Safety Precautions While Filling And Emptying A Bulk Bag FIBC-Rishi FIBC Solutions

Safety Precautions To Be Taken While Filling And Emptying A Bulk Bag (FIBC)

We all know about the functionality of the FIBC bags. Due to its great functionality in several industrial uses, these bulk bags are highly preferred by the users. At the time of choosing a bulk bag manufacturer, you need to be extremely careful to choose an experienced and reliable manufacturer for getting the premium quality bulk bags. But at the time of loading and unloading of the bulk bags, some safety precautions needs to be mandatorily taken so as to prevent any kinds of hazards or unfavourable situations or happenings. The precautions to be taken are as mentioned below.

Use All the Loops

At the time of using a bulk bag, care should be taken that all of the loops so provided should be necessarily used. The loops of the bulk bags form an essential part of construction and are particularly designed for being used together while filling, emptying or lifting them.

Filling Should be Even

At the time of filling the bulk bag, it is essential that the bag is filled evenly and they are kept totally stable. Not doing so at the time of filling as well as emptying can cause the bulk bag to topple which might be dangerous.

Loops Should Always be Kept Vertical

While loading, unloading, carrying or lifting of the bulk bags, it is to be noted that the loops are always kept vertical because they are designed to be used only in that way. If the loops are kept laterally, horizontally or any other way, it might be dangerous and hence best to be avoided.

Keep Surroundings Clear

At the time of filling and emptying a bulk bag, the surrounding should be necessarily kept free without anyone standing beneath while the bag is suspended. It can cause severe accidents or even death if the suspended bulk bag is dislodged from the suspending device.

Avoid Gathering all the Loops

It is to be made sure not to gather all of the loops of the bulk bag at the time of lifting it with a single hook. The using of the loops of the bulk bags in any other ways that is not specified might be dangerous.

Never Exceed Working Load

Each of the bulk bag comes with its own safe working load. Extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that the bags are always used within their safe working load or the rated capacity. Exceeding the work loads of the bulk bags can lead to severe accidents.

Proper Closing

After the bulk bag is filled, the closing of the bag should be appropriate as per the instruction. This ensures safe performance of the bag along with prevention of leakage. Hence, the chances of any hazards are eliminated.

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These safety precautions if taken at the time of filling, emptying, lifting, carrying and transporting would necessarily make sure that the bulk bags are effectively used without any dangers or unfavourable happenings or events.


FIBC Bulk Bags For Pharma And Food Industries-Rishi FIBC Solutions

FIBC Bulk Bags For Pharma And Food Industries

In the pharmaceutical and food industry, it is very important to stick on to strict procedures so that quality is kept on a base while the risk of contamination is lessened. Adhering to strict processes and quality standards to defend against contamination is a continuous job in the pharmaceutical industry. It requires regulation and meticulousness during every step of the procedure from developing to packing, handling as well as transportation.  In case your pharmaceutical and food facility uses FIBC bulk bags to stock up, ship, or deal with materials, then you need a Jumbo Bag Supplier that understands your challenges and high quality prospects.

Rishi FIBC Solutions understands and so they make sure that the sterile bulk bags stick to the prescribed regulations. Their Jumbo Bags are specially and intricately designed for the industries that handle food and pharmaceutical products. They take special pains to make sure that every step of the manufacturing procedure is managed and under their control. In addition they use high-tech technology to ensure that quality of the FIBC bulk bags is not compromised with in any way. Thus, if you deal with logistics for food or pharmaceutical products, you can depend on this company’s products.

Features for the FIBC bulk bags used for Pharma and Food Industries

  • The FIBC bulk bags are manufactured using 100% virgin resin as they ensure no presence of contaminants
  • The bags are paired with polyethylene liners which offer an additional layer of protection. This stops moisture and other kinds of contaminants from leaking and hindering the quality of the products within during their transportation.
  • To stop the upsurge of static electricity while discharging or filling finely powdered pharma products, they offer have four types of pharma grade FIBC bags such as A,B,C and D. Each of these bags has distinctive features that help to alleviate the dangers of upsurge of static electricity.

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In case one needs food or pharma grade FIBC bulk bag, contact with Rishi FIBC as they guarantee that top quality products are delivered at cost effective price. Moreover, by connecting with them one can be rest assured that all their requirements will be handled in an efficient manner.

Transporting Hazardous Material with UN FIBC Bulk Bags-Rishi FIBC

Transporting Hazardous Material With UN FIBC Bulk Bags

FIBC bags are becoming highly popular amongst shippers. More and more industries including food, pharmaceuticals, construction, etc are increasingly making use of FIBCs owing to the convenience and cost efficiency these bags offer. However, when transporting hazardous substances, more stringent rules are required to be followed.

To avoid mishaps and to prevent environmental pollution, the UN has created certifications for FIBCs. These certifications reflect the specific standards that are expected to be followed during the manufacturing and handling of such bags. Such bags are called UN Certified FIBC or UN FIBCs.

Classification of Hazardous Materials

Here we discuss the classification of hazardous materials and substances which as best suited for transportation using UN approved bulk bags.

UN Certified FIBCs are classified into 8 classes:

Class 4.1: This category is designed for storing self-reactive substances, flammable solids, and desensitized explosives
Class 4.2: Substances that are liable to incur spontaneous combustion are to be transported in such FIBCs
Class 4.3: In such bags, you can store substances that emit flammable gases when they come in contact with water
Class 5.1: Substances that oxidize are stored in such bags
Class 5.2: Organic peroxides need such bags
Class 6.1: Use these bags when storing toxic substances
Class 8: Corrosive substances are to be transported in these bags
Class 9: Miscellaneous hazardous substances and articles are to transported in such bags

Importance of Using UN Approved Bulk Bags

When transporting hazardous material take care to use an appropriate UN Certified Bag. This is crucial to prevent accidents, safeguard the life of the personnel handling the bags or working in the facility where the bags are stored, and to prevent damage to the property and the environment.

So, once you know about the hazardous materials that are required to be stored or transported, you need to select the bag accordingly. At Rishi FIBC, our experts will guide you in selecting the right bag for your needs.

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Labeling and Testing

It is crucial that the UN approved bulk bags be labeled correctly. The classification of the bags should be clearly visible to ensure proper and safe usage of the bag.

The UN approved FIBCs are required to undergo rigorous testing before they are classified for transporting hazardous materials including Vibration Test, Top Lift Test, Stack Test, Drop Test, Topple Test, Righting Test, and Tear Test.

Sourcing UN Certified FIBCs

When sourcing UN approved bulk bags look for a manufacturer who has a special certification received from a licensed provider. This certification assures that the employees working under the manufacturer have undertaken relevant course imparting knowledge about UN bags. Besides, this also means that the manufacturer has paid the licensing fee. As per UN regulations, only license suppliers can sell/distribute UN approved bulk bags.

In India, you can rely on Rishi FIBC for sourcing UN approved bulk bags. Being a prominent UN FIBC manufacturer, Rishi FIBC produces quality UN approved bulk bags. The company has advanced technical equipment and a team of trained personnel to manufacture UN FIBCs. The bags are tested thoroughly at an in-house testing facility and again at an independent testing laboratory where they receive certification.

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Storage Of FIBC Bulk Bags-Rishi FIBC Manufacturer in India

Storage Of FIBC Bulk Bags

FIBCs are known for their strength and resilience. They have the tenacity to hold 2000-4000 pounds of material in their woven light-weight polypropylene fabric. Their efficiency and ease make them so viable and popular for shipping bulk products. However, to get the best results from these bags and to be able to use it multiple times, care must be taken when handling and storing FIBC bags.

At Rishi FIBC, we guide our clients on adopting best practices pertaining to FIBC bulk bag storage. These guidelines are based on the criteria set by the FIBCA (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers Association).

Safety Instructions You Must Follow When Storing FIBC Bags

Storing bulk bag properly ensures its strength and longevity. So, whether your bulk bag is new or used, make sure to store them properly. Here are the key things you must remember when storing FIBCs:

  1. Protect against bad weather – Your FIBC needs to be protected against inclement weather as the strength of bag may weaken because of exposure to rain, storm, or snow.
  1. Protect against moisture: Ensure that the place where you are storing your FIBC does not have excess indoor moisture as exposure to even normal moisture levels can reduce the strength of your FIBC after some time.
  1. Protect against UV Rays: While polypropylene used for weaving FIBCs is quite reliable, constant exposure to UV rays can over time degrade the quality of the fabric. Exposure to UV rays, therefore, needs to be avoided when storing FIBCs.
  2. Store the bags indoors: FIBCA recommends storing of FIBCs indoors and does not support outside storage of bulk bags, even if the place is free of moisture and UV rays. Thus, make sure to store your FIBCs indoors in a clean and dry place to keep its strength intact.

FIBCs are known for their strength, flexibility, and longevity, but to get the best out of them you need to give them proper care and store them as per instructions. Also, it is important to give your FIBCs a strength test on a regular basis. Taking chances on your FIBC can be dangerous after all they lift up to 4,000 pounds of bulk material. To do so, test the strength of your used FIBC and compare it with the strength test results conducted on a new FIBC. This will help you determine if the quality of your used FIBC has been affected.


In case you need to store the bag outside for a period of time, ensure to keep the bags covered using over pack bags or tarpaulin to keep them protected from the sun. So when storing FIBCs, take all care to avoid situations that could weaken the material of the bulk bag.

Contact Rishi FIBC, a leading FIBC manufacturer in India, makes it a point to keep the clients well informed about the best practices to follow while using and storing FIBCs. Contact us today to place your order for customized FIBCs or to get more FIBC bulk bag storage tips.

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UN rated bulk bags-Rishi FIBC

About UN Certified Bulk Bags and Their Applications

Transportation and storage of a variety of goods is carried out through FIBC bulk bags. These bags are versatile, durable and also affordable making them a preferred solution for the logistic industry. Using FIBC bags you can seamlessly transport food grade products and chemicals without any problem, however there are some hazardous materials that need extra care and protection. Such materials require UN (United Nations) certified bulk bags.


What are UN Certified Bulk Bags?

UN certified bulk bags are specifically designed to store and ship dangerously hazardous materials. Such bags are made from an extremely durable material that helps to prevent leaks and also works to block contamination of delicate products either by external or internal factors.


Rishi FIBC is a UN certified bulk bag manufacturer. We offer highly customized solutions for various types of bulk bags including UN certified bulk bags.


How are UN Certified Bags Different from Regular Bulk Bags?

UN certified bags are used to store and transport items and materials that are considered to be hazardous by the UN. Such bags are required to meet specifications and testing standards listed by the UN. A UN certified bulk bag manufacturer makes sure that the most risky and harmful materials and products are delivered safely.


UN certified bags consist of:


  • Superior durability that cannot be found in regular bulk bags.
  • Enhanced leakage protection abilities to safeguard the contents of the bag in a better way.
  • Insulating liners for extra protection. However, if you do not want these liners, you can opt for the bags that do not come with such liners.


The application of UN certified bulk bags is huge as they are perfectly put together to ensure hazardous materials and unsafe industrial waste is carried to and from locations in an efficient manner. At Rishi FIBC, we offer UN certified bulk bags in different sizes. Our bags even come in unique shapes and weight capacities. This makes sure that the individual requirements of each and every customer are dealt with in a convenient way.


The Uses of UN Certified Bulk Bags

UN certified bulk bag uses are in plenty as these bags are specially tested, manufactured and certified to work well in a variety of environmental conditions. You can so make use of these bulk bags in situations where risk of explosions, fire, toxic contamination, environmental damage and chemicals burns is involved. It can be utilized to ship material and items by rail, sea or land. Safety measures and regulations are imposed by the UN. This ensures that injury to people, material damage as well as harm and destruction to the environment is prevented. You can rest assured that whenever you need to transport dangerous and hazardous materials, UN certified bulk bag are at your service.


At Rishi FIBC, every bag passes through rigorous testing procedures set by UN such as vibration testing, stack testing and top lift testing among others. The UN bags are first tested at our in-house testing facility and once again in an independent testing laboratory before they are officially certified as a functional and safe to use UN Certified Bulk Bag.

Storing FIBCs-Factors Which Can Damage An FIBC-Rishi FIBC Bulk Bag Manufacturer

Storing FIBCs: Factors Which Can Damage An FIBC

FIBC bulk bags are very resilient in nature after all they are exclusively designed to protect food and pharmaceutical products. However, to maintain their strength it is vital that they be stored carefully and all necessary precautions suggested for their safety be carefully implemented.

At Rishi FIBC, we are an FIBC bulk bag manufacturer that creates highly customized bulk bags. Although our FIBC bags are precisely engineered and can safely transport 2,000kg of granular material with ease, they are susceptible to certain factors. Hence we recommend that factors that can damage FIBCs be carefully avoided.

Sharp Tines, Points and Damage

When utilized as a unit, FIBC bags are resilient, but their individual parts are prone to damage. When certain parts of the bag come in contact with cranes, forklifts and other handling equipment, they can get damaged. Make certain that your forklift tines are in level and smooth. The smallest problem in the metal can make the FIBC bag weak. This can leave your cargo and items to be transported on the shop floor itself.

The Unforgiving Rays of the Sun

FIBC bags are made from thermoplastic polymers. When you leave these bags in the sun for extended periods of time, the otherwise sturdy and unbreakable bags can look and feel weak and fragile. The UV rays of the sun can damage and harm your FIBC bags. In case your bags are likely to be exposed to sun during transportation, you need to make use of UV treated inks and fabric. So also, if your FIBC bags are outside for long periods of time, you need to make use of tarpaulins or overpack bags to cover and conceal the already filled bags.

Storms and Persistent Rain

The strength and endurance level of your FIBC bulk bag can weaken and become delicate when exposed to inclement weather conditions such as snow, rain and storms. You also need to be certain that you store the unused bulk bags in areas that are free from any kind of indoor moisture. Exposing your FIBC bags to even a little bit of general moisture can affect the quality and reliability of the bag.


Storing FIBC Bags Outdoors

You need to make sure that you keep the FIBC bulk bags in a clean and dry place indoors. Outside storage does no good for the bulk bags. It can only worsen it and make it unfit for transportation. Even though the bags are made from strong material, if not stored and handled with care, they do not remain light, flexible, easy to store, use and maneuver.

It is so important to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer when handling FIBC bags for the storage and transportation of various items and products. Rishi FIBC is a trusted and successful FIBC bulk bag manufacturer that keeps you well informed about the various precautions that need to be taken during the storage and shipping of food and pharmaceutical products. We make certain that individual inspection of the bags is carried out and also see that metal detection and the cleaning process is performed in an impeccable manner. This prevents the bag from coming in contact with pollutants, germs and dust. Storing the FIBC bags meticulously ensures that the shelf life of the bags is extended while quality remains intact.

FIBC Bulk Bags Solutions offered by Rishi FIBC

FIBC Bulk Bags Solutions offered by Rishi FIBC

Transporting bulk items or liquid items can be strenuous affair. After all, the loading and unloading needs to be carried out securely while the entire transportation process, right from packaging, shipping to unloading,  needs to be conducted in a cautious and timely fashion. But you needn’t worry too much as at Rishi FIBC, FIBC bulk bags are economical and perfect for the transportation and storage of granulated, powdered or liquid bulk items.

Custom made Solutions for all your Bulk Transportations

All of our FIBC bags are made from polypropylene woven fabrics. Depending on your requirements and preferences, we offer customized solutions that come in the form of UN FIBC bags, Conductive bags, Antistatic FIBC and FIBC Liner bags among others.

  • UN FIBC bags – These are meant to safeguard people and the environment since they are resilient to handle products that are said to be hazardous by the UN.
  • Antistatic FIBC – These bags are manufactured from a special antistatic fabric which helps to prevent the occurrence of avoidable incidents such as flammable sparks.
  • Conductive bags – These are made from non-conductive polypropylene that is interwoven with conduction yarns.
  • Pharma Grade FIBC – These bags are meant to cater to pharmaceutical products so that these products do not get contaminated in any way.
  • Food Grade FIBC – Such bags are specially designed to store and transport food grade raw materials.

Custom FIBC bags are built to go well with individual packaging requirements so that you know for a fact that even the most sensitive items are transported in a secure manner.

The FIBC Products We Offer

Rishi FIBC offers the following FIBC products for the safe delivery and storage of your items.

These are just some of the packaging options and FIBC bags we offer our customers so as to ensure safe delivery, shipping and transportation.

Your Most Trusted FIBC Bag Manufacturer

We, at Rishi FIBC, are an FIBC manufacturer that keeps quality and hygiene at top priority and at the same time see to it that all of the manufactured FIBC bags are reliable, steadfast and resilient to survive the harshest of weather conditions.

Our manufacturing capabilities have grown with time as we have kept pace with innovation. We are the first plant with auto-doffing winders while our lamination plant comes with brushing and dust removal. We possess an in-house printing facility and have a three layer liner plant with 0.3 micron filtered air cooling. Our manufacturing abilities are touted to be among the best, this is why we stand up to expectations and deliver high quality FIBC bags to our customers.

When it comes to hygiene, we match international quality norms. Each and every FIBC bag is vacuum cleaned and the air pressure in the manufacturing plant is always positive. For liners, dart impact testing is carried out while tensile testing is performed for fabrics and loops. In this way, we take care and are attentive to the minor as well as major aspects that go into the FIBC bag manufacturing process. The bags are designed based on the prescribed set of parameters that are put forth by the industry so that we provide only the best to our customers at all times.

Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications-Rishi FIBC

Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications

Get Customized FIBC Bulk Bags for Food and Pharma Applications at Rishi FIBC

In the food and pharmaceutical industry, it is imperative to adhere to stringent procedures so that quality is kept on a pedestal while the risk of contamination is reduced. At Rishi FIBC Solutions, we understand this all too well and so we make sure that our hygienic bulk bags stick to the prescribed regulations. It can be rewarding yet it is also a never-ending process, but we are a bulk bag manufacturer who has managed to master this procedure with ease.

Manufacturing High Quality FIBC Bulk Bags

Our bulk bags are specially and intricately designed for the industries that deal with food and pharmaceutical products. We take special pains to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process is supervised and under our control. We make use of state-of-the-art technology to ensure that quality of the FIBC bulk bags is not compromised with in any way. So, if you handle logistics for food or pharmaceutical products, you can rely on our products to do a brilliant job.

Complete Research and Development Strategies

The reason we are the largest FIBC bulk bag exporter in India is because we constantly strive to invent and develop innovative strategies to ensure your food and pharmaceutical items are handled, packed and transported in a trouble-free manner.

FIBC bags are important for the transportation of food and pharmaceutical applications because:

The liners in the FIBC bags help to keep moisture and other contaminants outside.

  • It offers an extra layer of protection for the materials that are being transported.
  • FIBC bags are the most economical way of transporting items in bulk.
  • The bags do not cause harm to the environment in any way.

With the reliability of FIBC bags and the assurance that all of our processes and facilities conform to the rigorous standards of the US FDA, you can be assured that your products are transported to and fro in a safe and secure manner.

Meticulous Testing Carried out on all FIBC Bags

We understand every customer’s needs and so strive to lower costs and enhance capacity so that we can be of optimum service to you. The standards that are applied to the food industry are the same as those applied to the pharmaceutical industry. We document and verify our testing, processes and practices by adhering to the following:

  • Positive air pressure
  • Pest control
  • ISO 14644-1 class-8 compliant entire operation other than liner section
  • Double action blower/vacuum
  • Quality assurance
  • HACCP (A formal hazard and risk management system)
  • ISO certifications such as ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000: 2008.
  • Metal detection
  • Traceability system
  • Foreign body/dust control
  • Ultra sonic cutting technology

In this way, we, at Rishi FIBC Solutions, ensure that quality packaging and transportation are carried out in an efficient, cost-effective and successful manner. If you are looking for customized bulk bags for sale in India, do contact us and we will offer you the best deal possible.

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FIBC Bulk Bags Are Economical and Eco-friendly- Rishi FIBC Solutions

FIBC Bulk Bags Are Economical and Eco-friendly

When you are transporting bulk cargo or any other material from one place to another, it is imperative to make sure that the packaging is done right so that no moisture or dampness seeps into your items. At Rishi FIBC Solutions, we provide you with customized FIBC bulk bags to transport minerals, chemicals and agricultural items in a safe and hassle-free manner. We believe in quality and so constantly strive to innovate and improve our FIBC bags, their packaging as well as transportation.

Many of our customers order custom FIBC bags and so we provide you with a variety of FIBC bags that you can opt from. These include:

  • FIBC Bags: The most standard and common jumbo bags. These are great for shipping non-flammable products. (Read more: FIBC Bags )
  • Type C-FIBC Bags: Made from electrically conductive fabric, these anti static jumbo bags are ideal for shipping dry flammable powders. (Take a look at our blog for more: Type C-FIBC – Rishi FIBC )
  • Type D-FIBC Bags: Made from anti-static and static dissipative fabrics, Type D FIBC bags are utilized to transport flammable powders and are preferred at times when flammable solvents or gases are in and around the bag. (Read more our blog: Type D-FIBC Bags)
  • Pharma Grade FIBC Bags: These are specially designed keeping pharmaceutical products in mind so that the products are in perfect condition and are not prone to any contamination. (Read more: Pharma Grade FIBC Bags)
  • Food Grade FIBC Bags: These bags help to transport food grade raw materials. These are designed to be free of germs and bacteria and are used to transport food grade raw material in bulk. (Read more: Food Grade FIBC Bags)

Why Should You Opt For FIBC Bags?

Companies and organizations dealing in the shipping of bulk items need to opt for FIBC bags because:

  • They are the most cost-effective and economical way of transporting liquids, material and cargo in bulk.
  • No contamination of the product occurs, especially once the product has been packaged and sealed.
  • Dry bulk goods can be easily stored, handled, packed and delivered in a problem-free way.
  • They are easy to put together and quick to install.
  • FIBC bags can be re-used multiple times and thereby help companies reduce their transportation cost.
  • FIBC bags are eco friendly and do not cause harm to the environment.

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FIBC Bags and the Environment

The fact that carbon emissions and waste have a negative influence on the environment is disturbing. This is why businesses today have no choice but to go in for eco-friendly solutions even when it comes to packaging. FIBC bags that are made from woven polypropylene fabric come as a savior during these times as they help to transport material in bulk and at the same time help the environment at large. Since the FIBC bags are huge, they do not require multiple smaller sacks, thereby greatly minimizing waste and the cost of packaging. Besides, FIBC bags can be re-used over and over which further helps to reduce waste generation.

Get in Touch with Us Today

Choosing an FIBC bag is not only profitable and cost friendly but it also helps you play a part in saving the environment. This is why many companies and organizations have switched to FIBC bags for transporting their bulk material and items to and from places.

We, at Rishi FIBC, are a reliable FIBC manufacturer and so you need not worry when it comes to quality as well as punctual delivery. So do give us a call, if you ever need an FIBC bulk bag as we follow all of the international guidelines that need to be adhered to and so you can be at peace knowing that your cargo is being transported in a safe and eco-friendly manner.