bags are made up of antistatic fabric and do not require grounding.

Thus, at the time of choosing the FIBC bulk bags, considering the exact type of fabric depending on the items to be transported is necessary.

Weight of the Fabric

Now, when the fabric of bags is chosen, it is essential to consider the weight of the fabric as well. There are three standard weights of fabric which are 5 oz., 6 oz., and 8 oz. Now, depending on what the fabric bag is going to hold will help in the selection of the weight of the fabric needed and hence the choice should be done accordingly.

Considerations of Filling and Emptying

The next thing to consider is the filling as well as emptying of the FIBC bulk bags. The users need to think as to how to fill the bulk bags along with the shape and size of the spout needed to fill the bags. After that, it is also important to consider as to how to empty the bulk bag, how will the inner contents will be discharged into consumer packaging and how should the bottom of the bags be designed like flat bottom, spout bottom or tie open bottom. The choice should made accordingly for appropriate usages.

Lining and Coating Materials

Finally, the lining and the coating materials of the bulk bags needs to be considered. It is be made sure that whether coated or uncoated fabric would be appropriate for the items that bags will be holding. Also, it is to be understood that whether liners need to be incorporated to the FIBC bulk bags depending on the inner contents the bags will hold.

Why Choose Rishi FIBC?

Now, when you are planning to use FIBC bulk bags for your business, the proper consideration of the above mentioned points would make sure that the right choice is made. But at the same time, it is extremely important to go for a trusted, reliable and reputed bulk bag manufacturer in India so as to get the best quality bags that too with the exactly required specifications. In this regard, no other option is as good as Rishi FIBC. With several of manufacturing experience, Rishi FIBC necessarily lives up the needs and demands of the users at its best ensuring hundred percent satisfaction among them.

FIBC Liners for Bulk Bags-Rishi FIBC Solutons Pvt Ltd

FIBC Liners for Bulk Bags

FIBC bags have become extremely popular in the recent times. This is because of the fact of the immense functionality of these bags. The FIBC bags serve great purposes in storing as well as transportation of a number of items in bulk. Now, for the enhanced protection of the items inside the FIBC bulk bags, the FIBC liners are used. Now, at the time of selecting the FIBC liners for the bulk bags, the users should necessarily make sure to choose a trusted, reputed as well as a reliable manufacturer in order to get the best quality products.

Choosing Rishi FIBC for the liners for FIBC bags would undoubtedly be a very good option. With a fantastic team and years of experience combined together make Rishi FIBC the best choice in terms of manufacturers of liners for the FIBC bulk bags. Thus, choosing a trusted manufacturer not only provides the users with the supreme quality product but also the correct price of the same.

Different Types of FIBC Liners

It is important to understand that there are a number of different types of FIBC liners available which should be selected as per the needs and requirements. Thus, it becomes essential to have a clear idea about the usage of the FIBC bulk bags along with what products are to be stored as well as transported and in what conditions. This in turn would be helpful in making the most appropriate choice in this regard. Here we have listed the different types of liners for the FIBC bulk bags.

  • Gusseted Liners
  • Tubular Liners
  • Form Fit Liners
  • Baffle Liners

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Materials Used for Manufacturing

There are a number of different materials used for the manufacturing of the liners of the FIBC bulk bags. The materials used for the purpose of manufacturing also depends on the needs and the requirements. The most common materials for manufacturing the liners of FIBC bulk bags are as listed below.

  • Polyethylene
  • Aluminium
  • Polypropylene

Uses of FIBC Liners

The FIBC liners are generally used for the bulk shipment of a number of different dried formulations of products such as powders, granules and a number of others. The liners are manufactured in such a way so as to appropriately fit inside the FIBC bulk bags and they can be properly filled, sealed and shipped with the packaging format. The liners for the FIBC bags are used for protecting from corrosion, proper exporting, long term storage and protection from outdoor storage. Rishi FIBC is one of the leading manufacturers of the liners for FIBC adhering to all of the necessary quality standards thereby one of the most sought after manufacturers in this particular field.

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Safety Precautions While Filling And Emptying A Bulk Bag FIBC-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Safety Precautions To Be Taken While Filling And Emptying A Bulk Bag (FIBC)

We all know about the functionality of the FIBC bags. Due to its great functionality in several industrial uses, these bulk bags are highly preferred by the users. At the time of choosing a bulk bag manufacturer, you need to be extremely careful to choose an experienced and reliable manufacturer for getting the premium quality bulk bags. But at the time of loading and unloading of the bulk bags, some safety precautions needs to be mandatorily taken so as to prevent any kinds of hazards or unfavourable situations or happenings. The precautions to be taken are as mentioned below.

Use All the Loops

At the time of using a bulk bag, care should be taken that all of the loops so provided should be necessarily used. The loops of the bulk bags form an essential part of construction and are particularly designed for being used together while filling, emptying or lifting them.

Filling Should be Even

At the time of filling the bulk bag, it is essential that the bag is filled evenly and they are kept totally stable. Not doing so at the time of filling as well as emptying can cause the bulk bag to topple which might be dangerous.

Loops Should Always be Kept Vertical

While loading, unloading, carrying or lifting of the bulk bags, it is to be noted that the loops are always kept vertical because they are designed to be used only in that way. If the loops are kept laterally, horizontally or any other way, it might be dangerous and hence best to be avoided.

Keep Surroundings Clear

At the time of filling and emptying a bulk bag, the surrounding should be necessarily kept free without anyone standing beneath while the bag is suspended. It can cause severe accidents or even death if the suspended bulk bag is dislodged from the suspending device.

Avoid Gathering all the Loops

It is to be made sure not to gather all of the loops of the bulk bag at the time of lifting it with a single hook. The using of the loops of the bulk bags in any other ways that is not specified might be dangerous.

Never Exceed Working Load

Each of the bulk bag comes with its own safe working load. Extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that the bags are always used within their safe working load or the rated capacity. Exceeding the work loads of the bulk bags can lead to severe accidents.

Proper Closing

After the bulk bag is filled, the closing of the bag should be appropriate as per the instruction. This ensures safe performance of the bag along with prevention of leakage. Hence, the chances of any hazards are eliminated.

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These safety precautions if taken at the time of filling, emptying, lifting, carrying and transporting would necessarily make sure that the bulk bags are effectively used without any dangers or unfavourable happenings or events.


FIBC Bulk Bags For Pharma And Food Industries-Rishi FIBC Solutions

FIBC Bulk Bags For Pharma And Food Industries

In the pharmaceutical and food industry, it is very important to stick on to strict procedures so that quality is kept on a base while the risk of contamination is lessened. Adhering to strict processes and quality standards to defend against contamination is a continuous job in the pharmaceutical industry. It requires regulation and meticulousness during every step of the procedure from developing to packing, handling as well as transportation.  In case your pharmaceutical and food facility uses FIBC bulk bags to stock up, ship, or deal with materials, then you need a Jumbo Bag Supplier that understands your challenges and high quality prospects.

Rishi FIBC Solutions understands and so they make sure that the sterile bulk bags stick to the prescribed regulations. Their Jumbo Bags are specially and intricately designed for the industries that handle food and pharmaceutical products. They take special pains to make sure that every step of the manufacturing procedure is managed and under their control. In addition they use high-tech technology to ensure that quality of the FIBC bulk bags is not compromised with in any way. Thus, if you deal with logistics for food or pharmaceutical products, you can depend on this company’s products.

Features for the FIBC bulk bags used for Pharma and Food Industries

  • The FIBC bulk bags are manufactured using 100% virgin resin as they ensure no presence of contaminants
  • The bags are paired with polyethylene liners which offer an additional layer of protection. This stops moisture and other kinds of contaminants from leaking and hindering the quality of the products within during their transportation.
  • To stop the upsurge of static electricity while discharging or filling finely powdered pharma products, they offer have four types of pharma grade FIBC bags such as A,B,C and D. Each of these bags has distinctive features that help to alleviate the dangers of upsurge of static electricity.

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In case one needs food or pharma grade FIBC bulk bag, contact with Rishi FIBC as they guarantee that top quality products are delivered at cost effective price. Moreover, by connecting with them one can be rest assured that all their requirements will be handled in an efficient manner.

Transporting Hazardous Material with UN FIBC Bulk Bags-Rishi FIBC

Transporting Hazardous Material With UN FIBC Bulk Bags

FIBC bags are becoming highly popular amongst shippers. More and more industries including food, pharmaceuticals, construction, etc are increasingly making use of FIBCs owing to the convenience and cost efficiency these bags offer. However, when transporting hazardous substances, more stringent rules are required to be followed.

To avoid mishaps and to prevent environmental pollution, the UN has created certifications for FIBCs. These certifications reflect the specific standards that are expected to be followed during the manufacturing and handling of such bags. Such bags are called UN Certified FIBC or UN FIBCs.

Classification of Hazardous Materials

Here we discuss the classification of hazardous materials and substances which as best suited for transportation using UN approved bulk bags.

UN Certified FIBCs are classified into 8 classes:

Class 4.1: This category is designed for storing self-reactive substances, flammable solids, and desensitized explosives
Class 4.2: Substances that are liable to incur spontaneous combustion are to be transported in such FIBCs
Class 4.3: In such bags, you can store substances that emit flammable gases when they come in contact with water
Class 5.1: Substances that oxidize are stored in such bags
Class 5.2: Organic peroxides need such bags
Class 6.1: Use these bags when storing toxic substances
Class 8: Corrosive substances are to be transported in these bags
Class 9: Miscellaneous hazardous substances and articles are to transported in such bags

Importance of Using UN Approved Bulk Bags

When transporting hazardous material take care to use an appropriate UN Certified Bag. This is crucial to prevent accidents, safeguard the life of the personnel handling the bags or working in the facility where the bags are stored, and to prevent damage to the property and the environment.

So, once you know about the hazardous materials that are required to be stored or transported, you need to select the bag accordingly. At Rishi FIBC, our experts will guide you in selecting the right bag for your needs.

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Labeling and Testing

It is crucial that the UN approved bulk bags be labeled correctly. The classification of the bags should be clearly visible to ensure proper and safe usage of the bag.

The UN approved FIBCs are required to undergo rigorous testing before they are classified for transporting hazardous materials including Vibration Test, Top Lift Test, Stack Test, Drop Test, Topple Test, Righting Test, and Tear Test.

Sourcing UN Certified FIBCs

When sourcing UN approved bulk bags look for a manufacturer who has a special certification received from a licensed provider. This certification assures that the employees working under the manufacturer have undertaken relevant course imparting knowledge about UN bags. Besides, this also means that the manufacturer has paid the licensing fee. As per UN regulations, only license suppliers can sell/distribute UN approved bulk bags.

In India, you can rely on Rishi FIBC for sourcing UN approved bulk bags. Being a prominent UN FIBC manufacturer, Rishi FIBC produces quality UN approved bulk bags. The company has advanced technical equipment and a team of trained personnel to manufacture UN FIBCs. The bags are tested thoroughly at an in-house testing facility and again at an independent testing laboratory where they receive certification.

Get in touch with us call: +91-02662-227 100 / 200

Storage Of FIBC Bulk Bags-Rishi FIBC Manufacturer in India

Storage Of FIBC Bulk Bags

FIBCs are known for their strength and resilience. They have the tenacity to hold 2000-4000 pounds of material in their woven light-weight polypropylene fabric. Their efficiency and ease make them so viable and popular for shipping bulk products. However, to get the best results from these bags and to be able to use it multiple times, care must be taken when handling and storing FIBC bags.

At Rishi FIBC, we guide our clients on adopting best practices pertaining to FIBC bulk bag storage. These guidelines are based on the criteria set by the FIBCA (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Association).

Safety Instructions You Must Follow When Storing FIBC Bags

Storing bulk bag properly ensures its strength and longevity. So, whether your bulk bag is new or used, make sure to store them properly. Here are the key things you must remember when storing FIBCs:

  1. Protect against bad weather – Your FIBC needs to be protected against inclement weather as the strength of bag may weaken because of exposure to rain, storm, or snow.
  1. Protect against moisture: Ensure that the place where you are storing your FIBC does not have excess indoor moisture as exposure to even normal moisture levels can reduce the strength of your FIBC after some time.
  1. Protect against UV Rays: While polypropylene used for weaving FIBCs is quite reliable, constant exposure to UV rays can over time degrade the quality of the fabric. Exposure to UV rays, therefore, needs to be avoided when storing FIBCs.
  2. Store the bags indoors: FIBCA recommends storing of FIBCs indoors and does not support outside storage of bulk bags, even if the place is free of moisture and UV rays. Thus, make sure to store your FIBCs indoors in a clean and dry place to keep its strength intact.

FIBCs are known for their strength, flexibility, and longevity, but to get the best out of them you need to give them proper care and store them as per instructions. Also, it is important to give your FIBCs a strength test on a regular basis. Taking chances on your FIBC can be dangerous after all they lift up to 4,000 pounds of bulk material. To do so, test the strength of your used FIBC and compare it with the strength test results conducted on a new FIBC. This will help you determine if the quality of your used FIBC has been affected.


In case you need to store the bag outside for a period of time, ensure to keep the bags covered using over pack bags or tarpaulin to keep them protected from the sun. So when storing FIBCs, take all care to avoid situations that could weaken the material of the bulk bag.

Contact Rishi FIBC, a leading FIBC manufacturer in India, makes it a point to keep the clients well informed about the best practices to follow while using and storing FIBCs. Contact us today to place your order for customized FIBCs or to get more FIBC bulk bag storage tips.

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